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Moments and Memories of WHS


From the January

Black Kat 1956

This is a continuation of an earlier article on Calendar Girls for 1956.

July for Talent — Donelda Breeding, favorites — color, yellow; food, fish; sport, swimming; boyfriend, Jonny Doyle; song, “Cry Me a River”; car, Cadillac; expression, “Oh, me”; “The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.”

August for Conversation — Betty Pratt, favorites — color, turquoise; food, chocolate pie; sport, football; boyfriend, no such thing; song, “I’ll Be Home”, Pat Boone; car, ’56 sports model Bel Air black and white Chevrolet; expression – “B-u-d-d-y”; “Wit is the salt of conversation.”

September for Courtesy — Ann Brown, favorites; color, pink; food, chocolate cake; sport, football; boyfriend, Teddy Fields; song, “Only You”; car, Oldsmobile; expression, “Gosh”; “Life is not short but there is always time for courtesy.”

October for Sweetness — Alma Lee Hall, favorites — color, blue; food, steak; sport, football; boyfriend, none; song, “Adorable”; car, blue and white Cadillac; expression, “Ah heck”. “Sweets to the Sweet”.

November for Conduct — Vernida Combs, favorites — color, blue; food, beef stew; sport, tennis; boyfriend, no special one; song, “ Memories are Made of This”; car, blue Cadillac; expression, “Gosh”; “ The integrity of men is to be measured by their conduct, not by their profession.

December for Good Behavior — Patricia Fulton; favorites; color, blue; food, chocolate pie; sport, basketball; boyfriend, nobody; song, “Talking to the Angels in the Sky”; car, red Mercury; expression, “Heck”; “Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can”.

Seen on the Hill by Jewell Logan: What are the six gorgeous emerald “rings” we see flashing around on the hill? These are seen on the fingers of Jewell, Lillian, Barbara, Edith, Patty, and Elana. Wonder what they represent?

Girls wearing V-necked sweaters; boys wearing hats inside the building; girls wearing knee socks; boys and girls wearing dirty buckskin shoes. Say, have you noticed the new style? A shoe of a kind, and a fancy scarf and pin on the hip.

Have you noticed the two Yellow Jacket jackets worn by Stella and Ella Yonts? They were made in Japan especially for these two very sweet girls. Girls and Mrs. Combs carrying large handbags that look like an overnight case instead of a handbag. Miss Adams wearing stadium shoes to play in the snow and keep her feet warm. Girls and boys wearing these cute suede jackets that they have received for Christmas. Coach Moore wearing a beautiful white Suburban coat, and Coach Trosper wearing a gray one.

Highlights on the Hill

Baldy Brush storms Lynch and terrifies the inhabitants! Terrific snowstorm in Cumberland detains WHS Band students overnight. Mr. Banks has lost 10 pounds just catching the ones who are catting around. Due to ice and snow and conditions beyond Johnny Doyle’s control, he has suffered painful lacerations. Chelsea Hall seems to like Millstone pretty well and we think we know why, don’t we kids? Rex Polly and Lillian Fraley seem to be hitting it off just fine. Rodney Kincer has one of those cute little eighth-grade girls on his string. We have seen you with Joyce Bates, haven’t we, Rodney? Martha Collier has Monta Fields’s class ring. Wonder what could be between these two? It seems that Gerald Mullins and Tootsie King are getting along just fine these days. We wonder what that boy’s name is that Eloise Reynolds is interested in up around Neon. Shirley E. Brown and Boyd Caudill are trying to make a go of it. Come on, kids.

Joella Fay Craft, valedictorian 1956. Born April 19, 1938; best pal, Stella Yonts; boyfriend, Freddie Collier; ambition, to marry and write a book; hobby, cooking and monopolizing Freddie’s time; subject, English; song, “I’ll Be Home”; food, chocolate cake; color, light blue; expression, “How about that”; Honors, president of her sophomore class, secretary of the Beta Club, president of the Science Club; Clubs, Old Maid’s Club, and Beta Club.

Christine Dale Banks, salutatorian 1956. Born Nov. 4, 1938; best pal, Verna Banks; boyfriend, Billy K. Banks; ambition, to be a teacher; hobby, reading; favorites — subject, shorthand; song, “Little Things Mean a Lot”; food, banana pudding; color, blue; expression, “How sweet”; honors, president of the Beta Club, secretary of FHA (local and district); Clubs, FHA for four years and Beta for two years.

Charles Chatter by Charles Adams

As we all know, February usually has 28 days. But this year (which is the year that men dread the most) is leap year and has 29 days to give the gals a better chance. The 14th of February enables the girls to have one more chance with their fellows. They send cards with inscriptions such as “You are my Valentine”, “Won’t you be mine”, and all that mush!

As a friend to the male population of Whitesburg High School and a member myself, I shall attempt to name some tricks the female uses: (1) The come hither motion with the index finger. (2) The dropped book or hankie. (3) The winking of the eye. (4) The sweet smile and many more, which are even worse and trickier.

So, men, be on your toes, watch out for blondes, brunettes, and redheads, not to mention the other colors.

The band played for the Hindman game and the majorettes performed at the half. The game was a thriller right up to the end. Jimmy Blair made some beautiful hook shots with the coolness and grace of a pro. Jim Jones is showing ability and should be more confident. Shoot, Jim! Rex Polly made two beautiful shots falling away like Cox from U. of K. Bassil Sexton calmly took the ball away from his opponent and dribbled him off his feet.

Billy K. Banks was voted Best Sport (Boy) in the Senior Popularity Poll 1956. Bill was a member of the WHS basketball team. Coach Ernie Trosper had this to say about him, Billy K. ‘Red’ Banks — “If I coach for another 50 years, I will never come up with a more fighting player on my ball club. He has more fight and can find more things to do with his 5’11” build than any other small man in this region. Although ‘Red’ had off nights as far as points were concerned, he never missed a night that he wasn’t consistent as a rebounder, dribbler, and all-round player.”

Stella Doris Yonts was voted Best Sport (Girl) in the Senior Popularity Poll 1956. Stella was born Aug. 7, 1937; best pal, Joella Craft; ambition, secretary; favorites, teacher; Miss Adams; subject, shorthand; song, “No, Not Much”; food, fried chicken; color, pink; expression, “Gee whiz, girl”; clubs, Bible, Science and Beta.

Sports by Don Webb

The much improved, never say die Whitesburg Yellowjackets fought the Carr Creek Indians before falling behind in the closing frame to lose 64- 48. Rex Polly tallied 18 for the losers and Bobby Shepherd collected 22 for the winners.

WHS vs. Jenkins; The Jackets, bouncing back from defeat by Carr Creek, fought hard and came out on top as they beat Jenkins 70-50. Rex Polly, Jim Blair, Bassil Sexton and Robert Meade tallied 14 each for the Jackets. Blair scored 12 for the Cavaliers.

The team as seen by Johnny Doyle: The Yellowjackets have shown a steady improvement in every game since the basketball season opened. Captain Rex Polly has continually set the scoring pace while Jim Blair has proven to be one of the best centers in recent yellowjacket history. The rest of the team is well balanced with Bill Banks at forward, Robert Meade and Bassil Sexton holding down the guard positions. The team also shows a strong reserve in Jim Jones and Wendall Meade. With these capable fellows and a capable coach all we need is fighting spirit and the student body’s support. Good luck in the tournament.

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