2017-07-19 / Obituaries

In Memory of

Another July 4th has come and gone. And it got pretty noisy around this neck of the woods. We used to see the fireworks at different locations, but quit going after we lost our beloved son, Steve. He would call us and when we answered he would say, “How you all doin?” Then he would ask us if we wanted to go see the fireworks. We went to different places, all the way to Lake Cumberland. Our beloved Steven was a kid at heart and loved life. He loved people and loved being around people, and considered everyone to be his friend. He trusted everyone but made a big mistake when he trusted the devil. He was a hard worker and a proud Coal Miner. He didn’t like to hear anyone make derogatory remarks about the coalminers. He was proud of the little place that he called home, and proud of his family. When his little girl was about a year old, he said the Lord had answered his prayers because he had been praying for a (little) baby and a home of his own, and now he had both. He would often talk about all the little children who didn’t have anything to eat, and wished he could help them in some way. Steve was not only a good provider for his family, after he became disabled while in the mines, he became the babysitter and cook, and took care of the kids while his wife worked. We are proud to call Steven our son, and proud of the life he lived, because he had compassion for every living thing. And was one of God’s servants, like his father. Steve’s thankful family.

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