2017-07-19 / Columns

Heres a Tip

• Want to save money on both appliance repair costs and your power bill? Do yourself a favor and stay on a filter replacement schedule for your air conditioner unit. Dirty filters make the machine work harder and less efficiently, costing you money!

• “When grandparents live out of town, set up a phone call between them and your kids a week or so before visiting. They can talk about what the kids might like to do. It gives the grandparents time to prepare, and it gives kids a chance to build excitement before the trip.” — G.R. in Ohio

• If you have cloudy glassware, you can try to bring it back to clear with a vinegar soak. Warm vinegar in the microwave and fill the glass or soak in a tub.

• “Line the inside of a closet door with a fabricbacked memo board. They are great for tucking in pictures and notes. I use one in my office closet solely for storing business cards for contacts. It’s easy to see them and to grab one if I need it.” — A.V. in Massachusetts

• Smelly dog bed? It’s baking soda to the rescue. Simply shake baking soda liberally on the surface of your pet’s pillows. Rub or brush into the fabric. Let it sit while you vacuum your carpets and tidy up, then use the wand attachment to vacuum it up.

• A nuisance papercut can be sealed up with regular household glue. Just dab a bit on the cleaned and dried papercut, and let it dry.

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