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RECAPS – 8/1-8/5

ALL MY CHILDREN . Ryan warned Greenlee not to let David’s information about Leo get to her. Griffin told Kendall and Cara that he’d stopped working with David. When Erica told the nurse that Dixie was dead, Erica was deemed mentally disturbed. Erica and Janet escaped from the institution and Janet brought Marian and Dixie along, too. Marissa got a restraining order against JR after he frightened AJ with a drunken tirade. Tad and Cara planned a real honeymoon in Martha’s Vineyard. Angie warned Maya about Mookie’s abusiveness. Asher told Colby he was too dependent on pain pills. Leo du Pres turns up again, and so does Zach Slater. Annie appeared at Greenlee and Ryan’s house, anxious to see Emma. Jake told Tad about Amanda’s surgery.

THIS WEEK: Krystal warned David not to hurt Angie.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Steffy gushed to Hope about her romance with Bill. Amber began to realize that she had real romantic feelings for Marcus. Bill admitted to Katie that Taylor had not lied about Steffy and Bill affair. Steffy was certain that Bill would leave Katie and return to her. Marcus moved out of Amber’s to pursue his relationship with Dayzee. Katie’s heart attack scared Bill so much that he discovered that he wanted to remain married to Katie and give up Steffy. Hope and Liam found that Katie was not in her hospital bad. Ridge and Brooke were stunned to learn that Taylor knew about Steffy and Bill’s affair. Katie left the hospital to confront Steffy about her pursuit of Bill.

THIS WEEK: Steffy thinks Katie brainwashed Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Quinn was torn about his feelings for Carly, giving her a place to stay. Chloe successfully sang in concert at Brooksville and Kinsey answered a call for Chloe with a john. Taylor admitted to EJ that she stopped Brady from going after him with a gun. Victor learned about Brady beating EJ and offered to broker a peace with Stefano. EJ decided not to go after Brady. Stefano wanted revenge. Maggie learned that Victor was walking into a trap. Stefano’s gunman aimed at Victor, but Maggie was shot instead and collapsed in Victor’s arms. Bo and Hope were frustrated by the budget constraints for the Salem P.D. Carly had nightmares in which Lawrence and Vivian ripped her apart. Daniel and Jennifer reunited. Carly decided that she had nothing to live for.

THIS WEEK: Gabi and Will make love for the first time.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . A mystery person arrived in Port Charles, following Carly and Josslyn. Liz found Lucky and helped him get through drug- induced hallucinations, much like Lucky saved Liz when she’d been raped as a teenager. Maxie remained frustrated with Jackal, P.I. Skye returned to town and spoke to Edward and Tracy. Patrick was determined to get Robin out of the hospital so he gave her a day at the spa. Lulu and Dante came home. Sonny was furious that Brenda flew off with Jax. Unknown to Carly, Jax has not given up on Josslyn. When Liz and Siobhan fought again, Siobhan fell down a flight of stairs. Skye told Carly that Jax was back in Port Charles. Jax took Josslyn as Carly was in a car crash on the way home.

THIS WEEK: Shawn faces off with Jax.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE . The man with Todd’s face tried to convince his family that the other Todd had taken his life. Todd insisted that the guy was a liar. Rex held back from his murderous rage. Destiny considered her options and came to a decision. Bo discovered that the person who attacked Matthew had been chewing a distinctive gum. Echo thanks Rex for getting her out of trouble. Tea found it difficult to ignore the claims made by the man with Todd’s old face. Rex saw Gigi, but then she disappeared. Starr wasn’t sure if Todd was really her father, but Jack was convinced. The Feds forced John to release Baker. The man with Todd’s old face was emotional when he learned that Starr had a child. Bo learned that Nate attacked Matthew. Nora decided not to prosecute Clint for Eddie’s murder.

THIS WEEK: David has information about who’s the real Todd Manning.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Nick was horrified to learn that Diane sold photos of Nikki and Victor in bed to a tabloid. Nikki disappeared from the rehab center. Diane tried to seduce Jack. Nick rejected Diane. Diane warned Jack that he’d never see Kyle again. Phyllis and Diane had a catfight. Billy was arrested for taking a swing at Victor. Victoria and Billy had a brief reconciliation, but then he left for Victoria’s sake. Diane tried to blackmail Ashley with the video of Abby confessing that she hit Tucker with the car. When Ashley refused to pay, Diane told Ashley that she and Tucker had made love the night of the tornado. Kay decided to legally challenge the validity of Tucker’s marriage because of his mental competence. Jack received a call from Switzerland, but Kyle couldn’t reveal where he was. Michael urged Diane to leave Genoa City immediately.

THIS WEEK: Ronan returns to Genoa City.

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