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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A heartbroken Eric confides in Sheila his regrets regarding his marriage to Quinn and wishes he could go back in time to change everything. Sheila fuels Eric’s fire regarding Quinn and Ridge by suggesting scenarios between the two that are much more severe than they actually are. Ridge and Quinn fear the worse about Eric possibly spending time with Sheila. Bill has no remorse about the blatant lie that he told Thomas to get him to consider reuniting with Caroline. Caroline is blindsided by Bill when he confesses about the flagrant story that he told Thomas. Bill attempts to persuade Caroline into going along with the plan, but her trepidations prevent her from doing so. Sheila is determined to win Eric’s confidence after he voices his distrust in his family. Steffy refuses to reveal Eric’s whereabouts to Ridge and discloses about the earlier interaction that she had with Sheila. Sally is enthusiastic about the upcoming fashion challenge in Monte Carlo and doesn’t understand why Thomas doesn’t feel the same. Caroline is unsettled with Bill’s plan to get Thomas away from Sally so that their family can be reunited. Eric lays into Ridge about his vast history of betrayal and recurrent mistreatment throughout the years. Brooke lectures RJ and Coco about the dangers of distracted driving and how lucky they both are to be alive following their accident. As Thomas questions her about her condition, Caroline is reluctant to go along with Bill’s work of fiction. On the flight to Monte Carlo, Thomas is preoccupied with thoughts of Caroline’s condition but doesn’t divulge the reason for his distraction to Sally. Bill takes advantage of the closequarter on the plane by making subtle references about family that are covertly directed at Thomas. Ridge tells Quinn that he knows of Eric’s whereabouts and about the heartbreaking falling out they just had. Inconsolable from his wife and his son’s betrayal, Eric imagines the passion that took place between Ridge and Quinn. Sheila comforts Eric and takes pleasure in every second of it. In Monte Carlo, both fashion houses prepare for the big charity event which will debut the companies’ summer collections. As Bill taunts Sally about Spectra losing out to Forrester, he ignores a call from Caroline who is telling him that she cannot go along with his plan.

THIS WEEK: All eyes are on Bill to make sure that he doesn’t pull one of his schemes to ensure that Spectra Fashions loses the competition. Katie credits Wyatt for a majority of the success of the event.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — It’s double the trouble as a pair of mischief-makers devised plans for revenge. John and Paul interrogated Xander further. Eric alerted Jennifer to Brady’s ulterior motive. Nicole discovered Eric’s secret. Abigail and Theo raced against the clock to protect Chad. Chad admitted he lied to Gabi about Abigail. Nicole came to a decision about Eric. Jennifer confronted Brady about using her to try to keep Nicole and Eric apart. A fight erupted between Chad and Gabi. Abe was furious when he found out Theo’s working for DiMera Enterprises. Dario laid the gauntlet down with Abigail. Steve distracted Kayla from her problems at the hospital with a romantic evening. Abigail and Andre were desperate to get their hands on the Theo’s laptop to save Chad. Gabi was surprised to learn that her brother has been arrested. Steve helped Kayla pack up her office. Chad, Abigail and Dario faced off. Steve had a startling realization about Tripp. Chad demanded that Abigail tell him the real reason she’s leaving town with Dario.

THIS WEEK: Marlena’s plans took a surprising turn. An attempt was made on someone’s life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL . Sonny came prepared. Jason would stop at nothing to learn the truth. Josslyn was forced to reconsider. Dante got a break. Nathan’s column hit close to home. Nina pushed for justice. Jason filled Carly in. Sam confronted Sonny. Anna arrived with big news. Nathan got a welcome surprise. Jason sensed something’s terribly wrong. Finn and Griffith made strides. Laura had her hands full. Liz and Hayden bonded. Obrecht sought revenge. Garvey covered his tracks. Griffith grew concerned about Scout’s health. Carly shared her news with Michael. Liz was held captive. Curtis questioned Hayden. Alexis rushed to GH. Julian was devastated.

THIS WEEK: Oscar made time for Joss. Garvey was pleased with himself.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . At the GCAC, Phyllis tried to convince Billy to spend the day with her, but he told her that he needs to get back to the office to help Victoria. Billy arrived at Brash & Sassy, to find a stressed out Victoria and assured her that they could turn things around. Lily visited to ask for permission to seek additional modeling work since she’s the sole breadwinner for the family. Meanwhile at Jabot, Phyllis mentioned to Jack that Billy has been working long hours to keep Brash and Sassy afloat since Victoria fired Cane. Jack noted that Cane handled some big deals at Brash & Sassy and left Cane a message that he wants to set up a meeting. Neil asked Lily about the state of her marriage. Lily reported that she’s taking time to deal with the situation and doesn’t want to rush into any major decisions but admitted that she still loves Cane. Later, Cane arrived home. He and Lily had an intimate conversation, and Cane pulled Lily into a kiss. Lily pulled away and told Cane that it’s impossible for her to forget their current situation. Mariah insecurity rose as she saw Devon and Hilary reminisce about old times. Mariah’s mood improved when Devon invited her to a musical festival in San Francisco. Later, they decided to invite Tessa and Noah to join them on the trip. Neil informed Cane that he wouldn’t be offering him a position at Hamilton-Winters. Cane was disappointed but mentioned that he might have another lead on the job front. Later, Cane met with Jack and promised Jack a perfect strategy to take on Brash & Sassy. Jack pressed for more information, but Cane said he would share his secrets once Jack offered him a position. Later, Gloria was upset when she learned that Jack brought Nikki to the cabin after her concert. Gloria’s mood improved when she received a lunch invite from Graham. Sharon was working at the crisis center when she received a phone call from a young woman who told her that she’s being forced to work as an escort. Sharon tried to help, but the girl hung up before she could get any more information. Sharon filled Scott and Paul in on Crystal’s call, and they wondered if Crystal’s connected to the sex ring that Christine was investigating.

THIS WEEK: Reed walked Mattie home after a date and gave her a goodnight kiss. Charlie caught them kissing and told Mattie that dating Reed would only make things work for their family.

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