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What a shame and what a waste, that the new road for Hwy. 119, from Oven Fork to Partridge, isn’t being opened. After spending millions of dollars to build a bunch of bridges, make huge cuts through the mountain, move tons of rocks and dirt, and even pave more than half of the new road, there it sits with no work being done to get it opened. All that is needed is several miles of blacktop and the paint stripes. This would eliminate several miles of curvy, narrow, dangerous road and save a lot of time for drivers who travel that road regularly. What are they waiting for?

. The Kentucky State Treasurer’s (KST) office administers Kentucky’s Unclaimed Property fund. Over the years the fund has grown to an amazing total of just over $500 million. Yes, that is a 5 with 8 zeros. What is Unclaimed Property? From the KST website: generally consists of payroll checks, unclaimed safety deposit boxes, old life insurance policies, stocks, or vendor checks that have remained unclaimed by their owners after several years. After a period of time banks and other financial institutions turn over the unclaimed property to the KST office. Funds are then sent to the General Fund and checks to pay claims come from this fund. In 2000 the account balance held in the General Fund was around $10 million and in less than 20 years has grown to a current value of $500 million. Anyone can search for funds by going to the KST website: treasury. ky.gov. Several years ago the KST office posted UP information in local newspapers in an effort to make people, businesses and charities, churches and governmental units aware of funds but this practice was apparently discontinued due to cost. While KST has some initiatives in place to connect owners with their property I believe it is time for KST to start advertising the availability of funds in every Kentucky county. If you agree then contact their office at 502-564-4722 or via email at Treasury.web@ ky.gov. Additionally, you may consider contacting your legislators to request this action. Legislator contact information can be found at lrc.ky.gov. Doug Price, Cynthiana, Ky.

. I was just watching the nightly news and wondering what the Republican right would be doing and saying if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were the president and their children and campaign staff had worked openly with the Russians to have defeated Donald Trump. Can you imagine

the protests from the Republican right? Wonder if they would be calling for the impeachment of the Democrat president? When you think about it the hypocrisy is beyond amazing.

. Why is money so desperately needed being wasted on a hotel in Whitesburg? There’s no business in Whitesburg, there’s nothing to draw in people to stay in Whitesburg. The hotels now in business barely are surviving. People visiting in the county don’t stay at local hotels; they stay in surrounding cities. There’s nothing but nasty fast food restaurants in Whitesburg. Common sense would be to bring in business first to build up the city/county, have more money coming in, have something to bring people here to justify the money used to build the hotel. Why are officials not bringing in more common sense business more attractive to the people living here? We have to drive 30 to 50 miles to buy a pair of shoes, to buy tools, etc. What has happened? There’s no one taking interest in improving the county as a whole. The only people passing through Whitesburg are a few attorneys, few bank staff, and a couple of other extremely small businesses still open downtown. There’s no reason to go downtown. Again, nothing there. (With all due respect, if you have visited downtown Whitesburg at any point since 2009 then you know that fast food restaurants aren’t the only eatery choices. Also, you can find a good pair of shoes at Isom and plenty of tools in West Whitesburg. And the money you speak of is being used to save Whitesburg’s largest building. Whether that building ends up being used as a hotel again has not been decided. Now here’s a question for you: Why, as you claim, do people who visit Whitesburg stay at hotels and motels in surrounding towns?)

. I would like to know who gives people the right to put a steel cable across a country road. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do; I’m going to drive my vehicle down through there and when that cable tears the front end off of it somebody is going to pay me. I think they know who they are, so they better be keeping their cables cut down on the county road. There’s no sense in that.

. Can anyone tell me how can be sanitary for a restaurant under construction to be serving food with no air-conditioning and no bathrooms? How is this permitted with insulation and wood shavings flying

in the air? Did the health department approve this?

. Me and my family of four went to the Old Mill Vendors Mall on Highway 15 next to the old Paradise Pizza building, and we got the yellow mobile $40 phone plan. I would like to say thank you to them. It is a great plan for me and my family. We have saved a lot of money by switching from Appalachian Wireless to this plan, and we recommend that everyone do the same.

. My advice to any up and coming young man is to drink very good bourbon and very cheap beer.

. I saw on the news where over the Fourth of July, 100 people were shot in Chicago. Fifteen of them were killed. This has been going on for I don’t know how long. There is no way on God’s green earth that the government of Illinois can allow this to happen. It’s unheard of. You’re not having this in the war zones in Syria or in Afghanistan. It absolutely amazes me that this can go on and they won’t even mention it on the news. There is no excuse for it — none whatsoever. There will be a day of reckoning. That’s all I’ve got to say. I hate it so bad, but it just shows you what this country has come to. (Surprisingly, more murders occurred in Chicago in the decades of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties than occur there today. Although the number of homicides spiked to 762 in 2016 from 468 the year before, those numbers are still lower than the 970 people murdered in the Windy City in 1974, the 877 killed there in 1981, and the 943 who were slain in 1992. Although the killings are mostly gang-related today, murder is nothing new in the city that gave us Al Capone, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and other famous outlaws.)

. I thought a certain person was my best friend. We went to the tractor and truck pull the other night, and as soon as we left and started walking back to his car he told me that all I do is use him and talk bad about him behind his back. If I did I apologize for it, but I’m not going to apologize again. He owes me an apology, as he used me too. That’s just the way it is.

. Just who is this person who was made to look bad — who people went and told the county attorney about? If it’s who I think it is, the fat ugly piece of trash made himself look bad. That’s what he is, and everybody knows it that has any sense.

. This person who calls in his weekly worship for President Trump and signs off with ‘God bless America’ must be one troubled individual. Where does Speak Your Piece come up with people like this? I’m starting to think you just make some of this stuff up, as there is no way anyone in their right mind would be calling on God to bless Donald Trump as he goes about taking away health care from hundreds of Letcher County citizens and stopping the project that would have brought a federal prison to our county.

. I would just like to say that I think Katricia Rogers should shut her mouth. She keeps bugging the Letcher Fiscal Court and is wasting taxpayers’ money by trying to get documents about which she knows nothing about or understands. I think she needs to quit wasting the fiscal court’s time and just shut her mouth once and for all. Thank you.

. On the way to work today I spotted a ‘Now Open’ sign for Indian Creek Discount. I had to stop. It’s great to see them open again.

. Yes, Mountain Eagle, we would like to know how much money [the county judge’s secretary] and Letcher County Judge/Executive Pro-tem Eddie Meade

make. (Meade is paid an annual salary of $48,659.46. The secretary, who also has additional duties, is paid an annual salary of $38,642.83. Two other employees who work full-time out of the judge’s office are paid $27,273.33 annually for their work in the sanitation department.)

. I would just like to tell the dark-haired, dark-tanned gal that used to come around Fishpond and stay with one of her girlfriends that I saw her the other day and that I would like to finish what we started. Hopefully we can pick up exactly where we left off back then.

. Can anyone tell us what some of these county jobs pay? What does the office of magistrate pay? What about jailer? How about the office of county judge; what does it pay? Or is it taboo to ask these questions. I just wish someone could tell us. Thank you. (As was noted in this column last month, Letcher County’s magistrates are paid a base salary of $23,378.64 annually, but can earn up to $31,030.24 per year when expense allowances and incentive pay are added in. State law controls the pay of magistrates and all other elected county officials, including the holders of the offices of county judge/executive and jailer, each of whom is required to be paid $91,162.69 under state guidelines.)

. This is the old cat killer. I watch a lot of Forensic Files, which smarts me up on a lot of things. I almost got away with it. Well, I got away with it from 1964. That doesn’t mean that I’m proud of it, because people ought not to have done what they did. Bye.

. It’s amazing how a certain woman and her sister run around with handicap tags in their vehicles but work every day and draw big checks. Oh it’s amazing how people can lie in this county and get away with whatever they want? (Are you trying to say that it’s illegal for people with physical handicaps to hold a job?)

. One of Letcher County’s largest grocery stores has drastically raised its prices. This has caused its patrons on budgets and tight wallets, which make up the largest part of this county, to suffer because they have no other place to go for needs such as produce. This has left many people in our county forced to look to food pantries and other available means just to get food, one of the basics of life. Notice all the gardens popping up. Times are tough and getting tougher.

. We the people are who put Trump in office. Now you people who are out there marching and trying to get the man impeached don’t even look at the good he’s done. You’re the ones we didn’t need in the first place. Most of you probably don’t even pay taxes. Most of you are illegals. Most of you are from other countries and don’t even belong here in the first place. America is going to be made great again. We’re tired of supporting and building other countries back while we degrade. Of course they are mad at us; wouldn’t you be mad? The people of America support Trump. You idiots out there in the streets — I hope you get sunstroke. God bless America. And President Trump, clothesline the hell out of the fake news media. We love you, man.

. Say what you want to about ‘Up There At The House’ by Pete A. Martin, but that is one of the most interesting, intriguing and deeply thought out books I have ever read. As a matter of fact I am now on my second reading. It will make you smarter and wiser.

. Folks, have you paid any attention to some of the new food at Food City. It’s

already in a baking bag for you and it’s seasoned and it’s good for your health. It is delicious. I stumbled over it and now I’m hearing people talk about it everywhere. Try it. Honest to goodness you’ll not be sorry. (We have tried some and we agree with you that it is good and good for you — and easy to prepare.)

. Mart, you and Pork Chop do have the prettiest garden in the neighborhood. I’ll catch you gone sometime.

. Good day, Mr. President. I know you’re trying to negotiate a peaceful ending to this thing in North Korea, but I don’t think that Vladimir Putin or the Chinese will help you do anything to North Korea. I think it’s time to set an example to the world about North Korea and their stupidity. I know we can hit these silos of theirs and everything they’ve got and all their big guns they have pointed toward South Korea in one swipe with a minimum kill. I know it’s a terrible thing, but it’s a terrible thing if they slaughter innocent people. Mr. President, the people of the United States have great respect for you and I think the people of the world will have a lot more respect when we show them that we can do these things with a minimum cost to human life. You are one of the finest presidents that we’ve had. I’m not as smart as you and don’t claim to be, but I am an old man who has seen wars. And you, my friend,

have seen them too. So let’s neutralize this bastard and get it over with. God bless America and God bless you, Mr. Trump and your family. God bless your staff, God bless Congress, God bless all of you.

. I’m not going to name names or anything like that, but I work for a certain fire department that was called out to the Letcher County landfill about a trapped dog in a trailer. That was one of the most gruesome scenes I have ever seen. The dog was emaciated. How did it get in the trailer? Somebody had to put it there. It was locked up in a garbage trailer for shipment to London. Animal cruelty officers need to get involved with this. To County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: This is a shame on your watch. You need to ask your garbage men if they have any idea who might have put that dog in that trailer or how it got there otherwise. Thank you.

. I don’t see how the county government figures that Deputy Judge/ Executive Eddie Meade can run the county, run the county garage, run the garbage department and do his regular job. How is that fair? I would like to know how much money this cat is making. What’s his salary for the year? It looks like Letcher County is going to be done. We’ll end up like Knott County and the state will end up stepping in to run it. We’re going to have

to do like we did with our president — we’re going to have to shake this county up and put somebody in who know how to shake things up. I know a good man. He lives down around the Isom community. He has a twin brother and he’d make a dandy judge/executive. My vote is for him if he runs. See you, Jimmy. You should have done your job.

. The Fourth of July weekend was a bust. We had pretty good weather, but the bad part is it’s gone. Well, I got out and went to Fishpond Lake. Does anybody know where Fishpond is? Yes, that’s where the county got that grant to go up there and cut a bunch of trees and move a bunch of dirt to make a little bit more property and make a big RV campsite. I would like to know the numbers on that campsite. The gripe I’ve got with it is we spent all this money for recreation and there is not one barbecue pit on all of Fishpond Lake. As for the bathrooms, I’ve got hogs I wouldn’t put in the sons of guns. Who do we have looking over our Fishpond coordination? And please don’t tell me you’ve still got the deputy ding-aling driving around the lake. We need a barbecue grill and we need law enforcement at Fishpond Lake.

. The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers. Well I’ve got news for you; that is one thing I disagree with the Bible on. Don’t try to make peace between anybody. If they want to fight let them

fight. If they want to kill each other let them kill each other. If you come into it trying to be a peacemaker they will both end up hating you and you will be the villain and they will become buddies. So don’t be a peacemaker. To hell with them.

. We can call something in, but you all never put it in the way we say it. There’s one certain man in the Haymond area who is power of attorney over a certain estate. He will not let any of the family members have down to an iron skillet. How can he lie down at night and sleep well? If you got a lot of money out of it you could have at least given his niece an iron skillet. But I want to say from the bottom of my heart: I think the man who really took care of this guy was his true friend, but I have never seen anyone mention him through all of this, and that is so sad. I want to see if this is printed this time. The Mountain Eagle never does it right. I never said the people of Letcher County; I said Haymond. Stay away from the man I am speaking of. He will take everything you have and burn it, down to the bed cover.

. I would like to comment in Speak Your Piece about the power of attorney man: We know who you are and we know what you’re like. So we know whoever put this in the paper knows you very well. It is so sad that you do what you do, but that is between you and God. You’ll have to answer on Judgment Day for what you have done.

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