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OK, I’m fed up. I’m going to run for political office, probably County Judge/ Executive. Does anyone know how to get hold of the Russians?

. To a certain person: I’m just exposing a liar for what he is. As long as you continue to associate with someone like that you’re going to have major problems.

. I just scanned all the channels on my TV and all I can hear is ‘the Russians, the Russians. This person colluded with this one, and that person colluded with this one.’ Why don’t the Democrats get a life, realize that they lost the election not because of some foreign country but because the people of the United States are sick and tired of Hillary and Bill Clinton? We didn’t want her in the office of president; we voted for Donald Trump. Why in the world don’t they shut up and let him do his job? I’m more interested in what’s going to happen with the old people, the insurance, the economy, and lots of other things. I can do without all this Russia, Russia, Russia. Let Putin go back to Russia and take care of his people, and please let Donald Trump take care of us. He’s doing a great job. Thank you very much.

. The opioid problem is caused by carfentanil, fentanyl, heroin, and meth. These are the four drugs that need to be dealt with. The medicines that are given to people for pain problems are not even close to being the problem. They are just used for pain.

. I just received my Mountain Eagle this week and I was looking at the column, ‘Moments and Memories at WHS.’ Looking at Jack Hammock’s picture brought back so many memories of his son J-Roy. He looked just like him. We all love and miss him. Thank you.

. Well, my goodness. The president of the United States told a French woman that she was in good shape. La di da. Most of you women in the United States have to admit that you’re not Jenny Craig fans. Anyway, certain people are going to complain about something he’s done.

. I have a 1994 Cherokee Jeep Country. I am looking to pay someone to fix it. I put the hard stuff on it already — the exhaust and the head. I have all the gaskets and all the plugs and I am willing to pay somebody. My number is 606-335-1132. Please put this in your paper so people can call me.

. It seems that when you offer people cash to fix

something these days they want paid in drugs instead. It doesn’t make sense. If they want drugs, why don’t they just take the cash and get drugs? I swear Letcher County has gone to hell.

. I wish the person who put the gate across the middle of the road at the head of Marshall’s Branch, east of Jenkins, would take it down. You nearly got a friend of mine killed up there the other night. That’s the only way we have to ride ATVs from Marshall’s Branch to other different places. I understand you may have the land leased, but I don’t think that gives you the right to put a gate across the entire main road. I wish you would take that thing down and consider others before someone gets hurt. Like I said, a friend of mine nearly hit that the other night and was not doing anything out of the way.

. You go, Mika girl, you tell them. You tell your boyfriend’s family how you feel. But next time, instead of putting it on Instagram where nobody can see it, put it on Facebook. But I’m behind you 100 percent. Lay it on them.

. Why don’t the Democrats and Republicans just quit bickering at each other and get down to doing their jobs of taking care of the American people instead of running a gossip line from one to the other? I have become very disgusted with all of them.

. To a certain person who whined to WXKQ about me being on ‘The Swap Shop’ selling my fishing bait and making a profit from it: You’re the biggest piece of trash there ever was.

. God bless America and God bless you, Mr. President Donald Trump, for working so hard to take our federal prison away. President Trump, God has chosen you and your family to decide our future back here in eastern Kentucky, and I am just thankful the Good Lord helped you all decide that we hillbillies do not need those 300 to 400 new jobs they say the prison would bring.

. As I read a recent edition of The Mountain Eagle’s Speak Your Piece, I noticed someone had commented about reading something about Judge Sam Wright in the Lexington Herald-Leader and hoping The Eagle would reprint it. Please do print it, because people need to know what is going on.

. I’m sick and tired of turning my radio on or my TV on and hearing Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia,

North Korea, North Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, France. Does this nation not understand that politics is going to push us into a major war? I know people have other things to talk about besides this. If not, they don’t have a life. Get real, get a job, get over it and go on. Democrats, quit whining. A Republican is the president and he’s going to be the president, so you might as well lie down. Trump can’t hurt the nation anymore than Obama or the Bushes did, or the lying Clintons.

. I didn’t know we had a Popcorn Sutton-wannabe’s, not to mention Mexican Popcorn Sutton-wannabe’s in Letcher County. They are making the Letcher County law officers look like pure fools, and the Kentucky State Police. When you see a big white car driving up the road with the back end dragging the ground with only two little bony people in the front, wonder what they have in the trunk? Are they hauling the corn squeezing’s?

. I have something deeper than those blessed and holy T-shirts. Christ is in my heart. It’s God’s job to judge me, not others who wear those T-shirts. Hope I see you in Heaven.

. Hey sister-in-law out in Kansas: I love you a great big old truckload. I was back on my mountain and saw a bear with three little ones. I don’t expect you to believe that, but I saw it with my own two eyes.

. The people with the highway department better come up here and get this house before it falls on someone. The house is coming down little by little. It’s going to hit a car or somebody, and people are going to get hurt bad if not killed. The weeds up here are really bad, too. You can’t see around any curves or anything. The weeds and trees are taking over up here. No weeds at all have been cut. (Oops. You forgot to give the location of ‘up here.’)

Well from what I heard, some girls from Letcher County found out they can get really rich down on the Texas-Mexico border. From what I hear that didn’t work out too well. You need to do some more research on the Internet, girls. It doesn’t pay to be stupid.

. This is my second call in concerning KY 1148, the Little Colley Road. From Isom above Gurney Maggard’s store to the base of the mountain is just like a racetrack. These people are absolutely driving as fast as they can. If they want to kill themselves, go ahead, but they could have a blowout or something and kill an innocent family that was just traveling the road. These fools are not driving safely. They have no concern even for themselves. So this is the second call I have made about this issue. If we had any law in this county they would try to do something about the safety of these roads.

. We need a Whitaker Bank branch in Jenkins with employees who can open up checking accounts. You have to go all the way to Whitesburg to get that done now. I just think that is poor, especially with Community Trust Bank right next-door opening up checking accounts all day long. Thank you.

. This is a message to Mrs. Sanford and Son on Marshall’s Branch: You stop what you’re doing and you stop it now or your neighbors are going to stop if for you. Thank you.

. I cannot understand why these faith-healing preachers don’t go down to St. Jude’s and heal all of those babies or to places that treat badly burned children.

. I want to tell about a situation with the water lines on Pert Creek. On a recent

Wednesday we were out of water all day and none of us were informed about anything. The next day, Thursday, there was water. On Friday there was not water. They worked up here all day Friday, and about 2 p.m. my daughter asked them when they would turn the water back on. The man said they would have it back on in 30 minutes. Well, they worked until dark. I asked them about 7 p.m. when they would have it back on and was told it would be 30 minutes. When they got through they went out of the hollow and never said anything and left my water line stopped up.

. Could someone in Whitesburg tell me why so many men are being allowed to go in and out of that domestic violence shelter? I thought it was supposed to be used to keep men away; not to attract men. If the women aren’t going to live by the rules they need to leave there. One pervert who hangs out there has been run out of every parking lot in Whitesburg. Why is he allowed to hang out there?

. Congratulations to Jessica and Dean who had a beautiful mountain wedding in Gatlinburg on 7-7- 17. We are so happy for them and wish to send them so much love.

. This just in from the Real News Network: We move ahead to 2047 and what did we see on the news this morning? There is a slight chance there might have been collusion with Russia. Now keep in mind that President Trump, Putin, all of Congress, and all of the FBI have passed away. There is nobody left who knows anything about it. MSNBC has imploded on itself and the only reporter now working for CNN is the one who reported there might be an outside chance of collusion, but he doesn’t know it for sure. At least the story is alive and well. Thank you.

. Where are you, Angie Hatton, and what are you doing for your county? That’s what we want to know.

. I just can’t understand our president. If he were like JFK he would have his missiles ready to go to North Korea. I don’t know if Trump has a backbone or not. I know that if JFK were still alive that little North Korean president would straighten up and act like a man or he would have been blown off the map. Remember back when Russia brought all their little missiles to Cuba? What happened? They all took them down because they know what JFK would have done. The president we have now is a joke.

. Well, well, well, Senator Mitch McConnell finally said something intelligent. He said that if Republicans cannot come to an agreement on repealing ObamaCare that they might have to negotiate with the Democrats to amend the existing program. I’m going to be sarcastic, ‘No poop Dick Tracy.’ Hasn’t that been the obvious solution all along? The first thing the Republicans must acknowledge is that this is a democracy, not a monarchy. And while the Republicans are in a concession mode they need to send their president packing so America can regain respect among the nations of the world.

. Never in the history of mankind has a husband ever been shot while washing the supper dishes. You see, there is a safe haven in this world full of turmoil.

. Dear Letcher County: Kentucky Power Company, or AEP, has filed Case No. 2017-00179 asking the Kentucky Public Service Commission to raise your power bills (rates, tariffs, and other new add-ons). Please call 1-502-564-3940 or 1-800- 772-4636 to let them know people cannot pay higher power bills.

I’m really tired of going to a certain local restaurant and having children running around unsupervised, crying and screaming. Some even have bed pillows in booths that they nap in. I’ve been hit by toy cars flying along the floor. I understand that working single mothers have a hard time finding a babysitter, but when a customer can’t eat a quiet meal something has to change. So, I’ll just change restaurants. What is the manager thinking?

. These new cars trucks they have come out with nowadays, you’d better watch them pretty closely after they get a little age on them. They have a fault about them that could cost you your life. Some vehicles, I will not mention any brand names, but some new vehicles that no longer use hydromatic

fluid power-steering devices have switched to all electric assist power steering devices, which are dependent on a supply of electricity to always be available. Electricity is not always available under some kinds of conditions, but hydromatic power fluid is usually always available and dependable. If you are driving a car or small truck that is not equipped with hydromatic fluid powersteering and you are traveling on a curving-type road at about 55 miles per hour, it would be very difficult to steer out of a sharp curve if you suddenly lost electric power, as when a generator or an alternator fails or breaks down. This is a traffic problem that has not been revealed to the public yet. Cars are not as safe today as they used to be.

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