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Looking forward to seeing the Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival


Howdy folks! How’s everything in your corner of the world? I wish whoever stole my energy would bring it back as I sure need it this morning.

The past two weeks have really told its tale on me. First, my son was in the hospital for three days with pneumonia and then my children’s dad had a fall, causing a brain bleed. They did surgery on his brain to remove the blot clot and pressure, then were planning on putting in a feeding tube.

When he finally came back enough to speak to say he was hungry, the feeding tube wasn’t necessary. He was moved to a nursing home rehab as he is unable to walk, and may never be able to.

Again I will say it breaks my heart that our children have to go through this.

I was supposed to have an angiogram Thursday, but it was the same day as the children’s dad’s surgery, so I cancelled. Wednesday morning as you are drinking your coffee, I will be at Good Sam Hospital having it done. Well it is what it is! There’s a possibility of another stent being placed.

I tentatively made plans to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky to an event I have looked forward to for some time, to the Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival.

Friday morning as usual I woke up very sick, plus it had rained all night. I decided to stay home but I was restless and couldn’t go back to sleep. My feet took over my thinking, because my heart wasn’t in it.

So at 8:30 I pulled from in front of my house, and I was at the Whitesburg Motel at 12. After checking in, I decided to go get something cold to drink, then stopped by The Mountain Eagle office to pick up a couple of papers and visit a beautiful lady.

Pam Walker, who works there, has become a friend. I went in feeling tired and came away so happy from laughing. Pam is such a delight to be around. I really try to heed her advice and stay away from guys with tattoos and truck drivers.

I wanted to go visit Oma Hatton, and the only thing that kept me away was that I knew it was too hot to do any porch sitting.

After riding through town reliving a few memories,

I decided to go to Isom to get an ice cream. I would like to know how anything that is so delicious, can hurt so bad?

Southern Ohio

I returned to the motel and stayed for a few hours too sick to be around anyone, when once again my feet took over my thinking. I went to Campbell’s Branch Community Center to enjoy the music, and I even managed to dance one dance.

Oma Hatton, I met a childhood friend of yours, Betchel Church, originally from Marlowe.

It was good seeing Bertha Turner able to dance again, as she had a very bad sick spell.

I met a lady who was wearing glasses, and really needs to go have her eyes examined as the first thing she said to me was to tell me how pretty I am!

It was Donna Watts who is married to Mike Watts. I found out that Mike is a son of Odell Watts, who lived close to Mill Branch School where I attended for seven years. I thought Odell Watts was the most beautiful woman that I ever seen as a child growing up.

I remember Yvonne, though Yvonne is younger, and Mike and his sister Gwen are younger than me also, so I don’t remember him.

Mike is running for Circuit Court Clerk in May 2018, so for you who read my column please vote for Mike when election comes around.

During our conversation I found out that Mike and Donna live next to my cousin, Tony and Fay Shepherd on Mill Branch.

I left Campbell’s Branch before the music was over, returning to the motel where I found a handsome guy waiting for me. I was entertained by Tom Selleck as I found the show Blue Bloods on television.

Saturday morning I awoke not feeling my best, not sure if I really wanted to try Kingscreek Festival or not or spend the day at the motel being lazy, but then I decided to go to the festival. I am really disappointed that people didn’t support this great event, as this is supports the park, and maybe the fire department. Last year there was a nice crowd, but this year had a very small attendance.

Darrel Hall, it was really great to see you again. I think Letcher County sure lost out not electing you, but it is my gain to meet someone as nice and honest as you, as it seems there are lots of two-faced hypocrites I have come in contact with.

I’ve heard of guardian angels, and you might say you were mine, to remind me that I don’t look good in stripes, or orange. I have too much pride in myself to stoop to someone else’s level.

I have a sore mouth where I bite my lips so hard to keep my mouth shut, and not make a fool of myself.

Mike and Donna Watts were at the bluegrass festival, along with a couple of other people I had seen at Campbell Branch.

Doris Adams, I was hoping you and your friend would make it to the festival.

This is the first time that I’ve ever been at a festival with Sunrise Ridge that I haven’t talked to my sweet cousin Jack Adams and the bands. I felt too bad to really mix with anyone, and I do think Bill must have let the Goodyear blimp land.

Saturday night I was again in for a treat, as I was entertained by a special man that I so enjoy being with. Sam Watterson kept me awake as I watched my favorite, Law & Order.

Now I want all you readers to know, I may be old as someone seems to like to talk about my age, but I had a young, good-looking guy to literally knock me off my feet at the bluegrass festival.

James Ison, you sure have grown into a handsome young man and so sweet. I knew I had lost a lot of weight, but I didn’t know that a small bump would knock me almost over a pop cooler. Regardless how we met it was nice to see you again.

John Ison had I known you were working at Wendy’s I would have stopped for a quick hello. James and John are both involved with the fire department. I know their parents are so proud of these two. James just celebrated his 21st birthday a short time ago.

Les and Pat Wagner loves these two so much, and they are also enjoying spending time with a cousin named Christian. I understand Christian is working in Middletown. He is from the mountains and experiencing his first time of being from away from home.

I can remember that feeling as I left home at such a young age.

Sunday morning I was supposed to connect with my niece Sue and her husband, Mart, as we were going to Mom and Dad’s grave.

I thought while driving past the entrance to the graveyard on Kingscreek, my grandpa, aunt and baby sister and brother are buried in that cemetery. I wanted to go to it, and there are not very many things that I am afraid of, but I am afraid to be alone in the mountains at the cemetery, and especially afraid at the Coots Cemetery at Big Branch. It is so isolated, and though I went there once by myself, and never again.

I called Sue at 8 a.m. and she sounded sleepy, so I decided to pack up and head back to the flatlands instead of waiting around.

I left Whitesburg at 9:30 a.m. and walked into my house at 1:30 p.m., as I stopped in Jackson for a few minutes.

I really must have missed something at the festival. I understand there was a princess among the audience. If God is willing I will be at Blackey Days in October. Maybe she will make a return.

Two of my daughters, Angie Wiederhold and my little sidekick Bennie and Anna Nottingham and my six-year-old grandson Kyle, all spend the day together touring Pyramid Hill seeing the sculptures and letting the boys run off some energy. They ended up eating out and enjoying the day.

It is time to get this on its way. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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