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Speak Your Piece

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For anyone having a metal roof installed: First off the metal is covered with a 40-year warranty only if a certified carpenter installs the roof. If not the manufacturer will not cover the warranty. Don’t be fooled by these people who act like they know everything. I have had to go back and fix so many roofs done by people who act like they know what they are doing. So beware.

. The power company will get its proposal for a rate hike approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Did you know that PSC members are paid by the very companies that they are supposed to regulate? These guys are appointed to their positions and have no one overseeing their decisions. It should be an elected position and then we would see them taking an interest in the people. I am not a smart person, but I do know that with the way the PSC is put together the deck is stacked in favor of the utilities. Here we are once again being beat down by big industry and there’s nothing we can do. All the public meetings and complaints will have no effect as long as the PSC members are appointed.

. What’s the matter that us adults can no longer find non-alcohol beer to buy in Letcher County? Are certain churches in Whitesburg and Dry Fork complaining about it and causing stores not to sell it anymore? If I go to Virginia I can have my beer, alcohol or non-alcohol, any day of the week. These churchgoers like certain Baptists and certain Pentecostals don’t want us to have anything. They should mind their own business and leave the rest of us alone.

. I know certain people in Letcher County who gained power of attorney over people and just waited on them to die in order to get what they want. They just sat back and waited for them to die. They will pay on Judgment Day for what they did to one certain man.

. A certain woman in the Fleming area professes to be a Christian but lives with a certain man out of wedlock. That doesn’t look right. I told her there was no way she would ever lay hands on me to pray for me and her living in sin.


I saw where our TV reporter, Steve Hensley, had been injured. I thought maybe he’d been in a car wreck. Come to find out, he got hurt after falling while he was under a dog attack. Personally, I see more and more of these incidents happening at parks, playgrounds, at the beach, at barbecues, lakes and camping areas. You see these dogs running loose nearly everywhere. Our state of Kentucky has a leash law, but the police officers and other people in control have let it slide. I don’t care if it’s a cocker spaniel or the biggest dog in the world, your dog is not supposed to be loose; it is supposed to be leashed. Steve Hensley is going to have to pay a terrible price and I think he should be compensated. He should sue the life out of the people who own the dog. The City of Hazard and Perry County should be sued for allowing people like the dog owners to be there. Steve Hensley needs compensated and he needs prayers. He’s a nice person and didn’t deserve this. What if it had been an infant? If it was me I’d have put the dog to sleep — and not with a needle.

. To a certain person accusing others of having a gay lifestyle: Apparently, pal, you are the one who tried it and liked it so much you’re promoting it for others. Why don’t you come out of the closet?

. We need to vote out every member of the Kentucky State Legislature who voted for this three-day limit on prescriptions for pain medication. These officials need to be addressing the heroin problem, but they’re going after sick people instead. That is awful and they need to be removed from office.

. We were sitting in our living room and saw a truck towing a hauler. He hit my mailbox and drove right on as if he did nothing. The man should have stopped and offered to fix it. I think it’s a shame that he didn’t.

. It looks like the police in Letcher County could do something about the pill dealer who is running wide open up in Little Dry Fork. Finding him should be as easy as flies finding the sugar bowl. Just follow the cars going in and out of here on check day. Let’s see if the police will put a stop to this if they have the gumption.

. I have come to the point have no expectations of the Democrats, the Republicans, the Russians or the whatever. God Almighty Himself let perfection fall from His hands. Why should I expect anything from Him when He let perfection fail? Have a nice day.


People are wondering what’s happening to our power bills. Every time you look around the power company is robbing the people of eastern Kentucky. Look at all the charities the power company donates to — several hundred thousand dollars each year, especially to Pikeville College. Let them earn their own way. The power company needs to quit taking our money just to give to others.

. I drove by Jenkins on U.S. 23 yesterday, the Saturday before July 4, and was not surprised to see that there was no appreciable activity taking place. There are a few signs to direct people downtown, but except for one actual restaurant, a fast food joint and a couple of discount stores, there isn’t much reason to go. I don’t blame the city council at all for this. They passed a full wet-dry ordinance after the people overwhelmingly voted in favor of it, but in reality, there is very little that local government can do to stimulate business activity except to reduce taxes, and the city is already about broke from the excessive property taxes the independent school system has instituted. But the real problem is that the land along U.S. 23, the ‘new Road,’ is so tied up by TECO and the ridiculous charter of the Gateway Industrial Park that it’s almost impossible to get any of it released for development. That’s a shame because, unlike the city itself, this land is all highly visible from the four-lane and easily accessible as well. Time and again, TECO has shown that it is the worst of all corporate citizens and it is still dead set on draining the last drop of blood from a corpse it has already sucked dry. If the Kentucky state legislature would agree to change the charter of the industrial park, which currently forbids anything but ‘industrial development,’ there might be a chance to attract commercial development. I understand the reason that was placed in the charter initially, but the timing, as America entered the post-industrial age, was terrible. Please, write or email State Senator Johnny Ray Turner and State Representative Angie Hatton and ask them to initiate a reversal of this outdated policy. The residents of the Fifth District might even ask their magistrate if he could set aside his feud with Jim Ward and see if the fiscal court could help.


It seems that under Mc- ConnellCare we are going to rip Medicaid help away from more than 20 million Americans. That is terrible. Even worse; whatever money they save doesn’t reduce any deficit but instead goes to a big tax cut for about 400 of the most wealthy people in our country, including our president who would save several hundred thousand dollars in taxes. That is just appalling. If they really want to fix health care, why don’t they get brave and get the Democrats to work with them and bring these drug companies to leash and force them to stop charging exorbitant prices for something that costs pennies to make? A little bottle of eye drops shouldn’t be costing a hundred dollars. It is crazy. If they had the political will to oppose all the big pharma lobbyists we might be getting some savings and we would have to take away health care from the people who need it the most. Thank you.

. Kentucky has two of the worst senators in Washington. Mitch McConnell has fought the Affordable Care Act from day one and is still trying to repeal it and replace it with something with less coverage. Rand Paul is no better. He thinks the cuts should go deeper. Can you believe that these two jerks have the audacity to get on the campaign trail and ask the poor, sick and disabled to vote for them? Don’t they have a conscience? Don’t they have any love or compassion for the less fortunate? Can’t they see that if we provide health care for our fellowman they will get well and become productive citizens and get off the dole and provide for their families and pay taxes? Those two rectum orifices delight in keeping the poor poorer and the rich richer. I want to be there at the pearly gates when Saint Peter kicks their asses all the way back to western Kentucky.

. Donald Trump’s comments sure do make some good material for Speak Your Piece. His latest ludicrous statement says in effect to just go ahead and repeal Obamacare and we will come up with a replacement later. Do we Americans have the word stupid written on our foreheads? Ladies, doesn’t that conjure up memories of something a teenaged boy friend would say in the heat of a moment? ‘Let’s go ahead and have fun now and we will talk about marriage later’.

. I understand that Kentucky has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of prescription pain drugs. If it’s class-action lawsuit I would like to find out how a man could sign up on it, because that would help the opioid problem in the state. Also, Governor Bevin did say he would sign a bill authorizing medical marijuana. Thank you.


I’ve enjoyed watching the College World Series baseball playoffs and was glad to see the Southeastern Conference pull through. They played some tough teams.

. I want to leave a message for my relatives and say that I don’t go to a family reunion to be jumped onto. Goodbye to you. It had been 20 years, and I won’t be back for a next time. If you’ve got something to say to the children about their dad’s grave, don’t tell them what you’re going to do or whether you like it or not. The best thing to do is just call them and talk to them about it. So to my relatives: Thank you and goodbye.

. Sure, it was easy to pass the Affordable Care Act. Nobody read it. Well, you see what it got us. I think every member of Congress who is going to vote on this new bill should have to read every page of it and take a test to see how much they know about what’s in the fine print. Sure it takes time, but the Democrats have fought this all the way — and a few of the Republicans. That’s the way it will be forever. I don’t know how they can make everybody in the world happy, but the United States tries. When they vote on this bill it will be law, and we better get it right.

. I fall short every day when I watch TV. I fly mad at the stupidity in the Democrat Party and some in the Republican Party, and just some of the SOBs who just stand around and let things happen. God bless America. Quit rattling this old man’s chain. I’m starting to growl. (Have you considered turning your TV off — or changing the channel?)

What in the world is going on with the Letcher County Government Channel? The same stuff is being shown on there all the time. There are other things we would like to see and know about besides the same fiscal court meeting over and over. Let’s do something about this, taxpayers.

. I think it is a shame that certain man and a certain woman have caused another certain man to be admitted into the psychiatric center at Hazard just so that woman and her two boys can dig his ginseng patch and take the rest of his belongings. Another certain woman already took the biggest part of his tools and destroyed everything else he had. These people and two other men had him placed in the psych ward for no reason. They wouldn’t let him go to the doctor after he had his back broke. Payback is coming. They can’t keep me here forever.


I still say it is bad when someone from out of town starts trouble and looks down their nose at people. When you look at them they are the worst ones. They should look at their selves before calling people into court and having their kids say stuff about them and recording what their kids are saying.

. I guess most of the hardcore Trump supporters don’t understand it, but the Republican health care plan that is supposed to replace Obamacare would have taken the healthcare away from over half the people in eastern Kentucky and probably cost 5,000 health care jobs in the region. One thing that amazes me is the ignorance of the Trump supporters about the way the government works. Of course, Trump is either ignorant about it too or just plain lying. Since he lies about 90 percent of the time that’s probably likely. But the Democrats aren’t standing in the way of any legislation getting passed because the Republicans have majorities in both houses. The Democrats couldn’t have filibustered the health care plan either because it is actually a tux cut, a tax cut for the wealthiest one percent. But go on believing your orange savior, dummies. Maybe you can pay your medical bills with his BS. If you can’t you can fertilize your garden with it. You’ll need the produce.

. Hey, Doty Creek Pharmacy. This is new branch of the Little Colley Pharmacy. We’ve got a super sale going this week: Buy three and get a prostitute free.

. I sure hope The Mountain Eagle prints something on that Sam Wright deal that was in the Lexington Herald-Leader. We don’t need judges like that. It’s a shame what goes on in our government, especially in our local government. I just hope The Mountain Eagle sees fit to print some of the stuff that’s been in the Herald-Leader.

. Dear Angie Hatton: Please file a bill placing a 25-cent tax on gasoline to fix our roads before they cost us 10 times that. Thank you.

. People better wake up before they vote for that governor down there in Frankfort. He’s causing our phone bills to be mixed up and our power bills to go up. People better think twice before they vote for someone like him. I would like to know who voted to put him in there, anyway. Some people are dumb, is all I can say.

. My name is Angie and I’m looking for one of those Southern rich men. Hit me up, boys.

. I would like to reply to the comment on God repenting that He made man but didn’t repent about making the devil: The devil has no chance. God gave us a chance through Jesus Christ. If we hadn’t had an advocate through Our Father we would be in same shape as the devil. I thank God that Jesus Christ died for my sins.

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