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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Everyone awaits word from Bill about whether Forrester Creations or Spectra Fashions won the competition. Zende describes to Nicole how it felt to see his dream of being a designer being fulfilled on the catwalk with her wearing them. Katie and Wyatt feel an undeniable attraction to each other and neither of them knows what to do about it. From Monte Carlo, Bill calls Caroline to convince her to go along with his lie. After a phone call from Caroline, Thomas tells Sally that he has to cut his trip short to be with Douglas and Caroline. At the Monte Carlo club, after party attendees congratulate Bill on a fun and successful fashion challenge between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. Nicole has a change of heart about attending the festivities and opts to stay in the hotel with Lizzy and Rick. Zende is frustrated when he learns that his wife is skipping the celebration that denotes the greatest day in his budding career. While dancing at the club, Katie and Wyatt push the boundaries of their attraction to each other which causes a bit of discomfort between the two. Just as Quinn has missed Eric as much as possible, she receives a call from him telling her that he’s ready to come home. Before he heads home, Sheila attempts to convince Eric that he should divorce Quinn because of her infidelity. Katie tells Wyatt of her suspicions about Zende and Maya after seeing their intimate moment at the club the night before. Zende comforts Maya when she tells him of the struggles of being transgender. Quinn’s elation regarding her husband’s long-awaited homecoming is suddenly altered by Eric’s sudden proclamation about their marriage. When Wyatt brings up their flirtation in Monaco, Katie becomes uncomfortable and quickly attempts to change the subject. As he and Steffy discuss the situation between Eric and Quinn, Ridge admits that his actions have caused irreparable damage in his relationship with his father. While speaking to Sheila, Charlie realizes that Sheila still has feelings for Eric and wants him for her own. After Wyatt’s insistence that he and Katie pursue a relationship together, he is given hope when she sends him a text asking him out. Wyatt is surprised by wheat he finds when he arrives for the date. A determined Sheila takes a drastic measure to ensure that she is the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

THIS WEEK: When learning what Eric has planned for Quinn, Ridge contemplates stepping in to fix the trouble he caused. Steffy confronts Ridge regarding his intentions towards Quinn.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail was seriously hurt when she saved Chad’s life. Marlena found herself in deep trouble. Steve’s suspicions grew that Tripp set up Kayla at the hospital. Chad, Jennifer and JJ held vigil over Abigail. Hope and Rafe hunted for Dario. Roman wondered if Eric has feelings again for Nicole. Brady was upset by a conversation he overheard between Nicole and Maggie. Gabi revealed to Chad that Abigail’s marriage to Dario was for green card purposes. Jennifer and JJ waited for word on Abigail. Anjelica had trouble keeping her cohort in line. Marlena found herself in a familiar place. Abigail made it through surgery, but Kayla warned everyone she’s not out of the woods yet. Chad informed Andre that once Abigail pulls through he intends to turn himself into the police. Tripp was determined to make Kayla pay. Brady couldn’t shake his suspicions about Nicole and Eric rekindling their romance. Eric comforted Jennifer. Gabi overheard Chad declare his love for Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Tripp confronted Kayla, accusing her of killing Ava. Brady was upset when Nicole lied to him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly was forced to wait. Sonny began to lose hope. Nina was on the defense. Nathan delivered a strong warning. Finn surprised Hayden. Sonny had a choice to make. Carly lashed out at Jordan. Avery was inconsolable. Ava took pains to hide her appearance. Hayden was confronted by her past. Jason held vigil. Griffith was cautiously optimistic. Oscar offered his support. Nelle scrutinized a gift. Hayden suffered a guilty conscience. Valentin dealt with an intruder. Laura received a stern warning. Julian tried to raise Ava’s spirits. Jason began his interrogation. Carly sought out Michael. Dante helped Carly. Jason tried to get the truth. Sam struggled with reality.

THIS WEEK: Ava got a proposal that could change her fate. Laura had a plan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Neil and Devon celebrated the opening of their new office in the GCAC. Neil wondered if Devon would be distracted working where Hilary lives. Devon dismissed Neil concerns about Hilary and assured him that he doesn’t have any lingering feelings for her. Sharon pressed Paul for details on the search for Crystal. Paul assured her that he’s doing everything he can to find her. Later, Sharon received a call from Crystal who told her that she ran away but the call was disconnected before Sharon could find out any more information. Abby met with Zack, and the two continued to connect professionally and personally. As the chemistry built, they shared their first kiss. Ashley arrived, and Zack turned on the charm, telling Ashley about how much he admires and respects Abby. Zack left, and Ashley remarked it’s clear that she has chemistry with Zack. Abby admitted that she’s afraid to be vulnerable after the way her marriage ended. Hilary accused Jordan of caring for Lily more than he cares to admit. Hilary was surprised when Jordan agreed that maybe he does. Paul was surprised of Lauren’s disapproval of Sharon and told her that she’s being too quick to judge. Paul vouched the changes in Sharon and encouraged Lauren to give Sharon a chance. Lauren was cautious but invited Scott and Sharon to dinner. Sharon was appreciative when Scott agreed to write an expose about the sex ring in the hopes of helping girls like Crystal. Abby noticed Victoria sitting alone on the Roof Deck. Victoria was still feeling the effects of her concussion and surprised Abby with her over emotional behavior. Later, Abby told Victor about her odd conversation with Victoria. A concerned Victor agreed to talk to Victoria.

THIS WEEK: Ashley told Jack that she thinks Dina is depressed following the Mergeron sale. The topic changed to Jack’s friendship with Nikki. Ashley warned Jack to tread lightly. Later, Ashley met with Dina who admitted to feeling purposeless without her company and somewhat depressed.

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