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Storms bring down tree limbs


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and joyful Fourth of July. I am sorry I let it pass before I realized what day it was.

My thoughts travel back in days of childhood when Dad would make sure we had a watermelon for the Fourth. If possible we would have a gallon of vanilla ice cream also. I had the same tradition when the kids were small. Now it is just another day to me like all holidays.

Dad passed away on July 4, and my brother Wallace on July 6, so it is anything but a happy for me. Johnny Calihan’s dad passed away on July 4 also.

Johnny and Ann have a special person at their home for a few days as their daughter Sue Wagner is here from South Carolina. Sue has a few health problems so keep her in your prayers.

I bet about now people are enjoying green beans from their garden along with lots of other fresh vegetables. Corn is being sold at produce stands here locally, but since I can’t digest vegetables or fruit, I may just have to suffer the consequence and try at least one ripe tomato. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a few slices of fried green tomatoes.

Anything is an improvement from soup, yogurt etc. Anna bought me some applesauce in a packet, which is actually baby food, to see if I can digest it. One packet has sweet potatoes in applesauce, but I don’t know if I will try it or not.

My children’s dad survived surgery, but he is still not out of the woods yet. My heart breaks for my children, as this is a new experience for them to see their dad ill.

We had a bout of severe storms in the Ohio Valley area. There was a lot of damage by strong winds with a possible tornado. My front yard had a lot of tree limbs down.

I bought a wrought iron umbrella table that I was sure wouldn’t move; was I ever wrong. I left my umbrella in the stand and though it was down, the wind tipped the table, umbrella, and heavy base on its side. The only thing that kept it from blowing across my deck was that a chair caught it. I tried to get it out of the base, but the wind almost blew me off the deck.

While enjoying sitting on my deck I let my thoughts travel down the road of years gone by, reliving my children growing up and playing in the yard. The times of them roller skating on the concrete slab or playing basketball, as their dad had placed a goal at the end of the pad. We had wiener and marshmallow roasts and cookouts with friends.

I hear kids saying, “I don’t want that to eat!” I don’t know about you readers, but I can speak for myself. While growing up in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, we ate what Mommy cooked, which for supper was a repetition of some kind of meat, fried potatoes and soup beans. In the summer time it was green beans, cornbread and a glass of milk.

After leaving home I found out there were different foods than beans and cornbread and fried potatoes. As a young wife and mother I learned how to cook by trial and error.

Southern Ohio

My children grew up as I did; you ate what was put on the table. In all my children’s growing up years, not one time did they say I don’t want that or I don’t like that.

It was a very difficult thing for me to do to cook for two after my children left home, and more difficult to try to fix for just me. Now I wish I was able to walk in the kitchen to fix a good meal for me to be able to eat every morsel. That is why I get so much pleasure to fix a meal for someone to enjoy.

It is about time for me to get some half runner green beans and fix another kettle for my daughter Anna Nottingham and family, since Scott only ate three plates of the other ones I cooked. This time I will get a different chunk of ham that I am familiar with.

Sunday was the Old Time Fiddlers meeting. It is being held at the VFW Dewell Post 7570, at 9160 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Oh. 45030 the second Sunday of each month from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Refreshments are furnished by the club. This was our first meeting in our new location. We had a small crowd with good music.

Keep your calendar marked for Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival on July 15. There’s a good lineup of bands on the schedule. You never know who you will see at a bluegrass festival. Just maybe Jack Adams of Sunrise Ridge will cut loose on that banjo and play a good old claw hammer tune so you can hit the grass and dance a jig. Or Will Caudill may play my favorite song called Route 7. It always makes me think of Roxana, as Roxana will always be my home.

I am looking forward to Blackey Days in October, as this has been a favorite thing for me to attend for several years. That is, if my health permits me to go.

Oma Hatton, I was pleased to read that you finally met your pen pal. I enjoy your column very much

I haven’t been any place exciting this week since I’ve been available to help if the kids needed me, so this column is boring. Maybe next week I will hear of weddings, divorces, or something to spice it up, so keep reading for next issue.

Be kind to one another, as we don’t know what kind of day someone is having. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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