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Now Here's a Tip

• Moving? Stick a foam plate between your regular plates to cushion them. Bonus is that they are reusable at the new place.

• “I found that a travel makeup bag worked really well to keep all my electronic accessories in one place. I have spots for my different device chargers, as well as my wireless mouse, jump drives, earbuds and a spare battery. It makes it easy to grab what I need for a quick trip, and the cords are never jumbled together.” — E.T. in Massachusetts

• “We had a nice set of knives in a knife block. The scissors broke, and then a couple of the smaller knives went kaput, too. The block started to look weird with the spots for missing items. My wife filled a wide mouth vase with little stone beads, and the remaining knives are stored in it on the counter. It looks really cool and different, and keeps the blades safe.” — A.L. in Arkansas

• “I store all my large utensils inside of a plastic gallon-size beverage container. When I have guests, I use it for extra iced tea or juice, but otherwise it holds large spoons, rolling pins and the like.” — M.Y. in Alabama

• Purchase additional measuring cups in the most-used sizes and slip one in the containers of most measured items: flour, sugar, coffee, etc. You’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to search for the right measuring cup or try to clean one in between ingredients.

• Here’s a tip for caregivers: Please make sure you put personal time on your to-do list, because it’s just as important as following up on treatment plans and picking up prescriptions. You can help someone so much better when you are rested and ready to give. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

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