2017-07-05 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bluegill: Small in size, large in fight

This is the time of summer when a lot of anglers are bluegill fishing. There is good reason for this, as bluegill are plentiful, easy to catch, and aggressive when taking a bait.

Bluegills can be found in most rivers, ponds and lakes. The biggest bluegills I have ever caught were out of old farm ponds. Some lakes are known as better big bluegill lakes. On some lakes you will catch more numbers of smaller fish . e

Th bluegill is a perfect fish for introducing children or newcomers to fishing because of the ease of catching them. This is a great fish to start a new angler off with and you do not have to wait long before the action starts most of the time. Many times you can get into a school of good size fish and get some great action.

Even though the bluegill might seem small in size, it can be big in fight. These fish fight harder and pull harder then most fish much larger. You can find bluegill in many types of areas and at several depths, and you do not need big expensive tackle to catch them — just a good light action rod and reel and smaller hooks and tackle.

Bluegills love to hang out around wooded areas, rocks, and about any other type of useable cover. If you have someone who you think would love fishing action, take them bluegill fishing soon!

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