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Moments and Memories of WHS



Tammie Gwen Wright wins title of Miss Letcher County

Miss Tammie Gwen Wright, daughter of S.T. and Gladys Wright of Thornton, was crowned Miss Letcher County Saturday night, April 17. Tammie will represent Letcher County in the Miss Kentucky Pageant in the fall. The Miss Letcher County Scholarship Pageant was sponsored by the Whitesburg Area Jaycees.

Tammie is a senior at Whitesburg High School, where she is a member of the Beta Club, and is on the senior committee. She was voted most studious, best dressed and represented Whitesburg High School in math for three years and French for one year.

Tammie is 5’5” tall and weighs 120 pounds. She is going to enter Centre College in Danville in the fall.

First runner-up was Miss Melody Ann Moore, daughter of Mrs. Rachel Moore of Whitesburg.

Second runner-up was Sherrie Gwenn Hogg, daughter of Chester and Eulene Hogg of Roxana.

(The above article from the April 22, 1976 Letcher County Community Press.)

Elizabeth Casolari wins state honor for fashion sewing

Each year the Kentucky Federal of Wo ma n ’ s Clubs sponsors various student contest at the local, district, and state levels. This year the entry of the Whitesburg Woman’s Club, Miss Elizabeth Casolari, won second place in the state Fashion Sewing Contest at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington, April 20-22. She won the right to enter the state contest by taking the blue ribbon and a silver plate at the district meet held earlier.

She personally modeled the beautiful six-piece dusty peach linen weave suit and accessories after they had been judged on qualities of workmanship, design, and suitability. Miss Casolari made all parts of the perfectly fitted and tailored all-purpose outfit of jacket, vest, skirt, pants, coordinated blouse and matching purse.

ANITA HAMPTON ANITA HAMPTON She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Casolari of Ovenfork, in her third year at Whitesburg High School, and a student of home economics at the school, according to Mrs. Harry M. Caudill, Student Contest chairman. Elizabeth is also involved it the band, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Pep Club, and member of the junior softball team.

(The above article from the May 6, 1976 Letcher County Community Press.)

Some of the entries from the 1976 Senior Class Will: Vince Yinger wills his dirty football t-shirt to Billy Adams. Lucille Tackett wills her ability to keep her mouth shut to motor mouth Johnny Lucas. James Hubbard wills his artistic ability to Lisa Carter. Rachel Breeding leaves her school spirit to David Horn in hopes he will make his voice heard at ballgames. Tammy Greene would like to will her squaddy body to Kim Hall and hopes she will keep up the good name. Eula Eldridge wills her position as editor of the Black Kat to any junior on this year’s staff who is retarded enough to take it, in hopes they have the editorial written a day before deadline. Johnnie Ramsey wills his music ability to William Caudill. Richard Brown wills his ability to stay in school to Mike Craft. I, Jimmy Hatton, leave my leaping ability to Gaither Frazier in hopes that he will stay high enough to keep Coach Eads off his back next season. I, Bernadine Gibson, will my ability to stick my foot in my mouth to Kathy Lynn Webb. Debbie Frazier wills her ability to make people feel inferior to Diane Hall. Mark Larkey wills his raunchy shoulder pads to David Horn and his golden cleats to WHS as a shrine memorial. Debbie Shackleford wills her ability to play basketball to Pam Bentley. Helen Fields wills her ability to say anything she wants without hesitation to Connie Vance. Melody Moore wills her body to ‘Mission Impossible’, so that someday, maybe someone will figure out what to do with it. Darlene Caudill wills her ability to talk to anyone about anything to Monica Adams. Evelyn Crawford wills Judy Webb her knees and “Real Bigs” in hopes she will not step in anything she shouldn’t.

( The above from the June10, 1976 Black Kat.)

Essay Winners: Sherie Breeding, the daughter of Mrs. Shirley Breeding of Isom, was recently appointed school winner of this year’s Jaycee-sponsored essay contest, “Land, My Community’s Heritage: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

Sherie, a 16-year-old junior, is active in various school activities, among them: annual staff, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Math Club, and Pep Club.

Bonnie Ison, 16, of Premium, is the winner of the regional employment of the handicapped essay contest. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Ison.

Miss Ison’s English teacher is Mr. Bruce E. Sexton.

The theme for this year’s contest was “A Profile of Achievement: How a handicapped person approaches life.”

<bb>WHS student accepted for All State Band

<b>A WHS student, Ransom Holbrook, was recently accepted for the 1976 All State Band, to be held the last week of February in Louisville at the Executive Inn.

Ransom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Holbrook. Besides his participation in the WHS Marching Band, Ransom’s other activities include the Pep Club, Math Club, and the Music Club.

(The above article from the Feb. 1976 Black Kat.)

<bb>Yellow Jacket Yearbook Dedication 1976

< b> A teacher whose guiding hand molds character . . . A woman whose patience and benevolence helps impart knowledge so students understand . . . A disciplinarian who expects a student’s behavior to be that of a lady’s or gentleman’s . . . A person whose sense of humor and wit enlightens the path of others . . . Mrs. Bonnie Day.

Anita Hampton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Hampton of Dry Fork, was crowned the 1975 Homecoming Queen at our game with Mullins, Oct. 10. Anita is active in several clubs including the F.T. A. and Pep Club. She also represented the junior class in the Homecoming activities last year. Her hobbies are swimming, music and Charlie!! When asked her feelings about being elected, she said, “I was shocked, but pleased!” The Black Kat Staff would like to congratulate Anita and wish her a happy New Year!

Parade in review

The 1975 Whitesburg Homecoming Parade began at 1 p. m., Thursday afternoon.

The first people in the parade line- up were the V.F.W. color guard. Following the color guard was the W. H. S. banner, carried by Debbie Collins and Sandra Combs, the theme banner, “Moments to Remember” carried by Donna Frazier and Linda Huff, and a fire truck with the W.M.S. cheerleaders riding on it. A 1931 Cadillac, the W.H.S. Marching Band, directed by Cecilia Collins, and the Lions Club kindergarten were next. Following this was last year’s queen, Medina Blair. Next was the Colson float, “A Giant Step For Man,” which tied with the Mayking kindergarten for thid place in the grade school competition. The Colson cheerleaders followed it. Then there were the Millstone and Mayking Head Starts.

Kim Hall, Donna Joseph, and Kim Sexton, all the freshman representatives, came next. The Mayking kindergarten float, “The Land of Freedom,” which tied for third place, was next. The next in line were the Martha Jane Potter cheerleaders, their football boys and their basketball girls. The Kona Girl Scouts followed next in line. The sophomore representatives line-up was as follows: Kathy Collins, Sheena Couch, and Debbie Taylor. Next came the Pine Mountain Assembly Rainbow Girls, the Pine Mountain Demolay, and the Demolay Sweetheart, Melody Moore. The next entrant was the Oleika fire truck.

The West Whitesburg Elementary float won second place in the grade school competition, with the theme, “It’s Time to Ring It Again.” Following this float were three other junior representatives, Debbie Hammock, Carol Kirkland, and Rhonda Maggard.

The Distributive Education float won second place in the high school competition, with the theme, “We Have Always Conquered.”

The Pee Wee cheerleaders and football players followed this float. There were two fire trucks, followed by two senior representatives, Rachel Breeding and Alice Collins.

The Tri-Hi-Y float won first place in the high school division. The theme of the float was “After 100 years, Lady Liberty Stands Tall for America.” Two more senior representatives followed, Helen Fields and Darlene Mitchell.

The F.B.L.A. float won second place in the vocational school competition. It was followed by two senior representatives, Debbie Shackleford and Henrietta Sturgill.

The first-place winner in the vocational school competition was the VICA Club. Their theme was “For 200 Years Vocational School has Served the People of Kentucky.”

Next in the parade lineup were the West Whitesburg Brownies, the Boy Scouts of Troop 9, and Eolia’s Den 5. Following these three were the W.H.S varsity cheerleaders.

The freshman Honor Court was Debbie Trout. Following her was the Betsy Ross float, the theme of which was “Great Seamstress.”

Cathy Osborne was the sophomore Honor Court. Following her was the Graham Memorial Presbyterian Senior Youth float, with the theme “Betsey and her Stars and Stripes.” This float won second place in the civic division.

Susie Day was the junior Honor Court. She was followed by the First Security Bank float, with the theme “Nathan Hale.” This float won first place in the civic division.

Darlene Caudill was the senior Honor Court. She was followed by the Fleming Neon Marching Band.

Last and most important in the parade line-up were the Homecoming Queen candidates, Anita Hampton, Evelyn Crawford, and Lisa Kimberlin.

(The above article from the November 1975 Black Kat.)

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