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Moments and Memories of Whitesburg High



The theme for the graduating class of 1999 was ‘Never Before, Never Again.’ ‘To The Class of 99’ was sung by Shelli Parrott and Joy Yonts. The invocation was given by Justin Hubbard. The top 10% included Joe Banks, Joel Boggs, Andrea Caudill, Lee Caudill, Morgan Combs, Katie Hall, April Hampton, Kimelia Hampton, Justin Hubbard, Christie Lee, Kim Polly, Charity Quillen, Kelly Spangler, and Colter Sumpter. Grand marshals this year were Julie Adams and Samantha Adams.

Honors Day: National Merit Recognition Charity Quillen. Perfect Attendance, Travis Whitaker. Community Trust Bank Scholarship, Christie Lee. Dickenson Co. Freewill Baptist Association, David Hampton. John H. Schuster Memorial Scholarship, Katie Hall. Kentucky Farm Bureau Scholarship, Joel Boggs and Tere Chandler. Mountain Heritage Committee, Thomas Hicks. Whitesburg Woman’s Club, Chris Slone. Alice Lloyd College, Lee Caudill, Ashley Anderson, Necha Combs, Daryn Pigman, Travis Whitaker. Clinch Valley College, April Hampton, Cora Hampton, Kim Hampton, Christi Lee, Kim Polly, Cheryl Short. Cumberland College, Aimee Mullins. Eastern Kentucky University, Charity Quillen, John Sturgill, Joseph Banks. Hazard Community College, Joel Boggs, Andrea Caudill. Kentucky Wesleyan University, Chris Sexton. Lincoln Memorial University, Kelly Spangler, Jessica Holbrook. Morehead State College, Lee Caudill, Joel Boggs, Terri Parrott, Jessica Wooten, Tere Chandler, Daryn Pigman, Heather Stallard. Pikeville College, Jessica Wooten, Cheryl Short, Aimee Mullins. Southeast Community College, Robyn Meade, Jessica Caudill. Spencerian College, Terri Parrott, Jessica Wooten. Sullivan College, David Hampton. PSI Teen Leaders, Christi Lee, Terri Parrott, David Hampton, Jason Holbrook, Kim Polly.

SALUTATORIAN JOE BANKS SALUTATORIAN JOE BANKS Kentucky Area Vo Tech: Welding, Billy Hatton, Chris Sexton. Nurse Aid, Amanda Fields, Tracey Owens, Jamie Page, Sabrina Baker Smith. Carpentry, Dwayne Shell. Office, Monica Collins, Jason Holbrook. Drafting, Jessica Wooten, Christian Kincer, Jackie Adams. Electricity, Kevin Brown, Chris Baker, Jason Griffie. Autobody, Scottie Brown, Phillip Caudill, Terry Richardson, Jerome Slone, Larry Brock, Joe Holbrook, Josh Pike, Jason Sexton. Dugan Award, Tere Chandler. Harris Award, Joel Boggs. KHSAA Academic Award, Justin Hubbard. National Football Foundation, Joel Boggs. Tandy Scholars, Joseph Banks, Joel Boggs. Governor’s Scholar Recognition, Julie Adams. Rogers’s Scholarship Recognition, Amanda Black. UKSMASH, Jessica Hubbard. USMC Distinguished Athlete, Joel Boggs, Kelly Spangler.

MR. WHS CLINT MEADE MR. WHS CLINT MEADE Semper Fidelis Music Award, Dillion Asher. Art Award, Crystal Fields. Business Award, Sheldon Sturgill. Drama Award, Tim Hogan, Emily Kincer. English Award, Joel Boggs. Writing Award, Andrea Caudill. John Philip Sousa Award, Shaler Jones. Band Director’s Award, Dillon Asher. Math Award, Joseph Banks. Science Award, Joseph Banks, Justin Hubbard. Social Studies Award, Joel Boggs. Spanish Award, Daniel Davis, Katie Hall. Outstanding Spanish Student, Katie Hall. Senior BETA Club members, Andrea Caudill, Kim Polly, Christi Lee, Jessica Holbrook, Heather Stallard, Andrea Wright, Joel Boggs, Justin Hubbard, Katie Hall, Aimee Mullins, Terri Parrott, Joy Yonts, Tere Chandler, Jarrod Holbrook.

MISS WHS AIMEE MULLINS MISS WHS AIMEE MULLINS Year- book Dedi- cation: Temp e r - We’ve never heard Mrs. Garrett raise her voice; maybe she doesn’t know how. Heat - You better wear your snowsuit and long johns; Mrs. Garrett has the AC on, even in January. Extra time - Always an option on a lesson. Mrs. Garrett wants every student to be successful. Lunch - Beg hard enough and Mrs. Garrett will let you eat in her room and heat your food in the microwave. Make up work - No one gives as many chances to make up missed work as Mrs. Garrett. Anger - We are not sure Mrs. Garrett has ever learned the meaning of this word. Grandmother - Always petting and ready to listen to a student’s story, always lending money for “pop”, always giving the benefit of the doubt. Appalachian studies - Mountain stories and receipts flow like the Kentucky River from Mrs. Garrett’s room. Reading - How many Tab and Troll books have you encouraged to buy? Writing - How many papers have you read and critiqued? Errors - How many red pens have you used marking mistakes? Technology - Will you miss logging grades into the computer? Thelma - We wish you joy in your retirement, but English will never be quite the same at W.H.S. after you’re gone.

Senior Class Officers: President - Clint Meade; Vice- President - Justin Hubbard; Secretary - Joel Boggs, Treasurer - Morgan Combs. Senior Superlatives: Most Popular - Clint Meade and Katie Hall. Trendsetters: Justin Hubbard and Tere Chandler. Most Dependable - Andrea Caudill and Jonathan Amburgey. Class Brown Noser - Jessica Holbrook and Tim Hogan. Biggest Flirt - Amanda Adams and John Sturgill. Jacket Jokers - Brandie Banks and Morgan Combs. Chatterbox - Marika Teague and Matt Caudill. Personality Plus - Heather Stallard and Chris Sexton. Most School Spirited - Jason Holbrook and Necha Combs. Most Athletic - Joel Boggs and Kelly Spangler. Eye Catcher - Christi Lee and Jerry Day. Most Likely to Succeed - Justin Hubbard and Katie Hall. Class Clown - Morgan Combs and Kelly Spangler. Best All Around - Aimee Mullins and Joel Boggs. Citizenship - Heather Stallard and Joe Banks.

Senior Favorites: Actor - Matt Damon. Actress - Sandra Bullock. Movie - Armageddon. T.V. Series - Dawson’s Creek. Soap Opera - Days of Our Lives. T.V. Rerun - The Andy Griffith Show. Cartoon - South Park. Cartoon Character - Scooby Doo. Commercial - Taco Bell. Talk Show - Springer. Magazine - Seventeen. Book - The Outsiders. Male Vocalist - Garth Brooks. Album - Armageddon. Sport - Football. Song - Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. Pro-Athlete - Mark McGwire. Hangout - Wal-Mart. Female Vocalist - Shania Twain. Music Group - Goose Creek. Car - Mustang. Food - Pizza. Drink - Dr. Pepper.

Mr. W.H.S. – The honor of Mr. W.H.S. was bestowed upon Clint Meade. He is the son of Robert and Fannie Meade. Clint has been on the football and baseball teams for four years. He has been an active member of the Beta Club for one year. Clint has been recognized for many achievements including being on the honor roll, good attendance, and receiving the most tackles, and best linebacker award on the football team. He has a grade point average of 3.95 and is senior class president. Clint plans on attending the University of Kentucky where he will pursue a career in biology.

The honor of Miss W.H.S. has been bestowed upon Aimee Mullins. She is the daughter of Marty and Karen Mullins. Aimee has been an active member of the DECA Club for three years, Beta Club for two years, FBLA Club for one year, and the Bible Club for two years. She has been on the softball team for four years and the yearbook staff for one year. Aimee was chosen as a WYMT Mountain Achiever. She plans on attending Cumberland or Pikeville College and major in education/psychology.

What is the best piece of advice that the seniors can leave the underclassmen as you exit high school? (1) Complete your writing portfolio. (2) Do your work. Four years is a lot better than five or six. (3) Don’t drink the water. (4) Don’t get a job, for you have the rest of your life to work. Enjoy high school while you can. What is the favorite pep rally activity? (1) Fleming-Neon rallies. (2) Building class pyramids. (3) Cheerleaders!

Junior Class Officers: President - Charlie West, Vice-President - Tara Miller, Secretary - B. J. Pike, Treasurer - Tabetha Kelly. As you enter your senior year, what is the one thing you look forward to the most? (1) Graduation. (2) Senior trip. (3) Parking on the school hill. (4) Ruling the school.

Sophomore Class Officers: President - Melissa Adams, Vice- President - Tonya Bentley, Secretary - James Brock, Treasurer - Sara Craft. What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you were freshmen? ( 1) There were really no elevators. (2) You are not allowed to go downtown. (3) Don’t pick on seniors. (4) Don’t try to impress anyone

Freshman Class Officers: President - Louis Sandlin, Vice- President - Brandi Pennington, Secretary - Micca Watts, Treasurer - Jessica Hicks. What has been the most difficult adjustment you have had to make coming to high school? (1) Finding my way to class. (2) Getting used to more people. (3) More homework. (4) Longer classes.

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