2017-08-02 / Families & Friends

Veterans can shop in military Exchanges


In an article I wrote in The Mountain Eagle a short time ago, I mentioned that our veterans should have privileges to shop in our military Exchanges.

Beginning on Nov. 11, a veteran can log onto the Exchange’s website at shopmexchange.com, and get tax-free shopping.

If a veteran’s record has character of service data and that data meets the criteria for the online benefits, the veteran will be verified to shop.

Extending online shopping privileges to all honor- ably discharged veterans will likely improve family and support programs for our military, as well as their families.

The Exchange Service provides more than $300 million in support for military quality-of-life programs annually.

You vets, talk to your Veterans Department about this new shopping opportunity. I wish you luck.

I’ve shopped in the Exchange for over 60 years, and I love it.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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