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Speak Your Piece

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I’m calling about the road conditions in Letcher County. U.S. 119 through Payne Gap is the sorriest and roughest looking road to be a major road that I have ever seen. It looks like a bomb has hit. What is it? Most of the road to Pikeville has been resurfaced. What is going on in Letcher County that the state is not working on some of these roads? There’s a hole in the road on Route 7 toward Deane near Lucky Banks’s old place that has been there for the past two months. That hole is deep, and nothing has been done about it. The state could at least put some gravel in it. Our roads are pitiful. We pay a tremendous amount of taxes on our gas that is supposed to go for road improvements. Why are none of our major roads being improved in Letcher County? It is pitiful that people from out of state have to drive on 119 to get to 23. Angie Hatton is our state representative and she needs to speak up to get something done about these roads.

. Friends, if you have a band instrument — flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, etc. — lying around collecting dust in your homes, the Jenkins Independent Schools Band Program would be happy to take it off your hands. The band is currently accepting donated musical instruments for this upcoming academic year, and your donation will be greatly appreciated. If you have an instrument you would like to donate, please e-mail jenny. collins@jenkins.kyschools.us

. I would like to speak my piece about a man who is threatening his uncle who is raising his kids. People are watching him real close. Even though he works, social services could come in on him. He lives on Craft’s Colly. Thank you.

. Looks like the county’s Republican Party meetings are run just as smoothly as the White House.

. To a fellow who is driving all those big new vehicles around while he’s living off his wife’s late husband’s funeral money: Just keep on. You’ve got the tiger by the tail, but you’re not telling everybody what you’re bringing back from Lexington. Thank you.


Where are all the tree huggers right now while they are logging like crazy up here in Chopping Branch in McRoberts? They sure didn’t care to throw a fit when my dad worked surface mining for many years and had to cut trees down to get his loader, his dozer, or his rock truck through to haul out large rocks and coal every day for a living for many years. At least he planted the trees back. But here they are cutting trees left and right every day and not once have there been any protesters up here wanting us to sign a petition to stop the logging. They sure wanted my dad and other surface mining companies to stop their logging. Here it is Sunday and they are cutting down trees. It sounds like thunder; that’s how close they are to our house. This is ridiculous.

. Those of you who still want to see health insurance destroyed never fear. The political pendulum always swings, and as soon as the Republicans get control of the White House and both sides of Congress, they’ll take it away. Wait a minute...

. It looks like the workers in the City of Whitesburg would get up off their lazy behinds and get up to the softball field and pick up all the garbage that was left over from the fireworks. It’s been lying on the track for more than a month now.

. Just a shout-out to those boys on Bill Moore Branch who made that moonshine we drank on the Fourth of July. It was wonderful. Can’t wait until Labor Day. I’ll come up and get several more gallons.

. Mr. President, I hear that you went to the crossroads and struck a deal with the devil — China and Russia. America can’t afford to trust these nations. They stole all of the technology they have from the United States. You know this, and now you want them to help you deal with North Korea. Mr. President, you are a smart man; I know this. But when it comes to dealing with the devil there is only one way to deal with him — cast the SOB out. That’s how you handle the situation. Anyway, I compliment you on everything you’ve done so far. Maybe this will work out to the good, but in the back of the minds of some of us old-timers is the way China and Russia treated us in the first place. You have a blessed day, Mr. President. And God bless America, and God bless the Christians.

. It amazes me how a certain man can ride his son’s four-wheeler to a convenience store and harass the customers into giving him stuff to sell to others. He uses the money to buy himself a case of beer every Friday and Saturday night.

. A certain man goes to London and buys feed and brings it back here and jacks the prices up on it. Beware.

. It’s a strange thing to me that I live in the city limits of Whitesburg and people across the road are permitted to have old junked cars that have sat there for years. Not months, not weeks, but

years. The cars are broken down and on flats in the city limits. Is there not a law against this? This surely cannot help property values in the city limits.

. The Letcher County SOAR bunch want to know what it will take to boost the economy. Well, it’s going to take more than the recreation center. You go to West Virginia and Pike County in Kentucky you’ve got the Hatfi elds and McCoys. You go to Knott County you’ve got the horse trail ride. You come to Letcher County you just make a circle and go back out. Why don’t we make our county four-wheeler friendly? We have all these mountaintops and stripped property we could ride on. One of the biggest problems we have already though is that people don’t know how to pick up their trash and take it back out with them. They want to haul it in, get drunk, and leave it. There are good people in this county who want to enjoy things. Let’s stand up for each other and make our county better. Let’s make something happen here.

. What I would like to speak about is the new Little Colley pharmacy. Has anybody watched the story about the cult leader David Koresh? We’ve got one of those and a pharmacy to boot.

. I’ve been a Republican all of my life, but after I’ve seen what has happened locally in a certain matter that has been in the news I have changed my heart. I am thinking very hard of leaning toward the Democrat side on account of this.

. Has anybody else from Letcher or Pike counties lost their license plate while parked at the old Energy Express gas station at the top of Payne Gap? I lost mine, and if anybody is low-life enough to be out there stealing plates I hope they get caught.

. If certain restaurants in Whitesburg want more business they should keep their employees from parking on the street. It takes up parking that should go for their customers. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: We have about a 400- to 500-pound bear up here at Mayking, and need a hunting season to take it out.

. One hundred degrees or pouring the rain, and now a broken arm. What gives?

. Now that Martha Jane Potter School is starting back, I think the faculty and staff should have to live by the same rules that keep parents and grandparents from walking their children and grandchildren into classrooms, or even inside the door to get them into the foyer. I don’t think the children of any faculty and staff should be allowed to go in until ours go in. They should also have to be driven around and dropped off the same as the others. I don’t believe in discrimination and I don’t believe in leaving any child behind.

. To Jessica at Isom: You may want to stop posting everybody else’s business on Facebook and start minding your own. Thank you.

. I haven’t seen the Hogg case mentioned in The Mountain Eagle recently. Are they just going to forget about what happened and let the accused killers go back to Pike County? They should have been tried a long time ago.

. This is the old cat killer. I went and hooked up on the county water, and even with the penalty it is worth it. It is worth it, worth it, worth it. You don’t get any lizards in it or bullfrogs. Have a nice day.

. Why doesn’t some other company come in here and give us cable TV for a lot less than what TVS is charging us at $75.95 per month? Thank you.

. To all people who have babies and expect their

. Happy Bday oh dearest Obama/ Thanks for 8 yrs of no drama/ For your wisdom and strength/ For sparing no length/ And no daily national trauma — George Takei

grandmothers and grandfathers to raise them: You need to raise your own damn kids.

. The bridge going past Mc- Donald’s toward Whitesburg is in the worst shape ever. When we had coal here they paved our roads, but now they patch them, and they’ve not even patched that.

. I’ve been trying to get someone’s attention about the women’s shelter in Whitesburg and the fact that men aren’t supposed to be there seeing the women. On August 2, the same vehicle driven by the same man I’ve been talking about was parked by the back steps and he was nowhere to be found. To the Whitesburg City Police: This is a direct order to get off your behinds and go over to this place and run that man off.

. Isn’t it ironic how moms that call their baby daddy a deadbeat are actually the deadbeats you read about in the newspaper for being indicted for not paying for their kids? Hmmm, and mother of the year goes to Big Blondie.

. When I see the mindless adoration of Donald Trump and the ridiculous advice some of the true believers have for him in their posts, I am reminded why Trump loves stupid people.

. When someone falls in love with you, you cannot keep playing games with that person. When it’s over it’s over and you have to let it go. Hanging on and making that other person’s life miserable is not helping anything. You’re giving that person false hope.

. Casinos are nothing more than attractive nuisances that contribute to the breakdown of families and breed crime. The jobs they are offer are mainly menial, serving up food, making beds, sweeping the floor. Don’t be fooled by false promises.

. I would like to speak about the so-called prison that is supposed to be coming to this area. What people don’t realize is that the prison will not hire local people, but will be run by outsiders. No local people will be hired. They have a regional jail in Wheelwright that has been closed down. The only federal prison open right now in Kentucky is in Manchester. Instead of getting the prison in here, I’m for a casino. The only thing about the casino would be these preachers would come out and preach against it, yet they’re the same ones who go play bingo on Saturday nights. Nearly very small town in Kentucky has a bingo hall, which is gambling. You don’t hear preachers talk about that. The people should vote whether or not we have casino gambling in Kentucky. I would like to see it. I also think marijuana should be legalized as it would also bring in a lot of revenue.

. I hope we can get broadband Internet here. If we do, how about turning the defunct grocery store near Walmart into a ‘hub’ for teleworks so that people who cannot work out of their home can go there and have a job in telecommunications and make $10 an hour?

. If they could gather all the pot that’s being raised over here in the Linefork area, I guarantee you a freight train couldn’t haul it. I’m talking about the Cornett Branch, Coon Branch, Picture Branch, and Bear Branch areas.

. It makes me laugh to hear all these guys running for magistrate say they want to get in office to help the people. They don’t mention that $45,000 a year or so they would get.

. If you men are worried about us having you by the

privates, go and get somebody else.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: This is what I think about Donald Trump. He has the ideas that would make America great again, but the Democrat Party is fighting for their life to stop him. The Democrat Party right now has it made. They have some Republicans right now helping them to make America suck again. There might be a turnaround if more Republicans are voted in in the 2018 election. Trump should also put a one-time tax on the one-per centers. Most of them went from being worth $50 billion to $200 billion since Trump went in and it wouldn’t hurt them a bit to maybe give $100 billion back for their country. Another thing: If Trump would legalize marijuana he would go down as the greatest president in the history of this country.

. Little League baseball coaches need to pay attention to all players, not just certain ones.

. I wonder how bad our Letcher County Central High School’s athletic program will be this year. Baseball has been bad since they ran off the best coach in the region. Football has gotten to be so bad the Whitesburg High School team had more players out. Now a girls’ basketball coach has been hired after being let go by the former coach even though one of the best coaches in the state applied for the job. Also, a man has been hired as boys’ basketball coach despite his having no varsity experience whatsoever. That happened even though two really good coaches had applied. I wonder when the superintendent is going to step in and try to get this program back on track. (Don’t you think it’s a little early in the game to be writing off all the new young coaches in Letcher County? Shouldn’t we be wishing them success instead of projecting failure? It is high school, after all. As long as their players compete to the best of their ability, learn to play the game properly, do well in class, exhibit good behavior and respect others then the coaches are doing their jobs well.)

I live in Neon and I want to thank the kids who came and did the volunteer work for the organizations that put a porch on my house and metal on my roof. I just want to say thank you.

. I’m in mourning this morning after finding out that another Democrat governor switched over to being a Republican and leaving 34 states now run by Republican governors. The rumor is that Nancy Pelosi convinced the West Virginia governor to switch to being a Republican, so I mostly want to thank her. We couldn’t do without her. She’s the biggest asset the Republicans have.

. A certain person phoning in comments about marijuana growing in the Linefork area better lie down before he gets put down. I know of a house over there being shot more than 1,000 times. I would keep my mouth shut.

. I am not going to do something like take my garbage and dump it out at Marshall’s Branch, as one caller feared, but I’m just very upset that I have to pay my garbage bill and water bill and all these other bills while 50 percent of the people in Letcher County don’t have to pay any of them and get away with it. The question I have is this: Is the rec center offering free meals to the senior citizens? If not it needs to be shut down, because

the senior citizens have been mistreated.

. Many people in Letcher County worry too much about what the other fellow does instead of worrying about their own affairs.

. If you ride a motorcycle my advice is to sell it. There are too many dope heads and idiots out driving. Every time I get out, someone pulls out in front of me on my bike. Within 30 minutes today I had two different people pull straight across the road in front of me. One pulled across in front of me and cut up into a driveway, almost killing me, between James Asher’s law office and the spouse abuse center. To beat it all, she got mad at me and blew her horn and stuck her finger up at me. These idiots need their licenses taken from them.

. Thank you, Mr. President, for the job you are doing. America is grateful. Now Congress needs to understand that if you’re not the lead dog the view never changes. Sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’re the statue. So far, the House and Senate have been the statues. The statues are going to have to change or they’re going to be crapped on by the Democrats every day. You’re in the Oval Offi ce, Mr. President, and we’re grateful that you’re there, but without a chain of command the chain is weak. So you have a good day, Mr. President. America loves you.

. I was calling about a certain insurance company. If you have one accident with them and have to claim it they will cancel you out and give you the worst record ever.

. I would like to thank the Jenkins Board of Education for doing away with cellphones on school property. The problem I have with cellphones is kids taking inappropriate pictures and sending them to others and destroying their names. They now claim they have to have cellphones in order to do their work. Before then it was calculators, and back in my day it was pen and paper.

. What has happened to my American comfort food at one of my favorite restaurants in Whitesburg? Thank you.

. My baby is so pretty she doesn’t need filters.

. Remember the enormous out cry from right wing Christian voters and other solid Republican folks when the fool Sara Palin started warning of ‘death panels’ under the Affordable Care Act? Right now, behind the scenes, in the form of ‘policy’ changes at the Center for Medicare Services, the devil’s administration is cooking up ‘policy changes’ that will eliminate the protection of law for your grandmother. Your only recourse for abuse, callous disregard and neglect of your loved one (or yourself) in nursing homes will be ‘forced arbitration’ by a Trump administration appointed privatized dispute resolution system that is often biased toward the nursing home. No recourse under law. No court system. Sounds like death panel and worse to me. How about you? Guess who’s in the nursing home business? Trump Pavilion for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Will we ever see what’s happening here? We are truly being had here, folks, and there is no end to it until we end it.

. Next time you see Mitch, ask him where the ‘clean coal’ is and where our renewable energy jobs are.

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