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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas and Sally came up with a clever way to make a splash at the Forrester Creations swimwear photo shoot. Feeling as though it’s just a matter of time before their affair is revealed, Quinn and Ridge contemplated coming clean with Eric. After the photo shoot, Thomas announced to the media that Spectra Fashions is challenging his former employer to a fashion challenge in Monte Carlo. Steffy accepted the challenge on behalf of Forrester Creations. Sally voiced her concern to Thomas about the stunt that they pulled at the Forrester Creations photo shoot. Coco worried that her job could once again be in jeopardy due to her sister’s unorthodox business antics. When Quinn reiterated that she wants to confess to Eric about the affair, Ridge reminded her of the consequences that they would both face if the truth is revealed. Somehow, Quinn was able to get through to Ridge. Workaholic Bill decided to take the day off work to spend with Brooke as they basked in the sun and in their love for each other. Still unaware of why Brooke and Ridge broke off their engagement in Australia, Bill probed his new wife for an answer. RJ surprised Coco with a date night cruising around in a fancy convertible Los Angeles and taking in the sites. The young couple’s date took a turn for the worse with one text message. Brooke had an unsettling notion that something’s terribly wrong with something that she’s close to or someone that she loves. Ridge was stunned when Eric made a derogatory reference that he never thought he’d hear from his father’s mouth. Coco felt entirely responsible for her and RJ’s unfortunately predicament. Quinn was forced to defend herself and her marriage to Eric. Quinn confronted Katie about going back on her word to not tell anyone about the clandestine affair with Ridge. In return, Katie had a few words of advice for Quinn on what to do regarding Eric, Ridge and Sheila.

THIS WEEK: Coco was put on the spot when she’s questioned about what happened between her and RJ that evening. Brooke was stunned when Ridge told her that the details regarding their broken engagement have gotten into the wrong hands.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ was charged with murder. Sonny had a startling memory. Jennifer pled with Chad to stop her daughter from marrying Dario. Dario asked Abigail to marry him right away. Chad and Gabi became surprise witnesses to Abigail and Dario’s last-minute wedding. Thanks to Eric, Nicole got caught in a lie. Joey made a confession to Tripp about Ava. Tripp continued to make trouble for Kayla. Kayla found herself in hot water at work. Rafe planned a special surprise for Hope. Claire told Theo that she wants to get back together. Maggie gave Theo advice about his future. Rafe was thrown by Hope’s response to his big question. Lani was hypnotized by Marlena, so she could recall memories from the night of Deimos’ murder. A guilt-ridden Sonny made a confession to Paul. Eric and Nicole started to remember key moments from the night of the party. Sonny was faced with a tough decision. Gabi and Chad tried to reconnect, but Chad was troubled by the memory of Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Gabi provided JJ with support during his ordeal. Lucas confronted Kate about her marriage to Andre.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — MONDAY July 3, 2017 GH is airing a rerun of Episode 13756 which aired March 6 of this year. On TUESDAY July 4, 2017, GH is airing a rerun of Episode which aired March 7 of this year.Sam’s health became an issue. Sonny shared his plans with Jason. Curtis and Jordan reconciled. Nina got a call from Valentin. Andre looked to Anna for comfort. A health crisis forced Jordan to make a sacrifice. Joss tried to play both sides. Sam misled Jason. Ned enlisted the help of his groomsmen. Olivia misread a situation. Carly warned Joss. Sonny made his intentions known. Michael tried to warn Nell.

THIS WEEK: Monica saved the day. Nina thought there’s more to the story.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor pumped Tessa for information on Nikki’s whereabouts. Tessa insisted that she isn’t holding back any details about Nikki’s disappearance, all the while, keeping Nikki’s flare up a secret from Victor. Victor told Tessa that he wants her to perform before Nikki at the benefit as the opening act. Tessa gratefully accepted hoping to take some of the pressure off Nikki. Jack and Ashley continued to question Dina about her deal with Graham. Out in reception, Gloria entered, and she and Graham flirtatiously greeted one another. Dina told Jack and Ashley that they’d just have to accept her decision to keep Graham in her life. Neil and Devon wrapped up a business discussion and prepared to head to the Fourth of July party, which they’re sponsoring. Neil realized that Devon has residual feelings for Hilary and cautioned him not to put too much faith in her. At the party, Jordan apologized to Hilary for their earlier spat. Hilary was still bothered by his need to protect Lily, but they decided to squash their disagreement and enjoy the festivities. Mariah was uneasy when she noticed Devon starting at Hilary. Noah told Tessa that he’s still getting over his breakup from Marisa and wants to take things slow. Scott and Sharon arrived, and Scott teased Abby for not having a date at the party. Noah confided to Devon that he and Nick are exploring the idea of opening a chain of bars like The Underground.

THIS WEEK: Michael revealed to Esther that Kevin never boarded his flight to Tahiti. Meanwhile, Kevin told Dr. Harris that it’s time for he and Chloe to return to Genoa City.

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