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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke intentionally created a private moment for herself and RJ to find out exactly what happened between him and Coco the night before. When Lt. Baker arrived to question RJ about the accident, Coco took full responsibility for his near death experience. Sally explained to Thomas about the family dynamic that she has with Coco and how she would react if anything bad ever happened to her sister. Coco went into detail about the events which led to her and RJ’s crash. Caroline returned to Los Angeles from New York with Douglas so that Thomas could spend some quality time with his son. Charlie started to wonder if Sheila has an ulterior motive when she invited him to her hotel room to thank him for helping her to expose the truth about Ridge and Quinn. Sally became concerned and a bit insecure when Thomas told her that Caroline and Douglas are in town. Steffy shared with Caroline her desire for Thomas to be reunited with his family and not wasting his time with Sally. Sheila made a tempting proposition to Charlie to assist her with one more task. Quinn began to worry about Eric and the future of their marriage after learning that he has moved out of the mansion. Bill was more than happy to assist in any way possible when Steffy told him of her plan to reunite Thomas with Caroline. Learning that she’s Eric’s hotel neighbor, Sheila ingratiated herself with him by inviting herself into his room. Sheila offered to make a discreet trip to the Forrester mansion to pick up some essentials for Eric. Sheila got in a heated conversation with Quinn when she arrived at the Forrester mansion while granting a favor for Eric. Steffy had an ulterior motive when she suggested to a reluctant Caroline that she come around more often. She advised Caroline to confess to Thomas her desire to reunite before he becomes too emotionally involved with Sally. Ridge shared with Brooke his theory about Sheila’s return and her strategy to redeem herself with those she’s wronged. Sally met Caroline for the first time and couldn’t help but notice the closeness between her and Thomas. Caroline reminded Thomas about how excited they were to raise Douglas together and how it’s not too late for them to do so.

THIS WEEK: Sheila recalled her run-in with Quinn at the mansion and assured him that she kept his whereabouts a secret from her. Liam and Steffy were determined to track Eric down after learning that he’s with Sheila.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny’s confession was backed up by a witness. Hope and Rafe celebrated their engagement. Steve and Kayla broke into Anjelica’s hotel room. Hope warned Abigail about Dario. Lani found a key piece of evidence regarding Deimos’ murder. Lucas spied Justin comforting Adrienne. Paul stood by Sonny. Kayla, Marlena, Valerie and Kate had a girls’ night out. Rafe, Hope, Lani and JJ’s investigation led to a new, surprising suspect. Victor paid Sonny a visit and lambasted him for coming forward. Chad offered Theo a new opportunity. Abigail’s suspicion over Dario continued to grow. Nicole and Eric were unsettled by a memory from the Martin House party. Abigail spied on Dario and learned stunning information. Tripp had second thoughts about what he’s done to Kayla -- just as things got worse for her. Faced with a tough decision, Jade made one last plea with Joey. Brady was jealous when he found Eric and Nicole together. Determined to uncover the truth, Abigail planted a listening device in Dario’s office.

THIS WEEK: Steve told Kayla that he thought someone might be framing her and began to investigate. A vengeful Jade contemplated stirring up trouble one last time before leaving town.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly saw through the lies. Sonny attempted to smooth things over. Nelle got a make-over. Dante danced with Charlotte. Nina had a run-in at Wyndemere. Lulu and Dante were stunned. Anna blasted the WSB. Nathan was devastated. Finn kept to himself. Obrecht wanted revenge. Sonny entertained a new business venture. Julian set Sam off. Bobbie had a better idea. Josslyn continued down the wrong path. Nina held her ground. Sonny used Oscar to his advantage. Carly grew skeptical. Felicia warned Bobbie. Nathan got a call from Amy. Lucy was the bearer of sad news. Laura warned Spencer. Dante failed.

THIS WEEK: Kiki’s good intentions backfired. Nathan went rogue. Scott welcomed a special visitor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked Sharon if it’s possible to get over the love of your life leading Sharon to wonder if Mariah’s worried that Devon still has feeling for Hilary. Mariah was able to deflect Sharon’s questioning when Chelsea arrived to talk to Sharon. Chelsea asked Sharon if she would consider coming back to work at Chelsea 2.0. Sharon was flattered by the offer but declined as she wants to focus on Crimson Lights and her work at Crisis Center. Victor presented Nikki with a new dress to wear at her concert. Nikki was hesitant to accept but could not resist when Victor also gave her a brand new necklace. Victor told Nikki that he wants the concert to foster a new beginning for their marriage. Later, Victor summoned Hilary and explained that he wants her to run a segment about Nikki’s concert on GC Buzz. Hilary accepted and was surprised when Victor promised her all access to the Newman Family. Billy apologized to Phyllis for being so distracted by work. Phyllis admitted that she was bothered by Jack’s recent comment about wanting their relationship to fail. They agreed to forget about the drama in their lives and enjoy the day. At the concert venue, Victor complimented a busy Abby and Scott on how well they’ve worked together. Later, Victoria arrived to check on things, and Abby accused her of taking credit for her hard work.

THIS WEEK: Lily promised Jordan that she would stay strong for the sake of Charlie and Mattie. Nick confided in Chelsea that he doesn’t know how much longer he would be able to pretend to be a member of “one big happy family.

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