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Letcher County needs to host a reality show and name it ‘Redneck Robberies.’ Are you feeling me? Start a while back ago with the Jenkins gas bandit. He took gas right out of a cop car and posted pictures of it on Facebook. This guy may be a redneck. Let’s not forget the Reese’s Cup man who stripped down naked in the Neon Food World IGA and rubbed peanut butter all over himself. This guy is a redneck for sure. Now let’s update to the latest and perhaps the finest of them all, the Isom Family Dollar Store burglar. This son of gun takes the cake of all cakes. He duck walks down behind the counter to the safe, steals the money, goes outside and counts it, and comes back inside the store and talks to the lady clerk. Well, reprobate, you have made my all-time redneck of rednecks. You are dumber than black dirt. Whatever you’re on you need to give up. Until later, thank you.

. I don’t believe a certain dark-haired, dark-skinned girl knows I’m talking about her in comments I have left in Speak Your Piece. If she doesn’t know, I will refresh her memory. One year we were in her backyard yard as she was doing gymnastic moves. I told her what I saw and she said I should have done something about it. Well, I’ve had a few years to think about it and I’m ready to do something about it. Whenever you want to, just let me know.

. Whitesburg, Kentucky has some of the prettiest Asian girls and women I have ever seen in my life. I’ve never dated an Asian, but I want to start real quick. We have no other women in this county who can compare to them.

. Let’s all thank God for continuing to shine His light on our good representative in Washington, Hal Rogers, and for His helping and protecting Mr. Rogers as he works to stop Donald Trump and his band of outlaws from cutting out our federal prison so they can send all that money and jobs that were promised to us to their buddies who run private prisons.

. I want to talk about the guy who said he might quit paying his garbage bill and haul his up into the head of the hollow and throw it out instead. I don’t know if he knows anything about game cameras, but up in the head of the hollow where we live on Marshalls Branch we have game cameras set up at every place you could throw it. Please don’t bring your trash to Marshalls Branch. We pay our garbage bill. If you don’t want to pay your bill, take your garbage and throw it out at the Letcher County Courthouse.

I understand that people get into hard places and need help sometimes, but welfare is not a career. Get off your butts and get a JO B and quit your whining.

. I would like to speak my piece on this water situation we’ve been having on Pert Creek for a month or more. We’ve been out of water more in the past month than we were during all the time they were working on the lines to bring the water in. I don’t know what the problem is, but we’re counting down on eight days without any water. I’m getting tired of this. I’ll go back to my old well and use it as I can. I wish someone would tell me what is going on with the Pert Creek water. The lines are only two years old and shouldn’t be breaking and popping.

. Coming into Whitesburg on the north end there is a huge dip in the road. It’s big enough to knock the front end of my car out of line. I have called the state to ask that it be fixed, and now I wonder who is in charge in Whitesburg to get the road fixed coming into that little bitty town up there. Surely to God it can’t be that hard to fix.

. There’s a guy who works for some department and drives a white truck through town constantly gawking at women. Don’t they have anything better to do? Thanks.

. I went into my favorite restaurant in town last week with my husband. The menu has changed so much I don’t even know if I’ll go back now.

. God bless the president, his family, and the United States of America. It’s about time they did an investigation into the Clintons and the corruption they have caused the United States. They should put them in chains.

. Mr. President, it’s about time we send a message about some of the things going on in this world, especially concerning North Korea and Iran. Mr. President, it’s about time we send a message. When they send that missile, let’s send them something, OK? Let’s just shut it all down at one time. That will take care of the business, if you set an example. Who in the hell is afraid of China? Who in the hell is afraid of Russia? Mr. President, we are not. This is the United States of America. Sure I would hate to see the loss of lives, but they don’t care about us. They want to put us in their sweatshops. They want to cut our heads off. Yes, indeedy, the United States of America has been the power of this earth almost since the time it was formed. We’re not afraid of them. God bless America.


I was once a Republican, but never again after what the party has put in to take David Narramore’s place. I am now going to be a strong Democrat after what the party has done. Thank you.

. I thought the county road foreman had retired. If so, why did I see him driving a truck with ‘Letcher County Fiscal Court’ painted on the side? Is he out of retirement already?

. What’s on my mind is a girl who lives in Jenkins. She told me when she was going through a divorce that I was her good friend. I would like to go out with her now and see just how good of a friend I really am. I’m talking about getting out and having a good old time, eating dinner, watching a movie, and enjoying life. You know who I am. Get in touch. I would like to hear from you.

. About 55 years ago I started voting in Letcher County. Things have gotten so bad with the Democrat Party that I thought about switching to the Republican side, but after I found out who is now chairman of the Republican Party I would never consider voting Republican.

. It was a sad sight last night watching the repeal of Obamacare fail again. Here’s what America needs to do: Raise the price of oil $10 a barrel; let the government put all Americans on Medicare and do away with the insurance companies and do away with the bickering in the White House and in Congress. You people make me sick. You fight like cats and dogs.

. To the idiot who wants to disarm America’s cops: They are policemen and they protect me and they need their guns to protect against people like you who want to disarm them.

. I think it’s a shame The Mountain Eagle is scared to publish comments people call in about a certain fellow accused of doing something in Tennessee. It’s sad to think that we can’t state our opinion in this county. That’s all right, Speak Your Piece, I’ve got a voice and I’ve got a mouth and I can talk. I’m looking at Speak Your Piece right now and nowhere in it does it list what I called in about this guy who was charged with exposing himself. That is sad. I thought you truly cared about the county and that you like putting in the paper what people think. I guess I am wrong, but I thank you anyway.

. Our Letcher County Courthouse is destroyed. Between the judges, the prosecuting attorneys, and the defense attorneys we don’t have a hope in Hades of ever straightening it out. We’re going to have to open the doors up and put somebody inside — the Turtle Man or somebody — and let him get the son of a guns out of there and do away with it.

. I would like to speak about the county people who are laid off right now. Earlier a couple of my friends lost their jobs when a certain place was shut down, but there really wasn’t much stink raised about it. Now that the layoffs have hit a family member of the same people who didn’t seem to care when the other layoffs took place. Since their family member was laid off they are now raising a big stink about it. Well, you didn’t worry about them but now you’re going to think about yourself? Now you know how they felt when they were done wrong.

. Why was it hushed up when a certain doctor was caught sleeping with employees at a certain place? All I’ve got to say is a member of my family was fired because of what they know. You may cover this up, but it’s going to come back to surface and you can explain why.

I would like to say thank you to all the truck drivers out there. I hope all of you have a heart like the driver did after the tragic wreck at Ermine that claimed the life of a precious angel. I feel for the family, because I’ve got family. I want to tip my hat to this trucker who left the road and steered to the left and to the right trying to stay away from the car carrying the family. He ended up hitting them, but he was trying his best to get away from it. I wish more people in this life had the heart this man has. This will be hard for everyone in our little community to get over. This is a sign that we need better roads and better turn lanes. We have many bad spots in this county, including one on the other side of the hill at the Parkway Motel. I don’t know how many people have been killed in the Isom community, but it’s a bad place too. Let’s all remember this family. The Lord will get his angels one way or the other. God bless you all. If I could do anything in any way I would.

. I see here in Speak You Piece where someone is complaining about smoke and people burning tires and garbage. I know exactly where the caller is coming from, as I deal with this stuff all the time myself. I can’t sit on my porch or open my windows because of the smoke. I’ve called and called the authorities and no one seems to care. They don’t have to smell the smoke is why.

. Everybody in Letcher County could grab a big sign and march and complain about power bills, but all Kentucky Power Company will do is sit and laugh. March around the world if you want to, but you’re just wasting your time. They’re just going to sit and laugh at you.

. I have watched the video of the Isom store theft 10 to 12 times. What I want to know is this: Why was the safe unlocked and why was the area left unattended so long? Two or three days after this happened, I went to this Family Dollar Store and witnessed myself as no one came to the front counter for seven minutes. I don’t know if they were in the back or what.

. When you say your prayers tonight, please join me in thanking our great and wonderful God for touching the souls of Senator John McCain and the two lady senators from Alaska and Maine and helping them to see what an evil it would have been for them to have joined President Trump and Senator McConnell in taking the healthcare away from our poor and working people here in these hills. We have suffered enough here already without seeing so many of our friends and neighbors and loved ones who work at Mountain Comp and hospital lose their jobs to Trumpcare.

. I think it’s a shame the state highway workers won’t take care of the roads. About 25 of them put a load of blacktop down so that it looked like a cow had been on the side of the road and blacktopped over. Thank you.

. I wonder what happened to all of the jobs Trump promised us in the coal industry when he got elected. The only thing I’ve seen him do is help the union miners by signing a bill that guarantees their health benefits for life. I don’t know why he isn’t putting us back to work. Thank you.

. I see they finally cut the weeds leading to the meth lab on Pert Creek. Of course it could have been toxic fumes from emanating from the meth labs that killed the weeds.


I want to say something about our county’s longtime deputy sheriff, Gale Dean Campbell: Back in 1990, my son and daughter and myself had started to pull over at Red Hall’s Fruit Market at Ermine and some idiot boy from Pike County who didn’t have insurance or license hit us in the back end. Gale Dean Campbell was the first on the scene, and he helped me out and held my back steady until the ambulance could get there. We will always think the world of Gale Dean Campbell. I don’t want to hear anybody say anything smart about him again, because he is one of the better guys in Letcher County.

. Who do we go to talk to or see or pay or bribe or whatever to get something done about the road on the way into Whitesburg, just before you get to the college. It’s sinking in more and more each day. I have a crick in my neck from hitting it, even though my car was crawling through. It jerks every bone in your body out of place. Something needs to be done before somebody winds up on top of one of those houses below.

. I am a 55-year-old female. I don’t drink or do drugs. I am a decent person and I am looking for a man to get serious with in my life, ages 50 to 55. If you’re serious about starting a relationship with a good woman, please respond.

. I was just wondering who got beaten with steel knuckles over here on Linefork. I heard it happened after he was accused of stealing pot on Cornett Branch. That place needs wiped out. There is more dope grown in that area than is grown in the rest of Kentucky.

. One-hundred degrees or pouring the rain, the Jenkins Peewee football team shows up for practice. That’s really good with those boys just being seven years old. The coach should be ashamed.

. I sure hope that DJ doesn’t take any more vacations this year. Thank you.

. This is for those who fish in Tennessee: I caught some big fish there, but they had sores all over them. I asked the old-timers what the problem was and they said it was ‘meth fish.’ Because there is so much meth being made in that area and put in the drainage system, it gets into the lakes. So if you eat any of the fish you catch down there and you start to feel funny you’ve just got a meth buzz. Signed, Kentucky fisherman going south.

. I recommend that all husbands and fathers keep their wives and daughters away from Fishpond Lake. There’s a married man on the prowl up there.

. Letcher County is one of the poorest counties in eastern Kentucky. Every other county around us has stuff, and now they are putting $1 million into a junky hotel. They need to fix the roof on the courthouse first. All of the officials need to kick in their salaries and see what they can come up. Letcher County would be a better place if we could get rid of all of the officials in the courthouse — brothers, sisters, uncles, fathers, just get rid of them all.


When Jim Ward was first running for judge he said he was going to bring industry into our county. What has he done? Nothing. We were supposed to have industry come into our county under Ward. What do we have? Nothing. Come election time we intend to put him out of office and put someone in there who will bring jobs into our county.

. If they want to find some pot patches they need to come over to the Linefork area and turn down KY 1103 and go up Cornett Branch to where it turns into the head of Coon Branch and Picture Branch. I’m sure they will find a lot of dope growing. The cops can also come up through Gordon and turn off 510 to Bear Branch and back into the faults of those mountains. They would be surprised by what they would find. I know this to be a fact. There are no two ways about it. Thank you very much.

. Where are you, Eric C. Conn? I need you, Eric C. Conn. Please come back, Eric C. Conn.

. How come Food City is getting to where they aren’t selling non-alcoholic beer? I’m a non-alcohol person who feels like I have my right to have my non-alcoholic beer to buy whenever I want. I’m going to call Food City and give them a piece of my mind.

. Gregory, I still love you. I miss you.

. Donald Trump is the biggest, fattest joke of a president I have ever seen in my lifetime. And I’m 90.

. There are so many bums in Letcher County. The lazy pieces of garbage should get off their lazy behinds and get a job and quit bumming. Either that or move out of Letcher County to a place where there are jobs.

. The owner of a certain construction company needs to drug-test his workers. They are all pill heads, starting at the top.

. The Boy Scouts are taking suggestions for new badges their members can earn, including crotch grabbing, Neo-Nazism, and racketeering.

. Just a comment on the man in Haymond that has the power of attorney: He has the old man’s house and property outside of town in his name. If you don’t believe me, check the Jenkins city tax roll. This was all done while the grandson was away and now when the old man goes the grandson has nothing.


I’ve been trying to get my head around Trump’ proposed defense budget? Why do we need $659 billion in defense, not including the top secret ‘classified’ spending? In total, we are talking about three quarters of $1 trillion, and for what? I’m 70 years old and there has been a foreign war continuously for my entire lifetime. I have lost close family and friends to the wars, and for what? I hate to be the one to tell you, but this country fell quite some time ago. It’s gone. We have here yet another example of multinational corporate governance. Fox News, raving wild man commentators and the ‘reality’ TV outlets provide ‘alternative facts’ for your enjoyment, and you buy it. Are you aware that we spend more on our military than the next eight highest defense-spending nations on the globe combined? And for what? How much benefit do you and your family get from this? There are no differences in ideology any longer. It’s worldwide capitalism. Every rich person for themselves and the rest of us are surfs, peons, peasants, and we always will be so long as the eco system will bear us. At what point in time do you foresee the multinational corporate rulers deciding to terminate, via invasion or thermonuclear attack, one of their very best toys — the good old U.S. of A? We are the ultimate consumers. You’re going to be kept in such a state of anxiety you won’t know who you are. Are you a patriot? Are you with us or against us? They tell you that you must help save our ‘Christian nation.’ Do you love Homeland Security and the warm fuzzy feeling it brings? How about the ‘Trump Youth?’ How about these ‘rallies’ he has that are just like those Hitler held in Nuremburg?

. Next time you see Senator Mitch McConnell, ask him what part of single payer ‘Medicare for all’ — and all the money that it would save — he doesn’t understand. I can help him out with that. It’s not really all that hard.


I say God bless America. Mr. President, start using your executive privileges. We put you in office and we put Congress in office. They are going to get this job ‘did’ through you. You get onto their behinds, and if you want to fire Robert Mueller from the investigation you go ahead and fire Mueller. You’re the president of the United States; you can do whatever in the hell you want when it comes to running this great nation. You know all of these things, Mr. President. I am not upset with you; I’m upset with the government. They act like a bunch of youngun’s. A person ought to take a belt inside the Capitol and wear their behinds out. Of course, you can’t even do that anymore. Once you couldn’t find a person in the mountains whose grandmother hadn’t taken a switch and worn their behinds out with it. We respected that. Now there is no respect from anyone anywhere. Nowadays you have to watch when young people come up to you to keep them from sucker-punching you. They snicker and they go on and they mock you. Well, Mr. President, the American people are not mocking you. We support you 100 percent.

. I think a certain restaurant in Whitesburg needs to do something about their employees who let their undergarments show. Thank you very much.

. I wish a certain restaurant would change its food and recipes back to the way it was. Thank you.

. Well it’s Monday, about 33 p.m. I put a comment in Speak Your Piece recently about the women’s shelter and drugs being dealt from a vehicle in the parking lot. What is it going to take to get the law’s attention and do something with this fellow? This man has been run out of every restaurant parking lot in Whitesburg. My money helps pay to keep these women safe. Why can the law not come over there and run the men off?

. The weeds are still bad up here in Craft’s Colly. It is a dangerous road. I don’t know what they’ll do when this building falls down in the road and kills somebody.

. No woman deserves to go through what I put her through. There have been some times that I could do the BTK Killer, Dahmer and Bundy thanks to a new drug called ice. I woke up from another three days of lost time battling the monster called ice. I listened to everybody tell me about what I had done, then I looked in the mirror and realized that a monster is what I am.

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