2017-07-05 / Sports

Struttin’ Time:


Why travel to hunt black bears?

My black bear hunt is getting
near, and I am excited as usual.
Many people have been asking
why I go all the way to Maine
to black bear hunt instead of
just waiting for and taking part
in Letcher County annual bear
Well let me start off by saying,
I do hunt black bear in Letcher
County. The season for black bear
begins in October, and that is for
archery only. I hunted for them
in 2016 in Letcher County, as I always do. The problem is that black
bear hunting in Kentucky is in its
startup stage. Maine has more
than 60,000 black bear, while our
bear population is rather small
in comparison. That makes the
season short, and only a limited
number can be taken.
In Maine, the season opens
in August and runs through September. I try to hunt in Maine
either the second or third week
of the season. They allow baiting
there, although baiting does not
mean that you will get your black
bear. Remember, bears are mostly

nocturnal and many times they
come to the bait at one o’clock in
the morning.
By the time Kentucky moves
into firearms season, it is December, and by then this hunter is
worn out after having gone to far
away places since March. When
season opens in Florida in March
until I finally can’t go anymore, I
will log probably 60 days in the
outdoors and travel more than
10,000 miles. This old body just
can’t stand much more.
So when a black bear is causing you to have fits when it is running around your yard, remember
that I am trying to remove it for
you when season allows. Maybe
one day Kentucky will have a big
time black bear season and I can
be there to help everyone.
Meanwhile, I talked to my
cousin Robert Wagner this week.
He informed me that the doctors found cancer on one of his
kidneys and have “frozen” that
kidney. He will be 81 years old
soon and is not as active as he
once was but is still going strong.
Cuz, I wish you the best — and
I still owe you a hunt.

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