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Now Heres a Tip

• “To loosen grime in the shower, run the shower hot for a few minutes and then use a cleaner. The heat and steam make it easier to clean. Or you can clean up the shower just before you clean up yourself.” — T.G. in Texas

• When moving, pack a suitcase or two with essentials for a few days: toiletries, clothing, medicines, etc. This way, the pressure is off to everything set up right away.

• “ To make sure you don’t get any slipped stitches when you’re interrupted while knitting or crocheting, just clip the work at the needle with a clothespin. It stays put, and you can pick it right back up after you are done taking a break.” — C.C. in Arkansas

• If you use cold water to clean all of your clothes, you can save about $40 a year in electricity costs. Your clothes will last longer, as well. And consider a clothesline for air-drying items like towels and sheets on nice days. That saves electricity too.

• Be sure to get and check references for any home-service professional you hire. Get estimates in writing, and make sure the estimates list what is included — and what is not.

• “My 3-year-old wants to help with EVERYTHING these days, so when I clean house, I give her a spray bottle with plain water and a large, clean cloth. She’s responsible for ‘cleaning’ the sliding glass door, which she does very well and safely. I also have her dust shelves and fold washcloths.” — R.V. in Arizona

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