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Fall weather is almost on us


Hello everyone! We are in the second week of August in the Ohio Valley and it has already begun to feel like fall is here.

We’ve had very cool mornings and no use for air-conditioning at night. I don’t have central air anyway.

Once again it is hard to realize that fall is on us. I don’t know about you, but I dread the cold, long winter months that are ahead of us, and it is much too early for me to accept the change.

Guess I will have to adapt and accept the fact, as there’s nothing I can do about it, just gripe a little or a lot.

As I sat on my deck out back this morning I was greeted by a rabbit at the foot of the steps, but it scurried away as I sat down. A smile came across my face for a few seconds.

Southern Ohio

It reminds me how fast we can move when we are young and in good health, and to be even more thankful I am not one of many who has to visit a food pantry while sporting cellphones and Internet.

I have a roof over my head and am not living off someone else, nor using someone for everything I can get and then slander them unmercifully. I’m sure we have all run into someone like this occasionally in our lives.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days in the mountains with their family. Pat wasn’t really feeling her usually perky self, although she did enjoy spending time with everyone.

Les and Pat have volunteered at the food pantry of their church for about five years. Pat has decided to retire, and slow down a tad bit. Pat will be missed by the people that she has served. Les, Pat, and the whole family have really been special in my life for the past five years.

James Ison is busy with the fire departments in several different locations. John is a senior in high school this year. John will be going to Morehead for college next year.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned someone having their electricity cut off because they owed a huge electric bill and couldn’t afford to pay. They managed somehow to come up with the payment and then when she went to pay it, the electric company in Whitesburg wanted a deposit of $370-some to reconnect. How in the world do they think that people on fixed incomes can pay this?

The closest that I ever came to having my electricity shut off is when I was sick several years ago and forgot to pay my bill. I got a two months’ bill and a disconnection notice

By now school has probably started almost every place, please drive carefully. There’s precious cargo out and about.

Sunday afternoon, my daughters Anna Nottingham, Katelyn and Kyle, along with my daughter Angie Wiederhold and Bennie, spent the afternoon at Stricker’s Grove Amusement Park, much to the delight of the kids.

Angie had injured her foot earlier that morning, and as she walked quite a bit she ended up at the emergency room. Her foot isn’t broken but it is a mess.

Anna stopped by to see me for a few minutes and it is always good to see my kids. Since the incident with their dad it has really made me reflect back over the past years of my life, you might say the good, bad and ugly.

Life has been an adventure for me all through the years, from the young girl who left home too early, to growing up too fast, and the determination and courage that God instilled me.

I have made mistakes I wish I could undo, but there’s one thing that is as plain as the nose on my face; my worst mistake is caring too much for people. I am not a church-going, Biblequoting, two-faced hypocrite that goes to church and then acts like a do-gooder and lies.

I found that some act like friends. I rather do without friends like that.

Sunday, Johnny and Ann Calihan will be celebrating their 70th anniversary with their family at Red Lobster. I know they will have a good time. Ann’s sister is in visiting her, more on that next week.

Oma Hatton, I hope to see you in October. Maybe we can sit on the porch.

I plan to be at Blackey Days in October if my health permits. I am looking forward to this event, as it is always a highlight for me.

Doris Adams, I am looking forward to a dance with you. Maybe you want have to hold my hand to keep me from falling or to keep me from bumping into someone .

Pam, I’ve been sort of good this week. Actually I have been too sick not to behave, and it has been boring.

Well, it is getting time to get this on its way. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd. Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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