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Now Heres a Tip

• “A great use for an old purse is to hold the basic tools you need around the house, such as a hammer, pliers, a set of screwdrivers, etc. I keep an assortment of fasteners in mine too: Nails, safety pins and screws go easily in a side pocket.” — R.L. via e-mail

• If you need to keep a door from closing, use this rubber-band trick: Loop a thick rubber band (like the ones that bind stalks of broccoli) around the doorknob, twist, then loop it around the opposite door knob. It will keep the latch from catching, and the door can close, but will push right open. This is handy if you have little ones who like to lock the bathroom door or if you’re bringing groceries inside and want to close the door between trips without shutting yourself out!

• You can keep ribbon on a paper towel holder for easy access. If you have lots, consider using a tension rod inside a deep drawer!

• “When I go shopping in the grocery store, nothing irritates me more than to open a carton of eggs to see if any are broken, and to have the carton not close back up. So, I decided to find my own solution. I now take a rubber band in my purse to wrap around the carton to hold the lid in place until I get home. Once they’ve been opened, they never shut tight again. Case solved!” — E.D. in Alaska

• Paper coffee filters are great in the microwave as splatter guards.

• Studies show that the higher the temperature, the lighter the fare. Dieters take note: Turn off the air conditioning about 20 minutes before dinner. You’ll take in less food and will be more likely to eat lighter foods.

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