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Moments and Memories of WHS



The Harris Award was named in honor of Professor H.H. Harris, who served as principal of Whitesburg High School from 1919 until 1927. It is awarded by the faculty on the basis of leadership, character and scholastic standing. This award was first presented in 1954. This year, the Harris Award is presented to Charles Matthew Jr.

The Dugan Award was named in honor of Miss Ann Dugan, who served as the home economics teacher for 27 years at Whitesburg High School. This award was first presented in 1966 and was awarded on the basis of leadership, character and scholastic standing. This year, the Dugan Award is presented to Stephanie Collins.

Whitesburg High welcomes foreign exchange student

This year is a first in the history of Whitesburg High School when the school received its first foreign exchange student. This year, Renato Lopez, a citizen of Costa Rica, plans to stay in the States for a year. Costa Rica is one of the smallest republics in Central America.

DENISE BANKS, VALEDICTORIAN 1989 DENISE BANKS, VALEDICTORIAN 1989 Renato speaks French and Spanish fluently and has picked up on English very well. He experienced quite a few changes during his visit here, the biggest being snow. He had never had the pleasure of seeing snowfall until he came to Whitesburg.

All the students and faculty of W.H.S. were very pleased to get the chance to meet Renato, and we will miss his friendly smile. We wish him the best of luck as he goes back home to Costa Rica.

1989 senior trip

At 2 p.m., April 1, 1989, 39 seniors left Whitesburg for an exciting trip to Florida. Bags packed, we started our long journey. After many hours of travel, we arrived in Orlando in the wee hours of the morning. After getting our rooms, we headed for Sea World. Shamu the whale was our favorite

CARRIE TODD, SALUTATORIAN 1989 CARRIE TODD, SALUTATORIAN 1989 In the days to follow, we visited Epcot Center. Epcot is a technology-based exhibit with many ways to conserve energy. Touring different countries and sampling the foods was definitely fun. After a long day, we left to go back to Days Inn to lounge around the pool, shop, or just rub our tired feet.

Tuesday morning, we arrived at Disney World. Some of us got to see our favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and others. Space Mountain was the favorite ride of the senior trip.

On to Kennedy Space Center was our next destination before arriving at Daytona Beach. Upon arrival at Daytona, everyone ran for the beach to soak up those rays and ride fourwheelers, or just watch the people go by.

The ride home seemed to pass quickly; the only problem was when we hit snow. Everyone wanted to go back to Florida. We’ll never forget the senior trip. Always remember the fun times. Senior trip ‘89 was the best!

STEPHANIE COLLINS STEPHANIE COLLINS What do those seniors have to say now? Kim McElroy, “You devil”; Amy Patterson, “I don’t understand”; Georgia Mullins, “ Honey, let me tell ya”; Cynthia McCall, “Really”; Donna Brown and Jennifer Banks, “You can’t handle it”; Valarie Cornett, “I just can’t see that happening!”; Diana Cornett, “Live, love, laugh, and be happy”; Derek Collins, “Say wheelbarrel and move on”; Kirk Cornett, “What did you say?”; second period American government class, “Can you repeat that last note, Mr. Sexton?”; Jamie Stidham, “I’ll buy that for a dollar”; Cheryl Stallard, “I’ll be alright!”; Kim Spangler, “Well that’s about a joke”; Heather Niece, “I’m sorry”; Chris Perry, “Come on”; Ralph Profitt, “Nothing”; Leroy Maggard, “Heck! I don’t know!”; Stephanie Collins, “They call me Munchkins!”; Tracie Boggs, “Are you serious?”; Mary Lacy Frazier, “It’s better to have lost at love, than to never have loved at all.”; Carolyn Fields, “If you can’t do it right, do it anyway”; Martie Banks, Kim Brown, Tammy Caudill, “The stars will shine forever”; Shane Collins, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time”; Toby Maggard, “Same thing, only different”; Roger Mason, “Whatever”; Christa Lynn Frazier, “Through the rain and change of wind, under the moon and beneath the stars, the song remains the same”; Mark Caudill, “ Be good or be good at it.”; Tammy Gibson, “Don’t worry, be happy.”; Colin, “I’ll always love Nay”; Anna Melton, “You ain’t right.”; Johnnie Davidson, “Life’s a beach, why ain’t I on it?”; Penny Cornett, “Out of here!”; Johnny D. Eldridge, “In a minute”; Bunny Dollarhyde, “ Hey!”; Denise Banks, “ Get Around”; Sherrie Adams, “That’s beside the point”; Brian Banks, “ Yang!”; Renee Sexton, “Me and Colen will have short, bony babies.”; Rachel Neace, “So what are you trying to say?”; Rich Mullins, “Diamonds are forever and so am I”; Sandy Meade, “You know what I mean?”; Candice Meade, “Get out of town”; Johnny Reynolds, “Wear your hat, so Jimmy will have the opportunity to come back”; Jennifer Sexton, “It ain’t right”; Karen Short, “ You wouldn’t believe what Dale Thomas and Jeff Bledsoe talk about doing with barnyard animals in drama class”; Travis Day, “What’s the point?” sixth period biology II class, “What page are we on?”

Senior favorites:

Song: ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’; Color: Blue; Hangout: Pizza Hut; Car: Mustang GT; Sport: Football; Movie: ‘Cocktail’; Actor: Tom Cruise; Actress: Demi Moore; TV Program: ‘Cosby Show’; Drink: Pepsi; Singer: Whitney Houston and Hank Williams Jr.; Rock Group: Guns and Roses. Food: Pizza.

Senior class officers:

President Will Bledsoe; Vice-President Roger Mason; Secretary Sarah Hayes; Treasurer Toby Maggard.

Whitesburg High School’s graduation was held at 2 p.m. at the WHS gymnasium on June 4, 1989. The invocation given by Mr. Darrell Treece was followed by the song “Dreamer” sung by Salutatorian Carrie Todd. Following the song, Carrie gave her salutatorian speech “The Road Not Taken.” Next, Denise Banks, the 1989 valedictorian, was introduced and she spoke about “The Road Taken.” After the valedictorian speech, the guest speaker, Rev. Terry Reffett, was introduced by Principal Treece. The presentation of diplomas was performed by Superintendent Bernard Watts, and the benediction was given by Mr. Ozz Jackson.

WHS holds its firstever Almost-Miss Yellow


This year, the yearbook staff held its very first “Almost Miss Jacket Contest.” This contest was held to raise money for the 1989 Yellow Jacket. Eight senior athletes helped out by dressing as women for the contest. It took a lot from these young men to dress as women for the first time in their lives. A very special thank you is expressed by the staff.

The contest consisted of the guys modeling their favorite fashions. Everyone had a great time watching this.

The contest also had a talent program. They showed everyone some of the latest moves. Rotunda Roberts gave Coach Searcy a great big kiss during this event. We really think Coach Searcy winked at “her” first. Terrific Trixie couldn’t keep her clothes on and “her” top kept defl ating. Slinky lingerie, hats, mini-skirts, hose, and high heels were definitely the favorites.

Finally, it was decision time. Who would become the first “Almost-Miss Jacket?” It was a tough decision. They were all so “Almost.” A hush fell over the gym as the announcement came. The first runnerup is Rotunda. Now, the first “Almost Miss Jacket” is Travis “Terrific Trixie” Day. All the “girls” or should we say guys, were delighted.

Trixie was crowned by Mr. Treece and was presented flowers. If Trixie cannot perform her duties, then Roger “Rotunda” Mason will serve as Queen.

Senior Superlatives:

Most Popular, Kim Brown and William Bledsoe. Trendsetter, Martie Banks and Johnny Reynolds. Most Dependable, Carrie Todd and Kelvin Polly. Nicest Smile, Delena Boggs and Keith Rose. Chatterbox, Tammy Caudill and Mike Burton. Most Athletic, Rachel Neace and Roger Mason. Most Courteous, Brian Arroz and Tracie Boggs. Most School Spirited, Sandy Meade and Stephen Polly. Jacket Joker, Tammy Gibson and Bart Frazier.

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