2017-07-19 / Sports

Struttin’ Time:

Who still camps out the old way?

I have been so caught up in my way of hunting these days that I have almost forgotten how it really use to be. A friend of mine, Bryon Lucas, sent me a picture of him camping and the memories flooded my mind of years gone by. How many of us really get the full effect of our hunts anymore?

The last time I camped and ate on the ground, slept on the ground, or stayed in a tent was when I hunted Washington State in 2009. Then it was a staged hunt, which means guides, mules, camps set up with wall tents, cooks, and of course meals ready to eat when we pulled back into camp.

I was on a black tail deer hunt then, and everything went as planned except for killing a single deer. My mule’s name was Oilcan Harry, a silver, sure-footed mule I trusted my life to for 10 days of hunting. But to tell you the exact year I really camped in my own tent and fished and hunted from that camp, I would need to go back in my memory to probably 1990. My wife Sharon was along with me and we camped at Bee Rock Camp Ground on the Rockcastle River.

I hunted squirrel during the day and fished at night. Now when I go to some place to hunt, I am welcomed into a plush hunting lodge with someone there to cook for me, fix my bed, and keep me in the cool — or in the warmth. When I go into the outdoors, someone is usually with me to show me where they last saw my quarry.

Time has really made a change in the “old homeplace” when it comes to the way things used to be and the way they are now. Thanks, Bryon, for letting me take a trip down “memory lane.”

How many of you still do it the old fashioned way, may I ask? I’m not talking about the modern camper trailers or the rented rooms, I mean the old army tents, sleeping on the ground, building a camp fire, and cooking outside. Let me know; we will do a story on your modern camps.

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