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Rex Polly, 6’ 2” basketball player, weighing 175 lbs., hails from Whitesburg High School. Rex has been a regular for the past two years. He has been a consistent scorer and fine defensive player. Rex can perform at all positions.

This fine Whitesburg boy led his team to the 53rd District Crown and runnerup to the State Champion Carr Creed Indians in 14th Regional Tournament play.

Polly played freshman ball at Fleming-Neon High School and then came to Whitesburg where he lettered as a junior and senior. Polly didn’t hit his full stride until he was a senior. Rex averaged 18 points per game during the 1955-56 season.

Rex has many basketball honors. Among some of them are that he was Captain of the Yellowjackets, All-53rd District, All-14th Region, and All-Eastern Kentucky Mountain Conference player. All these honors took place during the past season. Rex has been offered scholarships from Transylvania and VPI.

ROBERT WAGNER ROBERT WAGNER (The above article from the 1956 East-West All Star Basketball Program.)

East–West Basketball game to be played in Whitesburg

Mr. Jack Taylor, former band Instructor at Whitesburg and now band instructor at Georgetown, will direct the band for the East-West Basketball games which will be played at Whitesburg, Pikeville and Paintsville, June 5, 7 and 9.

Mr. Taylor will use students from Eastern State Teachers College, Georgetown, Pikeville, Wheelwright, Belfry, Whitesburg, Jenkins and Fleming-Neon. The majority of the band will be from Whitesburg and Mr. Taylor proposes to bring the young people to Whitesburg, Sunday, June 3, in order to practice together in music and marching. Fleming-Neon and Jenkins will commute but the approximately thirty-six young people will need homes for the week. Lunch will be eaten out and box lunches or picnics will be used two nights. Also, the young people will be in Pikeville the seventh and Paintsville the ninth. Anyone who would like to keep one or two students please contact Mrs. James Brown.

REX POLLY REX POLLY (The above article from the May 24, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Rex Polly, born Jan. 12, 1938; best pal, Edith Logan; girlfriend, Lil Fraely; ambition, play college basketball; hobby, going to Pound; Favorites - teacher, Mr. Collins; subject, business arithmetic; song, “Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me”; food, chocolate cake; color, blue; expression, “Who, me?” Vice President of Pep Club; Vice-President of senior class; captain of the basketball team in 1955- 56; three years in basketball; clubs, Wildlife, Pep, and the “Skipper Kits Gang.”

ALMA LEE HALL ALMA LEE HALL Mary Jo Day, born May 15, 1939. Best pal, Ardella Potter; boyfriend, Denver Craft; ambition, to be a private secretary; hobby, dancing. Favorite subject, shorthand; song, “I Forget to Remember to Forget”; expression, “How about that?”; clubs, Old Maid.

Robert Wagner, born Oct. 18, 1936. Best pal, George Spangler; ambition, lawyer; hobby, cars. Favorites: Teacher, Miss Raleigh; subject, English; song, “Love, Love, Love”; food, steak; color, blue; expression, “You don’t say”; football for one year.

Alma Lee Hall, born July 12, 1938; Best Pal, Rebecca Pace; boyfriend: don’t have one. Ambition: To be a secretary; Hobby, collecting pictures; Favorites: Teacher, Miss Adams; subject, typing; song, “Great Pretender”; food, steak; color, blue; expression, “Ah heck”; Honors: club, Pep Club.

ANTHONY L. WEBB ANTHONY L. WEBB Anthony L. Webb, born Aug. 5, 1937. Best pal, Remus Hart; girlfriend, Helen Jean Ogelvie; ambition, to get ahead; hobby, shooting rifles. Favorites: teacher, Mr. Collins; subject, English; song, “Great Pretender’”, food, fried chicken, chocolate pie and cake; color, black and blue; clubs, Wildlife.

Annette Bates, born Aug. 23, 1937. Best pal, Wilma Everidge; ambition, schoolteacher. Favorites: teacher, Miss Stamper; subject, geography; song, “The Great Pretender”; food, a steak; expression, “I’ll be doggone.”

James David Lewis, born Sept. 19, 1938. Best pal, William Kiser; girlfriend, Ramona Sturgill; ambition, to marry the boss’s youngest daughter; hobby, eating and sleeping. Favorites: teacher, Miss Raleigh, Mr. Collins and Mrs. Polly; subject, family relations; song, “Honey, Honey, Bee Ball”; food, banana pudding; color, blue; expression, “Zat so?”; clubs, Science 2, Wildlife 1.

ANNETTE BATES ANNETTE BATES Vera Leah Banks, born June 17, 1937. Best pal, Christine Banks; ambition, to be a home demonstration agent; hobby, cooking. Favorites: teacher, all of them; subject, English; song, “He”; food, vegetable soup; color, red; expression, “Well?”; honors, FHA treasurer (local and district) from 1954-’55; 1955-’56; clubs, Beta Club for two years and FHA for four years.

The newly organized Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs are Christian organizations and the sponsors are Miss Donna J. Adams and Mr. Jim Preston. They have five minutes of devotion each morning at the beginning of school. This is one more step to perfection we should have in our school.

For the past two weeks, Mrs. Hall and the Speech Class have been preparing for a program consisting of three plays and reading, also three monologues. This play will be presented Wednesday and Thursday.

JAMES DAVID LEWIS JAMES DAVID LEWIS This is the publishing week of the Black Kat and this issue is dedicated to Mrs. Boggs. We wish for her a speedy recovery and hope Mr. Boggs will be back on Knowledge Knoll soon.

(The above article from “On the Hill” by Phyllis Hall, Feb. 2, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)


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