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Moments and Memories of WHS


1971 Sharon Parrott wins Betty

Crocker Award

On Dec. 2, 1970, the Betty Crocker Test was given to all senior girls in Kentucky who were taking home economics. The test was standardized and consisted of questions about sewing, cooking, measures and anything that is concerned with home economics.

The test was sent back to the Betty Crocker Research Foundation and was selected by the computers that did the grading. The test was then sent back to the home economics teacher, Miss Kathy Barker, with the results. Results showed that Miss Sharon Parrott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Parrott of Pert Creek, won out of Whitesburg High School.

Sharon will receive a pin on the last day of school when all awards are given to the students for their achievements. Miss Parrott said, “When the test was given I had no idea I would win.”

Senior class presents plays

On March 22, 1971 at 7:30 p.m. in the Grade School Auditorium, the WHS senior class presented two one-act plays.

The first play titled “Curiosity” and written by Peggy Ferrway, starred Eddie Newell, Melissa Combs, Judy Fleenor, Shelia Williams, Linda Ratliff Flynn and Wayne Watts.

There was a brief intermission and the second play was shown. The play written by John Kirkpatrick and titled, “It Takes a Woman” starred Chester Holbrook, Pam Honeycutt, Jenny Burkich, Mike Wright, Alice Wright, Susan Smith and Eddie Fields.

The senior class collected money for some roses for the two people that they felt were most responsible for the play besides the cast. After the second play, Jenny Bowen and Monica Adams, two seniors, presented the directors, Miss Shirley Whitaker and Miss Jeanette Wampler, with one- half dozen red roses each.

Jenny Burkich named

Miss Yellow Jacket 1971

On March 18, 1971 all students were asked to report to the gym for the dedication of the 1971 Yellow Jacket.

As the presentations began, editors of the yearbook, Jenny Burkich and Teresa Pigman, presented Mr. Burkich with the first copy of the annual. Then a second copy of the Yellow Jacket was given to Jenny Burkich, as she was named “Miss Yellow Jacket.” This honor is bestowed on a senior girl by the faculty based on character, scholastic standing and leadership.

The excitement began as Pam Honeycutt and Mary Poloskey searched the stands for the teacher to whom the dedication was made. Pam and Mary finally went to Mrs. Joy Wray Breeding and escorted her to the floor. As Mrs. Breeding was being escorted to the floor, Jenny Burkich read from the dedication page in the annual. Mrs. Breeding received a copy of the Yellow Jacket and one dozen red roses.

WHS Band wins two trophies

A triumphant marching season for the WHS band has come to an end. For the first time in approximately five years, the band brought home trophies.

On Oct. 3, the band participated in the Apple Day Festival at Paintsville. It received a third-place trophy in competition with 10 bands. On Nov. 7, the band went to Cumberland; there they received another third-place trophy, while competing against 13 bands. The two bands that placed ahead of them were highly respected Middlesboro High School, second, and Madison County, first. Other bands competing were Fleming-Neon, Virgie, Pineville, and Johns Creek.

This year the band only had 41 marching members — this was including two field conductors and a flag squad of four. In every contest the band was in competition with bands 50- 55 strong. This record shows hard, long practice sessions — both marching and playing and unity. The director is Miss Mina Breeding.

(The above articles from the March 1971 Black Kat.) Juniors entertain seniors with annual prom

This year’s theme


On May 15, at 8 p.m., Whitesburg High juniors and seniors were taken to the land of Camelot as the juniors honored the seniors with the annual prom. The cafeteria was decorated fitted to this theme.

The food consisted of “Food for the Gods”: Chariot Wheels, Olympia Brew, and Crown Jewels. The guests were served by young pages. The entertainment was furnished by Brian Moore and the Boys in the Band.

At 10: 31 the program began. A poem, “Castles in the Air” was read by Troy Randall Breeding, president of the junior class. The seniors were welcomed by the junior class vice-president, Kim Adams. Response from the seniors was given by Doug Banks, president of the senior class.

Mr. Jack M. Burkich, principal, presided over the crowning of the Queen, Melissa Combs, and King, Eddie Newell. The king and queen were honored with a special waltz. Mr. and Mrs. Burkich also waltzed.

Bob Davis speaks at annual banquet

The Whitesburg High School Athletic Banquet was held in the school cafeteria on Saturday, April 24, 1971 at 7 p.m.

Head basketball coach Darrell Bell officially made known his intention to resign from coaching duties at WHS. He issued a challenge to the teams when he said, “I want to see the football team in the state playoffs, and the basketball team in the state tournament next year.” Coach Bell presented the 110% Trophy to senior Doug Banks. K. O. Holbrook, a junior guard, received the trophy for the most assists during the 1970-71 season. Sophomore Stevie Banks took home the Rebounding Award and the trophy for the best free throw percentage during the season. Coach Bell also presented Stevie with the Courier Journal All State Honorable Mention Award during the ceremonies.

Football coach James Gose presented the Defensive Player of the Year Award to All Conference Tackle, Eddie Newell. The 110% Trophy went to Mike Wright, a Senior All Conference defensive back. The Offensive Player of the Year Award went to junior Danny York. Coach Gose then presented the Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award to senior Mike Wright, sports editor for the Black Kat.

Coach Doyle ‘Buddy’ Roe then gave a very interesting talk on the progress of his very young baseball team. He complimented his boys, composed of 4 freshmen, 10 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 4 seniors as being, “attentive, talented, beginning to think and act as a team.” He also expressed his appreciation to the cheerleaders for collecting admission at the gates, and for selling concessions during the baseball games.

Mrs. Ritter Lucas, cheerleading sponsor for ‘70-71, introduced the girls who have led the cheers for WHS: Abby Holbrook, Donna Childers, Ann Eversole, and senior Susan Smith. Senior Frances Wright, who was seriously injured in an auto accident earlier in the year, was unable to attend.

Mr. J.M. Burkich, principal of WHS, introduced the speaker for the evening, Dr. Bob Davis, the very successful coach from Georgetown College, who delivered a very entertaining and inspiring address.

Maggie Fields, Charlene

Williams, to lead WHS

Band 1971-72

On April 3, field conductors for the 1971 marching season of the WHS Band were chosen. Maggie Fields and Charlene Williams were selected for their abilities to conduct and march and on their coordination and appearance together. Mr. Bill Campbell, band director, Bryan Station, Lexington, did the judging.

The girls attended a drum major camp last year and are planning to attend again this year.

W.H.S. wins first round of district

On Monday, May 17, the Whitesburg Yellowjackets baseball team defeated the Knott County Cardinals 10-2 in the first game of the district tournament.

They were led by their pitching ace, Tommy Pace. After 3 innings he was replaced by southpaws Curly Joe Combs and Phil Amburgey. Whitesburg showed improved hitting and due to some defensive changes which saw Homer Combs moved behind the plate, Burl Combs to first, and Mike Hansel to third, Whitesburg’s style of defense improved.

The Cardinals, a younger, less experienced team than the Jackets, failed to show good sound defense and had a lack of power hitting.

( Highlights from the “Black Kat” May 1971.)

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