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Moments and Memories of WHS


Wanda Rodgers Reynolds (Class of ’58) and James Reynolds (Class of ’57) Wanda Rodgers Reynolds (Class of ’58) and James Reynolds (Class of ’57) Part 4

Whitesburg All Class Reunion, Lexington, Ky.

June, 2010

Vickie Moore was a member of the Yellow Jacket cheerleading squad. In the May 1964 Black Kat Popularity Poll, she was named the Most Progressive girl in the senior class; her favorite song – ‘Days of Wine and Roses’; sweetheart - everybody. Her parting advice as a senior - “Don’t go steady in your senior year. There’s too much meanness to get into.”

Shirlee Butcher and Hershel Richardson of the junior class will be crowned King and Queen of the Whitesburg High School Halloween carnival tonight in the grade school auditorium. Whitesburg High School Principal Millard Tolliver will crown the royal winners, who will in turn dub as Prince and Princess Stevie Stamper, son of Sheriff and Mrs. Hassel Stamper, and Charlene Wright, daughter of County Court Clerk and Mrs. Charlie Wright.

Randy Fields (‘64), Phil Caudill (‘62) and Ricky Fields (‘63) Randy Fields (‘64), Phil Caudill (‘62) and Ricky Fields (‘63) King Hershel is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Richardson of Camp Branch and Queen Shirlee is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Craft of Whitesburg.

Attendants to the King and Queen will be seniors Norma Polly and Billy Dean Sergent, sophomores Larry Craft and Barbara English, freshmen Eloise Reynolds and Bob Meade.

There were 158,494 votes cast for the King and Queen candidates and 143,303 votes cast for Prince and Princess candidates, giving a total of 301,526 votes cast, which represent $3015.26, which will go into the Whitesburg PTA treasury to be used for the benefit of the Whitesburg School System.

Left to Right: Kaye Combs Moore (Class of ‘55), Shirlee Butcher Reeves (‘54), and Vickie Moore (‘64). During her years at W.H.S., Moore was a four-year member of the Glee Club; FHA Club, 3,4; Beta Club 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. She completed high school in three years. Left to Right: Kaye Combs Moore (Class of ‘55), Shirlee Butcher Reeves (‘54), and Vickie Moore (‘64). During her years at W.H.S., Moore was a four-year member of the Glee Club; FHA Club, 3,4; Beta Club 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. She completed high school in three years. The day’s Halloween activities got underway this morning with a parade through the streets of Whitesburg. Doors of the grade school will be opened tonight at 6 p.m. for the big carniva, which will feature 10 booths. Big show of the night will be a style show of Whitesburg’s football squad in an October trousseau for the bride. Other features will be a variety show, fortuneteller, Devil’s Kitchen and homemade foods.

(The above article from the Oct. 30, 1952 Mountain Eagle.)

From the May 1958 Black Kat: Wanda was selected as the “Sweetest Girl” also Wanda ( Rodg) Rogers - 2/19/1940; food - anything and everything, drink – RC; song – ‘Witchdoctor’; expression – Blow me down; ambition - get through college; parting advice to the underclassmen: “Don’t try running to the post office during your lunch period. It is bad for the brain. (I know).” Activities: Pep Club, Science Club, Chorus, Cheerleader, Wildlife Club, Music Club, Speech Festival, FHA, Bible Club.

Rosemary Collier (‘58), Martin Lewis (‘61) and Kay Daniel Price (‘61) Rosemary Collier (‘58), Martin Lewis (‘61) and Kay Daniel Price (‘61) From the May 1957 Black Kat : James was selected “Best Personality”. Winners in the Regional Drama Festival were Ronald Newton Collier, James Reynolds, and Inez Pratt. Reynolds, James “Joe” 12-26-39; girlfriend - it’s a secret; best pal - Ronald, Phil, Ted, Charles; favorites: teacher - Stamper; food - all kinds; drink - milk; movie star - Spencer Tracy; singer - Perry Como; song – ‘Tenderly’, color - brown; expression - “I’m nonchalant,” ambition - dentist; secret ambition - spend a year in Germany; activities - band, seven years, Annual Staff, Science Club, Music Club, attended 12 years of school in succession.

From the May 1964 Black Kat Popularity Poll: Randy was named the “Most Progressive Leader” (boy); birthday: 1-25-46; sweetheart - Jeanie Anderson; song – ‘Have a Good Time’. His parting advice to the underclassmen – “Have a good time.”

James Phil Caudill from the May 1962 Black Kat: Favorite song – ‘Lover Please’; ambition - engineer. During his years at WHS, he was a member of the “W” Club, Pep Club, F.T.A., Hi-Y Club, manager of the football and basketball teams.

Ricky Fields from the May 1963 Black Kat : He was voted the “Best Dressed Boy” in the Senior Popularity Poll. Favorite actor - Andy Griffith; favorite actress - Susan Hayward.

Rosemary Collier, three years in the band, majorette her senior year; Chorus 1, 3; vice-president of Class 3; Science Club 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; President of Beta Club, 4; Music Club 1; Homecoming Attendant 4; Annual Staff 4; Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Grand Marshal 3.

Martin Lewis from the May 1961 Black Kat: Elected “Most Likely to Succeed”; birthday: 2/12/43; friend - Mary Webb; favorite TV program - Thriller; favorite actor - Glen Ford; favorite song – ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’. He is a member of the football and basketball teams. He received a certifi- cate of commendation for score on a National Merit Test. Marty also received the Harris Award this year.

Kay Daniel Price: Advice for underclassmen - “Be sweet to the teacher”; birthday - 6/01/43; friend - Tebo Hodge; favorite TV show - Perry Como Show; favorite actor - Paul Newman; favorite song – ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Senior ambition - To own my own clothing store.

Other items from the May 1957 Black Kat: The Wildlife Club of W.H.S., one of the largest clubs on the hill, has about 75 members. Their purpose is to preserve natural resources in the vicinity of Letcher County.

Mr. Cecil Caudill, sponsor of the club, along with 18 selected boys from the club, planted 5,000 trees on the farm of Elbert and Jack Fugate, which is in the Mayking area. Some of the participants included Harold Oglevie, Don Sumpter, Lloyd Hodge, Major Sparks, James Caudill, Marvin Sparks, Gyles Williams, Gary Kincer, Wilmoth Kincer, Carlos Fugate, Jerry Pace. Money received for the labor was well spent on the annual outing. Fiftythree members, along with Mr. Caudill, climbed to the top of Cowan Hill on May 9, the regular club day.

On May 11, 1957, a district meet was held at Allen, Ky. Entering were Carlos Fugate, one-man rifle team; Wilmoth Kincer and Gyles Williams, two-man team; Rodney Kincer, archery; Billy Cooper Vermillion, casting.

The Wildlife Club has accomplished much this year and has more plans for the following years.

Juniors entertain seniors at Mardi Gras by Betty Pratt

On May 2, the juniors and seniors assembled in the gymnasium for the annual Mardi Gras. The girls were very pretty in their formals and the boys looked very handsome. Of course this applied to the teachers who attended also.

The juniors and their hardworking sponsors had the gym decorated just perfect, with bandstand, and tables under soft colored lights. A huge tarpaulin was obtained to cover the floor so students could dance.

Refreshments of ham and pimiento cheese, cookies, potato chips and punch were served by Mrs. Hall and some sophomore girls. Sophomore boys were waiters. Mrs. Lewis was in charge of games and every kind imaginable was provided.

The Jack Taylor Quintet was a very fine orchestra, with our Jack Taylor on trumpet, and Doc Williams on drums, George Luke on saxophone, Gene Mitchell on base and Ed Minor who played piano and also was a fine vocalist.

At 10:30, the president of the junior class, Sonny Enfusse, gave the welcome and Ronald Collier, president of the senior class, gave the response. Then Sonny introduced to us the Teacher of the Year, whom we had elected earlier in the week, Mr. Jim Preston. He in turn crowned Lloyd Hodge and Bobbie Sumpter, King and Queen of the Mardi Gras.

Harris Award Plaque: The Harris Award Plaque has been presented to the school by Mrs. Stephen Combs in honor and memory of her father, Prof. H.H. Harris, one-time principal of this high school. The Harris Award, established in 1954, has been given each year to the senior boy who is outstanding in leadership and character as voted by the faculty. On this plaque has been engraved the names of the ones who have received this honor: Bobby Adams 1954; Cecil Barnes 1955; Harold Cook 1956.

The winner of this award for 1957 will be announced at Class Day Exercises, May 22.

In our gymnasium hallway, the Athletic Association proudly placed this year two beautiful, painted pictures of two outstanding athletes of this school; Jimmie Bert Tolliver, All-State basketball, forward, 1955; and Lloyd Hodge, All-State football, fullback, 1957.

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