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Now Here's a Tip

• When decluttering, use this tried and true tip: Set up four boxes with labels for Keep, Donate/ Sell, Trash and Recycle. It’s amazing how much you can take care of quickly.

• “We had a big basket for shoes by our door. It just kept getting messy as people would search for their own shoes in it. Finally, I got smart. I put a low bench by the door and stashed one small basket for each family member underneath. Your shoes go in your basket, and it’s much less mess.” — A.L. in Georgia

• “Tired of waiting for that frothy head on your beer or root beer to go down? Stick your finger in it and watch it disappear like magic.” — K.E. in Idaho

• “My kids kept losing the plastic sticks for the icepop maker, and I ended up with several of the molds. I kept one, and we use craft sticks instead of the plastic ones that came with it. We use another mold in the car to keep little items sorted, like change, gum and mints and charging cords. It’s set in the center console and works great!” — M.R. in California

• Common substitutions: Use a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with enough milk to make one cup for every cup of buttermilk a recipe requires. Let the mixture stand five minutes before use.

• A tub full of soapy bubbles after a kids’ bathtime? Shake salt on the foam and watch it disappear!

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