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Moments and Memories at Whitesburg High


A.H. HOLBROOK A.H. HOLBROOK Yearbook Dedication 2000

Mr. A.H. Holbrook has been a teacher for 29 years. He has taught chemistry, introduction to chemistry and physics (ICP), and algebra II. In addition to teaching, Mr. Holbrook has dedicated himself to Whitesburg High School as a coach and club sponsor. He previously coached boys’ basketball, tennis, football and cross country. He has also sponsored the fishing club and coordinated the senior trip. Mr. Holbrook has not only shared his time, energy, and knowledge with Whitesburg High School but also himself.

Senior Favorites: Actor - Adam Sandler; Actress - Julia Roberts; Movie - Dirty Dancing; Soap Opera - Days of Our Lives; T.V. Rerun - Sanford & Son; Cartoon - Scooby Doo; Cartoon Character - Scooby Doo; Commercial - M & M’s; Talk Show - Springer; T.V. Series - Dawson’s Creek; Magazine - Seventeen; Book - The Hobbit; Male Vocalist - Kid Rock; Female Vocalist - Brittney Spears; Album - Devil Without a Cause; Music Group - Pearl Jam; Song - Last Kiss; Pro Athlete - Tim Couch; Sport - Football; Hang Out - Wal-Mart; Car - Mustang; Food - Pizza; Drink - Mountain Dew.

SAMANTHA ADAMS VALEDICTORIAN SAMANTHA ADAMS VALEDICTORIAN Senior Awards: Dugan Award - Tara Miller; Harris Award - Josh Day; Art Award - Chris Hart; Business Award - Sondra Allen, David Hammonds; Drama Award - David Bates; English Award - Josh Day; Writing Award - Sam Adams; J.R.O.T.C. Award - Billy Rapisardi, Tim Collins, Adam Stewart, Jason Ackers, Crystal Mullins, Isaac Fields; Math Award - Sondra Allen; John Phillips Sousa Award - Charlie West; Band Director’s Award - Crystal Hall; Science Award - Sondra Allen; Spanish Award - Samantha Adams; German Award - Kaleena Brown; Social Studies Award - Samantha Adams; Editor’s Award - Bridgette Taylor; Kentucky Area Voc/Tech Recognitions: Amy Yonts, Elbert Hatton, James Gibson, Jamie Pease, Adam Stewart, Brandon Heron, Jason Ackers, Steven Johnson, Kace Lewis, Michael Combs, Anthony Clifton, Randy Caudill, Benjamin Adams, Jonathan Sexton, Jeff Sexton, B.J. Pike, Eric Frazier, Chris Baker, Richard McIntosh, Robert Caudill, Joe Pease, Eric Hall, Jessica Adams, Natalie Baker, Elizabeth Mason, Derrick Hollenbeck; Perfect Attendance: Joe Maggard, Crystal Hall, Gabe Burns.

JULIE ADAMS SALUTATORIAN JULIE ADAMS SALUTATORIAN Senior Class Officers: President - Charlie West; Vice-President - Cretia Meade; Secretary - Gabe Burns; Treasurer - Bridgette Taylor.

Senior Superlatives: Trendsetter - Chad Brown, Bridgette Taylor; Chatterbox - Chris Bailey, Devin Boggs; Eyecatcher - Dusty Banks, Mica Tolliver; Most Dependable - Tara Miller, Gabe Burns; Jacket Joker - Elizabeth Kincer, David Bates; Class Brown Noser - Sandra Allen, Brian Lucas; Most School Spirited - Liz Smith, Joe Maggard; Most Athletic - Emily Kincer, Josh Day; Biggest Flirt - Bo Baker, Darla Collins; Most Popular - Dusty Banks, Cretia Meade; Citizenship - Josh Day, Cretia Meade; Most Likely to Succeed - Josh Day, Julie Adams; Best All Around - Josh Day, Tabetha Kelly; Class Clowns - David Bates, Elizabeth Kincer; Most Cheerful - Gabe Burns, Cretia Meade; Worst Temper - Dusty Banks, Amanda Anderson; Most Loveable - Ryan Morrell, Cretia Meade, Hall Roamer - Dusty Banks, Tabetha Kelly; Biggest Fudger - Darla Collins, Joe Maggard; Class Chowhound - Chris Bailey, Elizabeth Kincer; Class Scatterbrain - Joe Maggard, Tabetha Kelly; Always Tardy - Chancey Hatfield, Michelle Collins.

JEFF COLLIER JEFF COLLIER Senior Football Players: B.J. Pike “Bernius” - Runningback; Chris Bailey “Thurl” - Runningback; Ryan Morrell “Ryano” - Guard; Robert Caudill “ Rob” – Wide Receiver; Steven Johnson “Big Steve” – Center; Jorge Marion ‘Mexican” – Kicker; Josh Day “Stew” - Quarterback; Eric Frazier “Bandit” – Wide Receiver; Clint Meade “Sparky” – Linebacker.

Senior Cheerleaders: Devin Boggs “De-Bo”; Darla Collins “Sue”; Tabetha Kelly “Tabby-Cat/Ag”; Leslie Tacket “Miss Jenkins”. Senior Golf Players: Chad Brown and Zack Newell. Senior Volleyball Players: Elizabeth Kincer and Tracy Reynolds. Senior Girls’ Basketball Players: Julie Adams “Corky” – Guard/Point Guard; Emily Kincer “Em” – Forward/ Guard/Center; Victoria Boggs “Toey” - Point Guard/ Guard; Elizabeth Kincer “Lippo” -Forward/Center; Mica Tolliver “Micca” – Forward/ Guard/Center.

Senior Baseball Players: Ryan Morrell - Second Baseman; Josh Day - Leftfield/ Centerfield/Pitcher; Chad Brown - Centerfield/ Pitcher; Gabe Burns - Third Baseman/ Pitcher; Michael Amburgey - Right field. Girls’ Softball Seniors: Cretia Meade - First Base; Elizabeth Kincer - Third Base; Emily Kincer - Center Field; Julie Adams - Second base. Track - Cross Country: Robert Caudill – 400-Meter Dash and 1600-Meter Relay; Steven Johnson - Shot Put and Discus; Nikki Pease - 100 Meter-Dash and 800-Meter Run; Seth Collins – 800-Meter Run and 1600-Meter Relay. Senior Band Members: Chris Blair, Percussion; Crystal Hall, Trumpet; Jessica Hall, Tuba; Louise Sturgill, Color Guard; Charlie West, Saxophone.

Tony Sergent named Yellowjacket Football Coach: Tony Sergent, a math teacher and former assistant coach at Whitesburg High School, has been named the new Yellowjackets football coach.

Sergent, a former All- State player at Whitesburg and an All-OVC performer at Morehead State, served as an assistant coach under Ton Searcy from 1988-90 and left the sidelines when Searcy left for Shelby Valley in 1991. Sergent continued to serve as the Jackets’ strength coach until 1994 and has been given much of the credit for developing the players that allowed an undersized group of players to reach the Class AA Final Four in 1994 and the Final Eight in 1995. Whitesburg posted a 23-4 record during the two-year span.

WHS principal David Boggs said the site-based council, which makes all personnel decisions, was comfortable with its selection of Sergent.

(The above article from the Jan. 19, 2000 Mountain Eagle.)

Former WHS track star runs in Boston Marathon

Kentucky State Trooper Jeff Collier ran in the 104th Boston Marathon April 17. He completed the race in 2 hours, 52 minutes, finishing in 600th place out of 20,000 runners. He had previously participated in one other marathon in Rhode Island in November, which qualified him for the Boston event.

Collier is a former Whitesburg High School All-State and Honorable Mention All-American runner. He says he dedicated his Boston race, which was run on Patriots Day, to his personal heroes, his grandparents, Orville and Lela Collier of Partridge. He said he enjoyed running in the race, but he didn’t forget to pay tribute and to salute those who paid the price to provide the freedom, which is often taken for granted, even on Patriots Day.

Collier is a son of Wanda and Roger Collier of Partridge. He lives in Jackson with his wife, Jenny Huff Collier, formerly of Whitesburg, and daughter Jill, 3.

(The above article from the May 10, 2000 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg High School’s Family, Career, Community Leaders of America participated April 10-13 in state competition in Louisville. Malori Cook, daughter of Mike and Betty Cook of Colson, won first place in the child development category, senior division. She told the story of Little Red Riding Hood and taught the importance of refraining from violent acts. She was awarded a $3,000 scholarship to Sullivan College.

(The above article from the April 26, 2000 Mountain Eagle.)

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