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I don't believe any beautiful woman looking for the perfect man would, under any circumstances, look to the VFW or the Legion to find such a man. After all, any self-respecting woman likes for a man to be sober, intelligent, and have the qualities of a gentleman. So it looks as if the guitar picker might have to join a lonely hearts club and place an order. Good luck, you'll need it.

In memory of little sis — Why do the ones we love always get taken away?/It helps some knowing they have a better place to stay./How fragile life is here in this place./None of us know what sorrows we'll have to face./Without God's mercy, there are times in life we couldn't get through./ For me myself, I wouldn't know what to do./God gives us life, I guess He takes it when He sees the need./Nothing can change this, no matter how hard we plead./Lord, I hope they are all up there with you, forever to stay./Have them watch over me as I go on life's way. C.A.C.

Hello! Oma Hatton, hope you and Clyde and family are OK. Me and Edra Mae, my sister, go to Pentecostal Holiness Church up at Neon with one of your Marlowe girlfriends. We call her Aunt Arnie. She lives over at Thornton. Her maiden name is Caudill. Her husband's name was Raymond. He's deceased now. Thank you. Stanley D. Pack.

To a woman with the name Jesus on her car: You are a backstabber; you talk about people behind their back and eat them up to their face. You need to take a long, hard look at yourself and clean up your act. I wouldn't want the reputation of being a sneaky backstabber.

I think that most people have not noticed that this nation has already become a second world country, and is still on a downward spiral. Our people in Washington feed propaganda to the news media, things that they know that you have no way to prove or disprove, because they supposedly happen in other countries. For example, they claim that Hugo Chavez is a very bad dictator, but a couple of years ago they claimed that the rise in gas prices was because the oil workers in Venezuela were on strike. But wait a New York minute! Would a hard-line dictator let them strike when that would hurt their economy? I don't think so. Then we have the ever-caring George W. Bush repeatedly saying 'support the troops.' Yet when Congress passed a veterans bill, he vetoed it. Thankfully Congress overrode his veto. I know that too many people in this country don't pay attention because they are too caught up in their entertainment, but we are not all idiots. And as Labor Day came around, it reminded me that Tyson Chicken in Tennessee took away its Labor Day holiday from its workers and told them to take a Muslim holiday later because they had so many Muslim employees. What else will the true citizens of this country give up? And what about the $48 billion of taxpayer dollars that George W. gave to Africa without consulting Congress? I believe that this is illegal, and we know that most of this money will go into the pockets of corrupt officials.

I would like to know why a certain school is shown on the school TV channel for our county. Would it be a certain woman who is responsible for this? This school is on every day since school began. Are schools supposed to keep their informative bulletin board updated? A certain school had their graduation message all summer? Who is in charge of this?

I was riding on a four-wheeler trip over at Eolia. I sure wasn't impressed with the Lively Hope Park. The blacktop was a joke. I wonder what company did such a poor job. The ball goals are rusty pipes and not painted, plus the backboards are homemade. It is not an improvement; it's an eyesore for the community. What committee put this together? They need to come across the mountain and look at a professional job. They have a beautiful concrete ball court with real goals. The blacktop is about four or more inches and smooth with no holes on the track and no holes around the outside or inside. Also, they are building a building for concessions, etc. If I was the company funding this project, I would ask for my money back. Such a pretty place to be looking like a job a child has done. Go over and see for yourself.

My name is Terry Underwood, which happens to be my name as a result of being adopted at birth by the late Harless "H.E." Underwood and the late Ruby (Ramey) Underwood. My birth mother was the late Ruby Lee (Phipps) Kirk and my birth name was Terry Phipps. Because of losing my adoptive parents when I was a child, being raised in institutions, and not learning who my real mother was until I was 16 years of age, I did not get into my biological genealogy until I was in my 20s. Now at the age of 52 I have come to know quite a lot about my real family and I would like to share it with you. The bloodlines that I descend from on my mother, the late Ruby Lee Phipps Kirk's, side are Pridemore and Phipps. The bloodlines I descend from on my father, the late Charles Lewis Kirk Jr.'s, side are Hicks and Berry. I will begin this with the Pridemore side. In this bloodline were Theodorus Pridemore and his sons Theodore and Jonathan, who were Revolutionary War soldiers. I descend directly from Theodore Pridemore. Also in the Pridemore family is Auburn Lorenzo Pridemore, who served with the 64th Virginia Infantry during the War Between the States. I have been told, which I hope no one will hold this against me, that through the Pridemores I am somehow kin to the former Governor Ernie Fletcher. As one who has sung all of his life, I have ties to the late Rosemary (Pridemore) Hughes, who was part of a gospel quartet in Lexington, Ky. As you read on you will see some famous singers I am linked to and considering that I have made 10 gospel music recordings and 13 gospel DVD recordings, then it will be understood why music is a part of my history. Let me now share about the Phipps side. Back some years ago there was a gospel group that traveled around with the Carter Family and they were the Phipps Family. This group consisted of A.L. Phipps, Kathlene Phipps, and Trulene Phipps. I do know I am tied to them, but I do not know how closely. The reason I know there is a tie is as follows. You see, A.L. Phipps's oldest daughter's name is Louella. My grandfather, the late Boone Phipps, had a sister named Louella, and he named his oldest daughter Louella. Coincidence? I think not. Then there is Andrew S. Phipps in Indiana who is a politician and also has a music ministry called 'Phipps Gospel Sing', which is broadcast on television. I do not know much about the Hicks bloodline, but I do know that I was told by a relative in-law that there is at least one singer. Now, I do not know much about the Berry bloodline either, however I am told I am tied to a well known country duo that you may be familiar with called The Judds through this bloodline that would begin with a Dr. Isaac Berry. So if Naomi is reading this or if Wynonna is reading this, please feel free to contact me. Although Harless E. Underwood was just my adoptive dad, I would not doubt that if the research was done that there would be a tie there with American Idol Carrie Underwood. Although only well known locally, I am tied to a gospel singer by the way of the Pridemores named Russell Gilbert and there is another gospel singer who is more well known that I have ties to through the Pridemores by the name of Bobby Fletcher. The more I learn about my family ties the more excited I become and if anyone that is reading this feels that they may be tied to me, then please feel free to contact me. The bloodlines, including my greatgrandparents, are Pridemore, Coy, Phipps, Berry, Hicks, and Kirk. I can be contacted as follows: Terry Underwood, Gospel in Song Ministries, P.O. Box 952, Loyall, KY 40854, (606) 664- 2884. P.S. Here is a little additional information. My greatgrandparents were Robert Greene Pridemore and Sophia Lee (Coy) Pridemore, Samuel Ewell Phipps and Frances (?) Phipps, George Allen Berry and American (Hicks) Berry, and Thorne Kirk and Sarah (Burchett) Kirk.

I have never before seen the media fawn over an incompetent like they have Sarah Palin. They are ignoring the fact that this is a very dangerous incompetent. She tried to fire her town's librarian because she didn't want to ban books. She has the same tendencies as George W. Bush who thinks torture is OK to get confessions. She has the same tendencies as George W. Bush who thinks it's OK to wiretap people's communications without a search warrant. And oh yeah, did you know that she takes the position that if your daughter is raped that your daughter should be made to carry the rapist's child to full term because the evangelical far right thinks that is what God wants? Can you imagine Sarah Palin having ascended to the Presidency after John McCain has had a massive stroke and the Russians have decided to invade Poland? Sleep on these things the night before the election.

Hi there, old friend. This is your friend S.F. How are you doing? Have you got that phone yet? If son, give me a call when you can. S.F.

There is a boy that works at a certain gas station that is under 18. I have witnessed this boy selling tobacco products, not only to people 18 or older but to people under 18. I have seen him sell to people that are under the age of 16. I think that it is about time that something is done about this.

Everywhere we go we're running late/With no time to wait/ We don't even think to stop and hesitate/That time doesn't wait on people/With plans we are so full/We need to stop and recognize that time is like a precious jewel/It's given to us like a gift/ We take it for advantage and too fast when it's supposed to slowly drift/In time there needs to be a rift/We need to slow down/Take time to look around/And somewhere time shall be found/Like goes flying by so fast/Now that even the future's in the past/We have no time for hardly anything to last/Time is something we really need to appreciate/Because one day we'll be praying for time but it'll be too late/Because time doesn't wait. C.L.H.

To the nosy busybody in Rocky Hollow: What is your problem? Why do you want to call and complain about how many vehicles are at someone's house? Are you jealous because no one wants to come and visit your nosy self? Why don't you tend to your own business and stay out of things that don't concern you? You think you were one of my mamaw's best friends. Please get a life. My mamaw was a Christian and was good to everyone, but no, she really didn't like you. She just put up with you. Don't you get the picture? No one really likes you. You are a nosy pain in the rear end. You run your mouth on people and it's none of your business. You called the landlord telling him about who all was over there. What is the big deal? Then you want to gossip to other people in the hollow about what goes on. Well, why don't you take a look in the mirror and look at your own family?

Don't forget to register to vote.

K.J., hope the hurricanes are missing you. L.C. relatives are missing you and the families. M.A.

The Granny & Pa reunion will be October 11. Hope everyone makes it there.

I would like to tell everyone that a great bluegrass band will be playing at the Gordon Fire Department. Duelin' Strings is made up of Austin Johnson, David Barnett, and helping them out are their very good friends Nicky Jo Johnson and Shawn Stamper. They have played festivals such as Jenkins Bluegrass Festival, Riverside Days Festival, and Saul Homecoming Festival. They have also appeared on the Front Porch Pickin' show on Channel 24. But Duelin' Strings will perform at the Gordon Fire Department on Sept. 20th at 6 p.m. Everyone please come out and join us. Thank you.

Wishing Bernetta and Dickie York a very happy anniversary. May God continue to bless you both along with your loved ones.

All that hate me whisper together against me: against me do they devise my hurt.

On Saturday, August 30, my four-year-old daughter lost her purse somewhere along the road between Bill Moore Branch and the Harvest House. The purse had some of her favorite things in it and she is heartbroken. If you have any information that could help us get it back for her, please call 855-9859. Thank you very much.

I was reading last week's Mountain Eagle and way back on page B6 in a little tiny ad was an announcement to the effect that the Letcher County school board was putting its annual financial report and district employee salary information on the Internet for all the world to see. Then I wondered, one, how many people in Letcher County actually have access to the Internet. I bet it's about half the state average, because so many of the people in Letcher County are retired or are wards of the state in some way. Also, how many have the necessary skills to go to http:/ /www.letcher.kyschools.us/finance/ finance.htm and find the report? And three, I wondered why the Letcher County school board has taken advantage of this law. What do the board members gain by making it so difficult to find this information? What are they hiding? Maybe nothing. I hope so, but here's what I plan to do. Every week for the next couple of months, I am going to go to the report. In fact, I just added it to my favorites list. And I am going to cherry pick whatever the most damning piece of financial information I can find, and I am going to put it in Speak Your Piece. This isn't necessarily because I think anybody is stealing, but I do believe that hiding this stuff on the Internet is wrong. So look out, school board. Whether you are thieves or not, I bet after a month or so a lot of people are going to think you are.

To a thief on Cram Creek who ripped up a house on Emerson Drive: Everybody in the hollow saw you. The cops know you who you are and you will be going down.

I want to thank Sandy and Gary Haley for finding my dog, a little Yorkshire terrier that was lost for two days. They picked him up from the middle of the road and kept him from being hit by a car or picked up by someone who wasn't honest like they are. They took such good care of him and did a great job. I just want to tell them thanks again. Vickie Phillips.

To a certain guy: You need to get rid of the trash who is living with you and get your life straightened up. From your secret admirer.

To a certain person: If you are still interested in being friends, please let me know. You can either convey it to your mom, to your sister, or to your cousin Paul. They know where to find me.

To someone very special to me: I still love you with all my heart like I always did. I would give anything in this world if you would come back home to me. If you did you would never have to worry about having anything else. All you have to do is get in touch with me.

To the one looking to clean brass: Try Nevr-Dull. It's a cloth. You break it off in pieces and clean with it. It works on brass, stainless steel and a lot of things. It's been around for years and years, and it's the best thing they make for brass, silver or anything. Good luck.

I'm calling in to say I love Mario very much.

You're not so smart or so funny when the police are around, are you? Especially when they pull you over right in front of my house and stop you. You all better get wise. You're still traveling over the lines and past the lights, and God sees it.

They had talked her into doing it and now it was too late to change her mind. She was trying to sleep, yet each time she would start to doze off she could hear the faint, far-off cry of an infant child crying for its mother. Always just between being awake and asleep, it had been a week now and she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. That crying from a darkness she knew nothing about. The baby's small hand reaching to feel of its mother's face, to smile at the face of the mother who loved it, but the darkness separated them. To the doctor who did the abortion, it was just another fetus. He has no idea what awaits him at Judgment. They better think about it. God have mercy on all of our souls.

Is it just me or does Sarah Palin sound exactly like TV's Rosanne Arnold?

It's bad when the local police send a relative to your house to ask for a woman when they know who lives there. Then he's dumb enough to stop and ask a neighbor if I live there. Then he comes to my house and says he's looking for a woman, with me knowing that the law sent him up there. The local police should learn that this is called entrapment. Bye.

Hello, folks. This is youknow who. That's right, the redneck maroon drunk. Sitting here with a belly-full and honored to have the redneck label. Just because I drink 20 to 30 beers a night, does that make me worse than the pill snorters, thieves and hypocrites that I speak against? Add lying skanks to that list. I'm a very sensitive person, and being called names will trigger a crying drunk real easy. Here's swigs to all of you.

To the one who called in about the blondish-, reddish-haired girl who drives the truck: All you have to do is flash your lights or blow your horn to pull over. That way everybody will know who you're talking about. Thank you.

To a certain man: Why did you let go of something you love so good when you know she loves you? You know she would be right beside you no matter what. Why in the world did you let her go? You could go back anytime. All you have to do is make a phone call and she'll be there. One of these days you'll open your eyes and see who really loves you.

To the person who called in wanting to know what would clean brass: Ketchup cleans brass really well.

I was calling regarding a girl I met at the library. I think she was taking GED classes. We had a nice conversation, and I hope she remembers me. She used to lie in my mother's tanning bed. If there's any chance she remembers me I hope she responds or comes by and talks to me.

This is concerning the comment about the strawberry blonde in the pickup: Could you be a little more specific? What color is the truck? Thank you.

I was just wondering how Jack Blair's unsolved murder can remain on the back burner to quietly fade away when everybody and their mother knows who was involved in it. Let's get this solved so his dad and his family can have a little peace of mind. Thank you.

I loved the picture of the elk. Thank you.

I would just like to say that I wish my brother and his wife would leave me alone and let whoever wants to come to my house be. They are making me very nervous. Thank you.

This is for the pathological liar who is currently lodged in the Letcher County Jail: I read your comment concerning me and I would like to respond. First of all, we weren't together for three or four years. I remember this very well, because I remember every painful piece of our relationship during the little over two years we were together. Since we're on the subject of who did what to who, I think somebody forgets what some people have done for them and that some people have stuck by them and loved them and tried to make things work when nobody else — not even his own sisters and brothers — would attempt to stay on the phone with him or accept a call from him while he was in jail. Who accepted his calls and who took him money? It was not my family that broke us up. I tried to make it work for two years, even after almost losing my child, after automobiles and property being destroyed, after lies being told about your drug use, and after you being out committing adultery. By the way, who gave you money for your attorney? Every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie. I think you're a sick and sadistic bully, and the Lord will see that you pay for everything you've done. You're paying right now as we speak. I am just infuriated that you would call what we had love. Love does not hurt people. Love does not rip families apart financially, physically and emotionally. I had to start my entire life over because of everything you have done to me. I want you to leave me alone and leave my family alone.

To the person needing to clean brass: Frazier Farmer's Supply in Whitesburg has some polishing cream that cleans silver, brass, copper, chrome, stainless steel and more. Go down there and check it out. Thanks.

To the devil-possessed, Biblethumping, hypocritical witches in Jenkins: Break a leg.

I wish that certain people in Stinking Branch would quit their gossiping. The gossip goes to Blackey to Jenkins and back to Stinking Branch. Have you ever heard of the Three Little Pigs? Remember, the wolf ate two of the pigs. So quit your gossiping. When you point fingers at people your thumb is always pointed at you.

Are your eyes open? Has your mind been closed since you were a small child? Does it make you happy when you feel the pain you can blame on what you felt as a child? Is it better to think this is the way I've always been? Are your eyes open and your mouth aghast? Are you saying what I'm hearing? When your mind has been closed since you were a child just like me, what makes it better? Maybe attempting suicide or wishing you were dead? When you finally accept your mind is closed it doesn't make you feel any better to know if your mind was closed or if you mind is now wide open. Are my eyes open? If so, why do I see nothing but blackness and cries of 'what have you done with your life, son?'

I'm sitting here in a dilemma. I have filed for bankruptcy two times already and I'm getting a new ride. I was wondering if there is any way I can file before I get, if you know what I mean. I'm getting my ride this week and I know I'm not going to be able to pay for it, so I was just wondering if I can go file before I get the car.

Don't waste your time following me around, honey, because you're not going to see one thing you want to see. Besides, wherever I go and what I do is none of your business. And I would appreciate it if you would mind your own business. Thank you.

My family has lost a lot of family members lately and I am missing all of them, especially my dad, James Daniel Brock, and my brother, Billy Gene Brock. I also miss my best friend, Terry Lynn Brock, my cousin, Orville Ray Brock, my uncle, Sam West, and my aunt, Barbara Jean Brock. I miss you every day. I know the fishing is good in Heaven, and I know my dad, brother and all of the others are catching all of the big fish. Love you and miss you, the Brock family.

Folks, let me make it clear. We've not been drinking, but we were up on Pine Mountain yesterday and saw what has been described on TV as the Tasmanian devil. It's black. It's like a huge rodent with gigantic snarly teeth and a white streak down its back. No, it's not a skunk. It can stand up on its hind legs and is the ugliest thing you've ever seen. I hope somebody sees it besides us. We've not been drinking and we don't snort. If you see it, please call in and tell me I'm not crazy. Thank you.

I was really glad to see in The Mountain Eagle a couple of weeks ago the report about how they opened sealed indictments against a bunch of drug dealers in Letcher County. I'm especially glad to see that woman from Jeremiah get charged.

I'm a Letcher County native, born and raised in the mountains. I love to hunt and fish and I have great respect for the wildlife we have around here. From my experiences, strip mines are not destroying our mountains and wildlife. I have observed and hunted both small and big game — rabbit, grouse, quail, squirrel, turkey and deer. I have also observed herds of large elk in this areas, so don't believe the garbage. Also consider the good community development on these reclaimed lands, such as the new sports center in Knott County, Wal-Marts, and golf courses. And do you know the area around the Hazard hospital was a strip mine at one time? These areas had to be leveled off for development. Without the coal we wouldn't need the Wal- Mart to start with. Where do you think the money comes from around here?

A pretty girl who drives an SUV has been playing two guys at one time, me and another person. I'm pretty sure he knows about it, too. What this girl is doing to guys is not right. I was warned a thousand times. The other guy is going to hear about what's going on, too.

Why try to love when love is out of bounds? She looks good. Must be someone else's goody. No matter how I've tried to rob the candy store, I've always ended up with a toothache and extraction. Why try love when love has packed up and left town? Left town? I should have long ago.

I see that old cud chewer is still sitting on the porch up there in Goose Creek.

Hey you on Sheas Fork at McRoberts. I see a lot of rats coming after cheese. We're setting you up as I speak. Your neighbors.

If you're sick and can't go to church, it's all right to call and explain why you're not there. But don't call every time you don't want to go to church and say you're sick and going to have surgery and are about ready to die when your doctor sits right in the same church and knows better. Get real.

I'm tired of running my mother-in-law around — to the doctor, to get her check, and everywhere else she goes. Let her son do the running for her. He's gotten everything in his name so let him do the running.

The Chosen Few annual gospel singing will take place September 11 through September 14 at Fishpond Lake at Payne Gap. Everyone come and sing along and help send a joyful noise to our Lord. Thank you.

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