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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Unable to handle the guilt that’s accompanying the lie, Caroline went to Bill about wanting to come clean to Thomas. Eric called Sheila with the news about his marriage and advised her about her future of living in Los Angeles. Having learned about Bill’s lie from Liam, Steffy had a complete opposite opinion about the situation than her husband. Following her conversation with Eric, Sheila arrived at the Forrester mansion to return a misplaced item and encountered a territorial Quinn. An argument of epic proportions ensued. Eric panicked as he attempted to wake up an incapacitated Sheila. Once Sheila regained consciousness, she and Quinn continued to argue about who started the fight. As they waited for the doctor, Quinn accused Sheila of not being entirely truthful about the severity of her injury. Justin attempted to dissuade Dollar Bill from continuing on his plan to obtain the Spectra building to resurrect his skyscraper. CJ arrived, and Bill made him an extremely lucrative offer. Sally and Shirley became convinced that Bill’s still out to get them when CJ arrived and made a startling announcement. Quinn was shocked when Eric divulged his plan for Sheila’s immediate future. She insisted that Sheila’s exaggerating her condition. Liam interrupted a moment between Bill and Brooke and realized that Brooke doesn’t know that Bill has gone in order to secure the Spectra site for his tower. Liam learned that Bill has made CJ another offer. Sally attempted to convince CJ to give Spectra another chance. She reminded him about their success in Monaco and told him that she could do the next line on her own. CJ gave Bill his decision, which made Bill even more determined to see his plan through to the bitter end. Much to Quinn’s chagrin, Sheila took up residence in the Forrester guest house. Sally was nervous, but excited, about having another chance with Spectra. Bill sent Liam to interview Sally and expected the article to accurately depict Sally as Bill sees her. Liam attempted to make Sally like him by explaining how his father doesn’t approve of him and some of his traits. Bill confided in Steffy his worry about Liam’s loyalty to him, and to Spencer Publications. Sheila had settled in to the Forrester guest house and played confused to Eric. Eric stunned Sheila by bringing Dr. James Warwick to examine her.

THIS WEEK: Eric revealed to Brooke that Dr. James Warwick would be the expert monitoring Sheila’s health. Steffy attempted to convince Bill to take Liam off the assignment with Sally.


Marlena finally connected with John and pleaded for help. Brady ransacked Eric’s room and made a surprising discovery. Eric was thrown when he interrupted Hattie and Bonnie’s party. Sonny recalled a key memory from the night Deimos was killed. Tripp shocked Kayla by offering an apology for everything he’s done. Steve talked to Roman about Joey’s need to atone for killing Ava. Hope, Rafe and Raines fretted about their inability to ID Dario’s partner. Abe confronted Theo about breaking the law for the DiMeras. Rafe and Hope made a shocking arrest. Claire saw an upsetting photo on her tablet. Kayla urged Joey not to turn himself in for Ava’s murder. Lani told JJ about her unexpected decision. Chloe confronted Brady about his drinking. Bonnie found herself drawn to Lucas. Adrienne desperately tried to convince everyone at the prison she’s not Bonnie. Hattie, posing as Marlena, attempted to win over Roman. Brady and Nicole had a huge confrontation.

THIS WEEK: Chloe wondered if Eric still has feelings for Nicole. Chad and Sonny’s fate was decided. When John learned what “Marlena” has been up to, he punched Roman.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Finn got horrible news. Sonny was preoccupied. Dante sensed he’s been duped. Monica’s day went from bad to worse. Julian felt positive about the situation. Jason took matters into his own hands. Dante questioned Nelle. Joss had a date with Oscar. Carly grew suspicious. Griffin surprised Ava. Ava fantasized about a life without scars. Liz put her life on hold. Obrecht’s curiosity consumed her. Finn appreciated Curtis. Kristina reminisced. Finn got the help he needs.

THIS WEEK: Ava got lost in her fantasy world. Liz encouraged Griffin. Nina had a list of demands.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki visited Victor at his office and informed him that she has moved off the Ranch into a local hotel. They argued about the state of their marriage, and Victor told Nikki that she and Nick would regret crossing him. Nikki left, and Abby pestered Victor about Nikki’s visit. Victor admitted that he and Nikki have officially separated but quickly changed the topic. Dina was at her suite preparing for her first day at Jabot. Graham tried to convince Dina not to take the position, but Dina insisted that her mind’s made up. Dina arrived at Jabot and started to move into Jack’s office. Jack told Dina that he needs his privacy, and Dina must work out of her own office. Dina was not happy when Nikki arrived for a visit, and Jack admitted that he and Nikki have taken their relationship to the next level. Dina told them she disapproves of their relationship and exchanged harsh words with Nikki. At the GCAC, Billy ran into Benjamin Hochman and accused him of dating Victoria, so he could get his hands on Brash & Sassy. Billy was angry when Benjamin made a crack about Phyllis. Victoria admitted to Billy that she might have discussed Billy’s personal life with Benjamin. Cane tried to mend fences with Charlie who blew him off. Lily told Cane that he needs to give the twins more time, but Cane insisted that he would not stop trying to put his family back together. Later, Cane returned home and was shocked to find Reed and Mattie making out on the coach. A furious Cane told Reed to leave and informed Mattie that Reed’s not allowed in the house ever again. Lily bumped into Hilary and accused her of stealing her commercial and ruining her marriage. Hilary defended herself, but Lily refused to back down and told Hilary that she doesn’t know how Jordan puts up with her. Christine revealed to Sharon that they might have found an ad for the prostitution ring that Crystal’s working for. Sharon told Scott who decided to go undercover as a client to get more information. Scott made an appointment and questioned a call girl named Natalia. Scott got Natalia to admit she knows Crystal, but she was sent away for being bad. Billy admitted to Victor that Victoria’s considering accepting a loan from Benjamin Hochman. They both agreed that Victoria’s making a mistake and agreed to confront Victoria together.

THIS WEEK: Victor offered to give Victoria a loan, but Victoria insisted on handling the matter without Victor’s help. Billy and Victoria were furious when they received notice that Jack’s raising their rent by 25 percent.

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