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Moments and Memories of WHS



Welcome new teachers

Mrs. Gardner Bates, the former Miss Barbara Holstein, was graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1957, where she was an honor student, a participant in many school activities, and Drum Majorette in her senior year.

She attended Union College for two years and then transferred to U.K. where she graduated in 1962.

This is her first year in the teaching profession and when asked how she liked it, she reported, “I like it very much; teaching gives me a feeling of joy from working with such a nice group of people”.

Mrs. Bates favorites are: hobbies — reading and playing the piano; sports — football and bowling; foods — spaghetti and chocolate pie; drinks — orange juice and buttermilk.

Warren Combs, Goebel Ritter, Barbara Bates

Mr. Warren Combs: We extend a warm welcome to our new D.E. teacher, Mr. Combs, who comes to us from Fleming-Neon High School where he taught Bookkeeping, General Business, Geography, Law and Salesmanship. He is a graduate of Fleming High School and Eastern College from which he has a B.S. and M.A. degree in Business Education.

WARREN COMBSWARREN COMBSMr. Combs who hails from Seco, will be 28 on October 23. Married to the former Lola Warrick, he is the proud father of a 19-monthold daughter, Lydia Kay.

Mr. Goebel Ritter: Mr. Ritter, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal, was born in Richmond. He attended Madison High School and graduated from Eastern with B.A. and M.A. degrees. He attended college on a football scholarship, but he didn’t play. “Just didn’t get around to it,” he explained. He was the only four-letter man on the football team. He played three years of professional basketball for the New York Knickerbockers.

Mr. Ritter served 2½ years in the Marines, 16 months of which were overseas. He took part in the invasion of Guam and Iwo Jima.

After coaching one year at Fleming-Neon, he moved to Hazard where he coached for 10 years. His hobby is golf.

He is married to the former Pauline Caudill of Neon.

GOEBEL RITTERGOEBEL RITTEROlive prefer Campbell, or if you like redheads, try Sandra Bloomer; the eyes of Linda Pilkenton, Fredia Buttrey or Sherry Conatser; the complexion of Virginia Asher; the teeth of Sue Lewis, and the sincere smile or Mahala Reynolds, the figure of Glenda or Sherlon Raleigh, the style of Vikki Moore or Carol Joyce Davison, the friendly manner of Maurleen Collier, the personality of Barbara Adams, the cloths of Terry Combs. Blend well and the result will be the sweetheart of Whitesburg High.

The imaginary Mr. WHS

Start with the physique of Jimmy Stamper, the teeth of William Craft or Roger Blair; the eyes of Elman Blair; smile of Curtis Adams, hair of Gay Amburgey, complexion of Ted Cook, friendly manner of Jackie Collins, the personality of Lloyd Price and the clothes of Randy Fields or Michael Adams — and girls, here is a man!

Cat’s meow

BARBARA BATESBARBARA BATESWho is wearing Ted Cook’s ring now, could it be Brenda Watts? Maurleen Collier, the Cat has seen a new sparkling diamond on your left hand; could Colan Collins be the lucky guy? Miss Adams is it true your ring was so big that Santa had a hard time getting down the chimney with it. Could Trim and you tell us when the big day is? Wonder why we see Dud Webb on the hill so much during his vacations? Could Terry Combs tell us? Roger Younce, everyone knows you still like Judy Carroll and she likes you, so swallow your pride and take her back.

(The above articles from the 1963 Yearbook and Black Kat newspapers.)

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