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Moments and Memories of WHS



Whitesburg High School published the Yellowjacket yearbook from 1955 until the school closed in 2005. For several reasons, it was not able to have an annual for the 1955-56 school year. Therefore, I am planning to feature some of the members of this class by using pictures from their junior year and information about those students who chose to write about themselves in the May, 1956 Black Kat.

Unfortunately, not all students’ pictures were in the junior section of the yearbook and not all students were listed in the May, 1956 Black Kat. I am planning to feature some of this class throughout the coming months and hope our readers will enjoy this series.

Ramona Sturgill, born Aug. 5, 1938. Best Pal, Geneva; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Boys; Favorites: Teacher, All; Subject, Shorthand; Song, ‘I’ll Be Home’; Food, Apple Pie; Color, Sky Blue; Expression, “ You’re ‘a lying”; Honors, Two years in Chorus; Clubs, Glee Club and Pep Club.

RAMONA LEE SPARKS RAMONA LEE SPARKS Ramona Lee Sparks, born April 7, 1938; Best Pal, The Gang; Boyfriend, You would be surprised; Ambition, Secretary; Hobby, Painting Pictures; Favorites: Teacher, All; Subject, Speech; Song, ‘Ask Me’; Food, T-Bone Steak; Color, Blue; Expression, “Oh, Me!’; Honors: Big Sandy Bowl Queen in 1954, Vice- President of the Beta Club, Treasurer of the Music Club, Six years in the band, three years in Chorus; Clubs: Beta, Music, and Speech Clubs.

Robert Meade, born Sept. 28, 1937; Best Pal, Gary Long and Car l ; Friend, Rebecca Pace; Ambition, To be an old married man and watch the world slide by; Hobby, Hunting and Fishing; Favorites: Teacher, Mr. Banks; Subject, Chemistry; Song, ‘Forever Darling’; Food, Steak; Color, Black and Red; Expression, “Dulsene or Presont”; Honors: All-EKMC team, All-State team, All-Star team at Lexington, Four years in football, four years in basketball, one year in Track; Clubs: Wildlife for four years.

ROBERT MEADE ROBERT MEADE Maxie Gilley, born March 18, 1938; Best Pal, Carolyn Caudill; Boyfriend, Richard Lucas, husband; Ambition, To be a good housekeeper; Hobby, Cooking; Favorites; Teacher, All; Subject, Home Ec.; Song, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’; Food, Ice Cream Cake; Color, Blue; Expression, “Ah now.”

Anna Louise Daniel, born Dec. 7, 1937; Best Pal, Bugs; Ambition, To find out what I can do best and then do it well; Hobby, Photography, collecting sheet music and Art; Favorites: Subject, Speech; Song, ‘Cry Me a River;’ Food, Apple Pie and Ice Cream; Color, Blue; Expression, “Oh Me!” “Bless Your Little Heart”; Honors: Halloween Carnival Queen of 1955-56, Miss Whitesburg of 1955-56, Representative at Big Sandy Bowl, Years in Band 4; Clubs: F.H.A. Historian, Speech Club Secretary and Treasurer, Music Club, Tri- Hi-Y and Beta Club.

MAXIE GILLEY MAXIE GILLEY Vera Sue Fields, born Sept. 11, 1937; Best Pal, Kathryn Fields; Boyfriend, Paul Raleigh; Ambition, Beautician; Hobby, Stamp Collection; Favorites: Teacher, Mrs. Hall; Subject, Family Relations; Song, “As Long As I Live”; Food, Meat Loaf; Color, Blue; Expression, “How About That?”; Clubs, Old Maid.

Ronnie Bentley, born Jan. 14, 1938; Best Pal, Charles; Girlfriend, Still Looking; Ambition, To be rich and happy; Hobby, Models (not girls; but airplanes and cars); Favorites: Subject, Chemistry; Song, ‘Begin the Beguine’; Food, Chocolate Cake with Caramel icing; Colors, Blue and white; Expression “Bull”; Honors: Vice- President of the music club, vice-president of the sophomore class, nine years in the band, one year in chorus, music club for four years.

ANNA LOUISE DANIEL ANNA LOUISE DANIEL Lillian Brown, born Nov. 24, 1938; Best Pal, Pauline Brown; Boyfriend, Ray Boggs; Ambition, Teacher; Hobby, Cooking; Favorites: Teacher, All; Subject, Shorthand; Song, “You’re Free to Go”; Food, Meat Loaf; Color, Turquoise; Expression, “Well, be that way”; Clubs: Bible Club.

Carolyn Caudill, born Jan. 7, 1937; Best Pal, Verna; Boyfriend, Irvin Ison; Ambition, Housewife; Hobby, Collecting post cards; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Dugan; Subject, Home Economics; Song, ‘ Why Do Fools Fall in Love?’; Food, Potato Salad; Color, Blue; Expression, “I give up”; Clubs: F.H.A.





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