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Speak Your Piece

Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
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In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net

Why don’t you really tell who the baby you are carrying belongs to? Quit lying to your husband. You know who it belongs to, and the baby doesn’t belong to him.

. Lady, if your dog bites me while crapping in my yard you are going to be in some bad trouble. I told you to keep him out of my yard. I try to run him off and he tries to bite me. This is an Eolia caller.

. Do you like to brag about what you have done since you are single now or do you try to keep it a secret? Everyone says what you did was filthy.

. A certain restaurant in Cumberland is a terrible place to eat. I was in there the other day and they were out of 50 percent to 60 percent of everything including bread. Hey, had no white bread at all. What little bit they did have, you couldn’t tell what it was behind the shield for the gnats and the flies. It made me sick to my stomach. The waitresses there are so rude. They used to have some real good waitresses who were nice. If something is not done this place will close down, and it will close down sooner rather than later. It’s in terrible shape. I told them I didn’t want to order and I left.

. To a certain person: I want you to quit putting your trash on my property and I mean it. This is the last day.

. I want to wish my son Emmitt Wayne Adams of Hazard a very happy birthday on July 28. Happy birthday, son, from your mom, Jackie and Emmitt Adams. We love you.

. I want to wish my granddaughter a big happy birthday. She will be 10 years old on August 3. We love you. From Mamaw Jackie, Papaw Emmitt and Auntie Renee.

. Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. You are my angel and I love you.

. This is for the most beautiful girl I have ever seen around here in Whitesburg: She drives a Jeep sometimes or a white Sunfire. Honey, you deserve the best. I know you do. If I ever have the chance to talk to you, it would please me. I dream of those big brown eyes every night. From your secret admirer.

To a certain person: When you get man enough to come to my face and tell me to move we will talk about it, but there isn’t any danger of that happening. Everybody knows what you are — a little boy who runs in the dark, hides and calls people names and tears their property up. Everybody knows what you are doing, too.

. To a girl in Jenkins: I noticed all of your neighbors are putting in motion lights and security systems. Is it because you moved in? You don’t have a filthy face, but you have an ugly face. You think you are wanted in the community? Ha. You better think again.

. I wish everyone would mind their own business about who my baby belongs to. Why is everybody so worried about it? All everybody needs to know is she belongs to me. And number two, you need to get your facts straight before you call people and try to tell people it belongs to this one and that. You need to know when I got pregnant, because it belongs to my husband. Duh!

. This is to J.M. Cofer: I saw your comment in Speak Your Piece week before last. The Adams/ Thompson/ Blair reunion is held on Blair Branch Mountain in Letcher County. You can call 606- 633-5423 or 606-633-1162 to get more information. We do have relatives that are in Ohio, but the reunion is held in Letcher County.

. This is a message to parents of young children in Dunham: We have a convicted child molester living in the neighborhood. Please, if you have young children around seven, five or four years old, make sure you protect them very well, because this person likes to put his hands on young boys or girls. He wants to do this for the wrong reasons. Please, parents, protect your children.

. One of the mothers here in Improvement Branch should have respect for our little daughters. At a lunch we attended, this lady wore a pair of shorts that were so short you could see her private parts. Her clothes were just indecent.

. To this person who keeps calling into Speak Your Piece threatening Jerome Boggs saying that some of these boys around here

might get a hold of that head before it is over: I’ll just tell you right now that old boy doesn’t look to me like he is playing with a full deck. It might turn out different. He may have a hold of their heads when it is all said and done with. I don’t know if I would want to tackle him or not. I think you are mostly all talk.

. I was a patient at Whitesburg Hospital last week and I just wanted to say that the nurses there are wonderful, but I don’t like the white uniforms. I think they look dirty and dingy. I think they look more professional when they wore colored uniforms. I don’t know who is in charge of that decision, but I think the nurses would look better if they were to go back to colored uniforms.

. I believe there is a certain criteria you have to meet to be a police officer in the greater Neon region. You have to have been picked on growing up so you could develop that giant chip on your shoulder. You always have to be right no matter what. You have to own at least two seasons of ‘Cops’ on VHS. You have to get a tingle in your underwear when you hold a gun. And you have at least one pair of pajamas with feet. I think they are called onesies. Or you can just think you are the pinnacle of creation and become a probation officer.

. Hats off to the person who called in the comment about the amphitheatre site at Jenkins. Hopefully, more will voice their comments.

. Wanted: Two families to clean the garbage up out of their yard and around their trailers to protect the health of their three children and grandchildren and other clean neighbors in the neighborhood.

. Cumberland River Coal Company, please slow your workers down in our neighborhood on Franks Creek. They are speeding in our neighborhood coming and going to work. Also, please stop them from throwing garbage out in our neat neighborhood. And regarding your lessees in these trailers on the upper end of Franks Creek, please help them to clean the garbage out of their yard. It is a disgrace to our neighborhood. We’ve always had such a beautiful, clean neighborhood


. To Bobby Howard, our magistrate in District One, and Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward, why don’t you get someone over here to clean these trees out of our creek on Franks Creek at Eolia? Get us a garbage warden over here to catch these people who are throwing garbage out. It’s a disgrace to our little stream. It is in such a mess. The trees in the creek are blocking the garbage that some of them above us are throwing in the creek. It should be cleaned up. People should stop throwing garbage in the creek like this.

. There is a boy in Woodrock and this is his ex-wife. I think he is so good looking and I saw him the other day. I thought about stopping him to see if we could just hook up. Respond if you would like.

. To my favorite brother: can’t wait until you get home. You can live with me if you want to, and I would like to tell you what all is going on since you have been gone. We have a lot of things we need to clean up when you get back. When you get home we will discuss it and I will tell you everything that has been going on.

. You called me an old man? I’m not much older than you. You just think you are 18 again.

. I love you like a flower that grows stronger every year. You are my angel and I love you.

. You said I was too stupid to play your messages on the phone that you sent me? Honey, I played all of them for everybody. I just wanted everybody to hear you and what you say.

. I wonder if anyone ever got the mouse out of isolation at the jail. They need to do a little more cleaning at the Letcher County Jail.

. This is a special message for my daughter from me and from her sister. We are so happy you are back with your husband and back in your home. Thank you all so much for making me happy and letting me see you back together. I love you all with all my heart and all I want is the best for you. You are going to be happy where you are. Hang in there, girl. If anybody can do it you can. Sissy loves you and Mommy loves you.

. I want to say that I think it great that they have a Kids’ Day Back to School Bash every year at the River Park right before school starts. The Family Resource Center employees and many others work very hard to provide supplies for children such as crayons, pencils, paper, notebooks and markers. The day is a fun day with a petting zoo, inflatables, fire truck rides, hayrides, face painting, free food, etc. But now some teachers have come up with supply lists in addition to the supplies given out at the Kids’ Day event such as copy paper, poster board, plastic folders, page protectors, Clorox wipes, Kleenex, etc. I know money is tight, but money is tight for everyone. I buy my child’s materials that I think are necessary and I’m willing to help, but there comes a time to ask this question: Doesn’t the school buy materials such as poster board, copy paper and page protectors?

. Jerome Boggs, you just as well keep your bags packed, because you won’t be here long. You won’t got any favors coming in this county. Your favor was when you didn’t get sentenced to death, remember? Oh, how we forget, right? But don’t worry, they will remind you, or should I say, I will, be sure. You took the life of two innocent people, so don’t get comfortable in Letcher County Jail because you will definitely be on the first thing smoking out of here, back to prison where you belong for the rest of your life. So enjoy your ride back. It will be your last free-world car trip. Enjoy your pitiful life. The Kentucky Ridgerunner. You will not rest well as long as I am in the world. How do you like me now?

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