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Students enlarge high school paper

The Black Kat high school paper published by the student body of the Whitesburg High School will be enlarged this year, making it four columns instead of three. The loyal support of merchants and businessmen of the town makes this enlargement possible. The paper is beginning its third year.

The Black Kat Staff will have the following officers for the school year of 1927- 28: Taft Spradlin, editorin chief; Hazel Back, assistant editor; Beulah Fields, society editor; Eva Dean Squires, assistant society editor; Mildred Speaks, joke editor; Euretta Hammons, athletic editor; Karl Day, business manager; Cecil Baker, assistant business manager.

(The above article from the Oct. 20, 1927 Mountain Eagle.)

Evelyn Back, Eunice Lewis and another girl friend hiked from Thornton Thursday. The Whitesburg High School has a hiking club and when one of its members walks 175 miles, he receives a letter, as in other athletics.

ROSA HALE ROSA HALE (The above article from the Nov. 3, 1927 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg High School opened the 1928 basketball season by defeating the fast Blue Diamond team 19 to 13 in a hard-fought game Saturday night on the new gymnasium floor.

Between three hundred and four hundred people saw the opening game. The doors of the gymnasium were thrown open to the public, in appreciation for the aid in erecting the new playhouse; and lovers of the sport were urged to be the guests of the school.

The enthusiasm of the players and the spectators was high. Whitesburg boys were handicapped by lack of training. The gym was not completed until the first of last week, and the team had practiced in scrimmage only once; but they came into the game in great spirits and showed promise of real development later. The rough edges will have to be rubbed off by hard practice, but by the end of the season Coach Glenn should have a team that will be a credit to the school, and one that should take honors in a tournament. He has the material and the boys are anxious to work with him.

TAFT SPRADLIN TAFT SPRADLIN The new gym is a real credit to the school and to the citizens who made its erection possible. May expressions of praise have been heard from officials of the school, pupils, and patrons. The line- ups are: Whitesburg: Whitaker, Wright, Baker Hall and Salyer. For Blue Diamond: Reeves, Manning, Mitchell (Center), Mitchell (Guard), and Baker (Guard).

(The above article from Jan. 12, 1928.)

Debating team wins

The Whitesburg Debating Team, composed of Taft Spradlin, Clifford Blair, and Miss Rosa Hale, won in an encounter last week at Jackson with the team from the high school there. Prof. E.B. Hale accompanied our team. This is the second of a series of debated upon the McNary-Haugen Farm Relief Bill, which the team will engage in.

Pictured left to right are: PANSY WEBB, ZENNETH BENTLEY, HOBART COMBS and HAZEL BACK. Pictured left to right are: PANSY WEBB, ZENNETH BENTLEY, HOBART COMBS and HAZEL BACK. (The above article from the March 8, 1928 Mountain Eagle.)

Meet some of the seniors

Pansy Webb: Yes she’s nice, you’ll all agree, From evil thoughts her mind is free, You’ll search a lot before you find, Another girl of this same kind. Honors: Elliot music class; Glee Club; Hiking Club; Pep Club.

Zenneth Bentley: His opinion he will express, And all of his knowledge he will confess. It matters not what the Profs might say, He blurts out his thoughts in his usual way. Honors: Glee Club; Pep Club; Hiking Cub; Literary Society.

Hobart Combs: Our future dentist has ambitions high; He’ll pull all teeth, tho his patients die. Honors: Glee Club; Pep Club; Lit. Society; Hiking Club.

Hazel Back: Versatile and talented, she can play, sing or pick her way into the everlasting memory of her fellowmen. Honors: Assistant editor of the Black Kat; President Literary Society 1st semester; Glee Club; Hiking Club; Pianist; Pep Club; Delegate to K.H.S.P.A. Convention; Assistant editor of the Commencement edition of the Black Kat ; Literary Society.

Freshman Class of 1928

Fred Adams, Corrine Adams, Gurtha Addington, Klair Bach, Lucy Banks, Bonnie Banks, Robert Bentley, Edith Baker, Bernice Bates, Letha Boggs, Carol Breeding, Hubert Brooks, Willard Brown, Carmen Caudill, Herman Caudill, Jake Collins, Andrew Clay, Belvia Combs, Nell Combs, Goldie Combs, Archie Craft, Kenneth Clay, Drucilla Craft, Emil Clay, Cecil Day, Oscar Day, Ester Day, Herman Draughn, Robert Davis, Kelly Ewen, Pascal Fields, Lettie Francis, Andrew Franklin, Nora Hall, Theodore Minton, Willie Morgan, Henry Polly, Joe Sergent, Karl Taylor, Woodrow Taylor, Edward Long, Marie Tackett , Paul Vermillion, Woodrow Whitaker, Kirk Whitaker, Leonard Webb, Gay Webb.

(The above article from the May 1928 Black Kat.)

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