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Nows Heres a Tip

• If the clinking and clacking your dog’s tags are driving you crazy, wrap one of them in clear packing tape. Cut off excess and the tags can hit each other all night without making a sound.

• “You can keep salad dressing from coming out so fast if you use a knife tip to poke several holes along one side of the foil safety covering on a bottle of dressing. This works for oil and vinegar based ones, but not as well for creamy ones. For those, just remove half of the foil by cutting it with the knife tip. It’s much better to control the flow!” — M.R. in Idaho

• “I use baking soda to scour my kitchen sink. Then I rinse it down with a little vinegar. It cleans up really nicely and leaves the drains fresh.” — J.C. in California

• Here’s a great tip for cooking a baked potato in the microwave. You may have heard to pierce the potato with a sharp knife or the tines of a fork, but you also can use four toothpicks to give it some legs to stand on. This allows the air to circulate all around the potato, therefore ensuring even cooking! Plus, it looks cute.

• Using an online recipe? Slip your tablet or phone into a plastic zipper-top bag so that it will be ingredient free when cooking time is over. You can still use the touchscreen through the bag, but no mess!

• Clean a coffee grinder with a cup of uncooked rice. Process it through, then dump the contents.

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