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Calihans mark 70th anniversary


Hello everyone! How’s everything in your little corner of the world? I wish I could say things are great in mine, and then once again I take a look and find there are those far worse than me.

Friday, I had an angiogram that I postponed for three weeks because of the circumstance of my children’s dad. I didn’t need a stent this time, but it was one of the worst that I’ve ever experienced. They didn’t put a gel stopper in after they did the procedure, and my blood pressure and heart rate dropped. I had to lie five and half hours without even moving my head, and stay in bed all day Saturday.

If I ever have to go through another one, I will make sure I go back to Christ Hospital.

Tuesday, I had an appointment in Indianapolis with a specialist. I didn’t want to bother anyone so I drove by myself. When the nurse took my blood pressure, it was over 200, so once again I was detained for a little while before they would let me drive home.

Southern Ohio

I had made plans to go to the Osborne Brothers Bluegrass Festival. Dean Osborne had set a ticket aside for me. While talking to Dean I want to say what a wonderful person that Dean Osborne is.

At Kingscreek Festival last year I made it a point to go ask if there was any way that he could find a spot for Sunrise Ridge on the Hyden Festival’s schedule. There wasn’t any definite answer. As time was drawing near I checked the schedule and I was really ecstatic to see Sunrise Ridge included.

I knew I was going to be there, so I called Dean to see if they still had tickets, Dean had so much praise for Sunrise Ridge Band.

Sunrise Ridge did an opening for someone and Dean was really impressed. Even though it usually takes a couple of years to get booked into a festival, Dean decided to give them this opportunity. Natalie and Jack are also students of Dean.

Health problems that landed me in bed for the week, so I wasn’t able to go.

If God will spare me another year, which I really doubt by the way I am feeling right now, I will try to be in the audience if Dean should invite them back.

For those of you in Letcher County, you should be so proud of this band called Sunrise Ridge. I know that I am.

Somehow I ran across a name Phil Evans. His mother, Ardelia Mitchell Evans, was a sister to Minnie Whitaker, Ardelia passed away on May 18, 2013 at the age of 93.

My parents rented from George and Minnie Whitaker several times during the time of years living at Roxana. It was really great reminiscing with Phil; his mom and family started going to Minnie’s after I had already left the area.

As many years I have been away from Roxana, my heart still longs to go back there, just to walk or even drive through the little town, which only has Denny Amburgey’s store, and a post office

I love to drive past George and Minnie’s old homeplace, and look up to where Monroe and Martha Whitaker lived.

Once in a while I still go across Mill Branch and down Pratt Fort for the simple reason that I know my small feet walked those paths when I was a child.

I will say I am glad there weren’t perverts or drugs back then as they are now. I wouldn’t let a child of mine walk out of sight in the times we are living in.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days in their place in the mountains with family and friends. Now they might have come back to their home with a few tomatoes missing had I been able to eat them.

Happy anniversary to a very special couple. On Aug. 16, Johnny and Ann Calihan will be celebrating 70 years of wonderful wedded bliss. The stories these two can share of their years together from a young couple that left the mountains, to settling in Harrison, Oh. The joys and heartaches make their life so wonderful. I am blessed to have them in my life.

Last Saturday, Johnny and Ann’s daughter Theresa and her husband Jon Payne were in a real bad motorcycle wreck. A group of 11 riders were together on a country road going toward Brookville, Ind.

Someone had mowed his or her yard, blowing grass out in the road, and Theresa was following behind her husband Jon’s bike, and she skidded, throwing her into Jon’s bike wrecking him as well.

Jon has a broken collarbone and scrapes and bruises, and Theresa has seven broken ribs and multiple damage to her body. Please keep this family in your prayers. Jon and Theresa are both out of the hospital and are still in a lot of pain.

Ann’s brother Bill Ison is having a lot of health issues at the present time, so please remember him in prayer also.

My children’s dad is in another rehab, and is still hanging on. At this time he has a feeding tube in his stomach.

I am sorry this column is short. I am very sick and can’t concentrate on writing so maybe by next week I will be back to my old mischievous self, either stalking someone or out chasing guys with tattoos, or truck drivers and not listening to Pam’s advice.

Old Time Fiddlers will be August 13 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. at the VFW Post on Lawrenceburg Road in Harrison. Everyone is welcome

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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