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Moments and Memories of WHS


WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL B TEAM CHEERLEADERS — (left to right) Linda Phillips, Mary Rodgers, Margaret Bach, Judith Combs and Beth Lucas. WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL B TEAM CHEERLEADERS — (left to right) Linda Phillips, Mary Rodgers, Margaret Bach, Judith Combs and Beth Lucas. 1958

Whitesburg Band gives annual spring concert

Members of the Whitesburg High School Junior Bands presented their annual concert Saturday night.

The groups, directed by Rolland Secontine, presented a program that included both classical numbers and novelties. Soloists included Billy Ray Cayce, Tommy Stansberry, Jo Ann Adams and Rosemary Collier. Members of the High School Band are: Piccolo, Rosemary Collier (principal); Flute, Carol Brown (principal), Betty Cornette, Cheryl Frazier; Oboe, Elana Holstein (principal), Yvonne Brown; EB Clarinet, Jean Spangler (concert mistress), Barbara Bentley, Kay Daniels, Virginia Banks, Carol Davidson, Frieda Moore, Anita Adams, Crystal Collier, Joe Gentry, Judy Adams, Brenda Williams, Shirley Frazier, Pat Webb, Arena Yeary, Jean McIntosh, Barbara Stallard, Allene Gibson; Alto Clarinet, Carol Canaster (principal); Bass Clarinet, Fern Fulton (principal); Alto Saxophone, Esteva Collier (principal); Tenor Saxophone, Sandy Gibson (principal), Nancy Clay, Ronald Frazier; Trumpet, Billy Ray Cayce (principal), William Hall, Joe Clay, Joe Brown, Carl Banks, John Marlow, Jimmy Brown, Jackie Collins; French Horn, Terry Combs (principal), James Combs; Trombone, Glenn Ihrig (principal), Dan Polly, Marguerite Blair, Sue Combs, Harold Sexton; Baritone, Tommy Stansberry (principal); Bass, Dan Collier (principal), Cress Adams; Percussion, Joe Ramsey (principal), Bob Stansberry, Arnold Kiser, and Bronnie Burke.

1958 WHS faculty member Betty Jo Little 1958 WHS faculty member Betty Jo Little Whitesburg wins festival

Defending champion Whitesburg High School, with only 17 students entered, won two ratings of “superior” and five of “excellent” in the Pikeville Regional Speech Festival last weekend.

1958 WHS faculty member Monroe Breeding 1958 WHS faculty member Monroe Breeding Phyllis Stafford, in Oratory, and Shelby Wright, in Serious Monologue, won Whitesburg Superiors. Excellent ratings for Whitesburg went to Allene Gibson, Ann Lewis in Humorous Monologue, Carol Brown in Poetry Reading, and Janice Fleenor and Elana Holstein in Extemporaneous Speaking.

Whitesburg speech students are coached by Jan C. Trosper.

(The above from the April and May 1958 Mountain Eagles.)

Meet some of the seniors

Astor Adams: 7/25/1940; Food, Pheasant ; Drink, Beer; Song, “Only One”; Expression, None; Ambition, To go to Alaska. Vivian Gibbs Back, 7/3/1940: Food, French Fries; Drink, Milk; Song, 12th of Never; Expression, None; Ambition, Be a good housewife. Johnnie Reed Brown, 12/20/1940: Food, Chicken; Drink, Coca Cola; Song, Love Me Tender; Expression, Shoo to Sharp; Ambition, Go to the Air Force. Ted Collier, 11/10/1940: Food, Steak and Potatoes; Drink, Coke; Song, Han’t That a Shame; Expression, How about that; Ambition, To make a million. Harry “Hickey” Goose, Slip, Beans Combs: 1/22/1940; Food, Steak; Drink, Country Club; Song, Hi Fi Drums; Expression, Well, alright cow face; Ambition, To get out of school. Harold Ray Coots, 12/3/38: Food, Chicken; Drink, Beer; Song, Big River; Expression, You know better; Ambition, Teacher. Hugh Stanley Holbrook, 6/13/1940: Mary Jo Holbrook, 12/27/1940: Food, Cheeseburgers and French Fries; Drink, Lemon Aid; Song, Claudette; Expression, Gee-whiz; Ambition, To make Charles a good wife. Elana Kay Holstein, 10/30/1940: Food, Soup Beans; Drink, Lemonade; Song, Autumn Leaves; Expression, Oh, me; Ambi- tion, Teacher, good wife, good mother. Hilda Sexton, 11/2/1940: Food, Potato Salad; Drink, Coke; Song, You Send Me; Expression, Now Children; Ambition, Teacher. Ronnie Lee (Pete) Sparks, 6/13/1939: Food, Steak and French Fries; Song, Johnny Be Good; Expression, Good Golly; Ambition, Coal Miner. Lois Ann White, 7/22/1940: Food, Shrimp and Hush Puppies; Drink, Coke; Song, Stardust; Expression, You’re the most to say the least; Ambition, To drive a coal truck. Keith Franklin Owens, 8/8/1938: Food, Hot dogs; Drink, Milk; Song, Teenage Queen; Expression, None; Ambition, None. Ray “Buddy” Day, 8/9/1938: Food, French Fries; Drink, Vodka; Song, Night- Fall; Expression, That’ll Be the Day; Ambition, Pilot. Dallas (Little Bit) Fields, 10/27/1940: Food, Shrimp and French Fries; Drink, Dry Martini; Song; You’ll Be There; Expression, Ah, Shucks; Ambition, Secretary.

1958 WHS faculty member Randall C. Day Jr. 1958 WHS faculty member Randall C. Day Jr. The “Kat” Wonders

( 1) Who the Collier Twins find so interesting in Norton. (2) Could there be a new romance between Sylvia Owens and Owen Pace? (3) Who the handsome guy was that the Kat saw with Miss York at the Jr. & Sr. Banquet? (4) Billie Amburgey is flashing a class ring around these days, could it be Jim Enlow’s? (5) Christine Sumpter and Ivan Burke are still going strong. Is it love? (6) Sonny Webb, are you still writing to that girl in Ashland? (7) Why Judy Adams, Charles Brown has many admirers, better watch him. (8) Why Sandy and Margurette find Jenkins interesting, wonder if Nicky and Jimmie would have anything to do with it. (9) It seems like love is here to stay for “Squash” and Fern. (10) Helen Richardson and Bob Stumbo, are you going steady? (11) Why Mercitus Duncil and Johnny Adams went to the Pound. Did you find any house trailers kids? (12) Why Dotty Mae was so sleepy Monday. Was it because Eddie Ray Adams kept her up every night the week before? (13) Sonny Webb, where is your class ring? Could Rosemary Collier have it? (14) Why Sara Jane and Billy are seen together so much lately.

Advice from some of the seniors

Janice Bentley, Whatever you do don’t get into the habit of going to sleep in Miss Raleigh’s class. Make sure you are in class on test days because she won’t let you make your work up. Be as mean as you can (if you can get away with it). Larry Britton, Do the best you can, when you can, where you can, to whom you can, but don’t do anything for the school, you never get paid for it. Ted Collier, Cutting classes just don’t work; they’ll get you every time. Kenneth Collins, Put lead in your shoes so you will keep your feet off of the desks. Johnnie Reed Brown, The best advice I can give is to study and make as good grades as possible. Carol Brown, Have all the fun possible your senior year and you’ll find yourself asking, just as I have, “Where in the whirl am I?” Robert Collier, Be sure and don’t take any subjects under those every day test teachers that never run down. Wanda Lee Collier, Take care of Miss Raleigh — we like her! Be good to the cheerleaders; it means loads to them. Charles Cook, Pay attention to what Miss Raleigh has to say and make friends with Mr. Burkich, but don’t visit him. Ethelene Frazier, If you must loaf between classes, go around to the back door — Mr. Burkich is always looking out the window. Hugh Holbrook, When your teacher assigns you a lesson, you better get it because you don’t know when you will have a test. Sally Ann Frazier, If you have a class under Mr. Armstrong, be sure that he doesn’t get you mixed up with someone else or he will give you their conduct grade. Pat Fultz, Life is what you make it, so while you have time, strive for the future and success will follow.

(The above articles from the May 1958 Black Kat.)

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