2017-08-16 / Speak Your Piece

Speak Your Piece

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Attention, Letcher County Board of Education: We parents have very busy lives. It’s 2017, and no one has all this extra time for homework when we finally get our children home finally from school. That is our time. We are tired of homework. Life is too busy and overwhelming homework should be banned. We need time to actually speak to our children and know what’s going on in their lives. Schoolwork needs to stay at school.

. Last Sunday a friend and myself came to ride the Pine Mountain Horse Trail from Haysi, Virginia. It was worth the trip and we hope to bring more riders soon. The trail was very nice. All it needs is to be a little bit longer.

. Am I getting this straight? Don Trump gets himself in trouble for colluding with foreign powers through the 2016 election, and now to get himself off the hook and out of the spotlight, we and the rest of mankind get to have thermonuclear war with a little country a million miles away which no one gives a single care about? Wow. Next time you see Rand Paul, ask him how much it takes to get some action on this reality TV celebrity gone mad.

. I know that I’ve got the nosiest neighbor who ever lived. He lives at Twin Bridges and his name is Redneck. I would like to tell Judge Jim Ward and Magistrate Keith Adams that I was promised this road down here would be fixed, but Redneck messed it up. Tell them I would appreciate if they would come and fix it.

. When is Kentucky going to wake up to the loudmouthed rhetoric and lies of Mitch McConnell while he sits back and laughs about it with his friends in the Democrat Party?

. If something isn’t done about Donald Trump and done soon this country will not survive as a democracy. The antics of this dangerous and ignorant fool are no longer amusing. This cowardly man has spent more time playing golf, whining about his political opponents, and typing messages on Twitter than on anything else. He is the sorriest and laziest president this country has seen in its history. He is a disgrace to the office. The only things Trump has accomplished in his seven months in office are signing executive orders thought up and written out by members of his administration. Despite his many promises, he has not brought one single coal job to Letcher County.


Mitch McConnell, the president of the United States is right. If you can’t pee, get off the pot and let somebody else try it. You had seven years. You all didn’t have a plan in the beginning. And about this global warming, check back 900 years ago and see if they didn’t have droughts and a miniature ice age and all that. Get off this crap. Carbon dioxide is a food for plants. It just burns me up that they go over and over the same thing, Mr. President. We’re going to have to light this little S.O.B. up in North Korea, Mr. President, and you know it. We’re not afraid of China and we’re not afraid of Russia. God bless America, God bless you, Mr. President, and I’d almost say God bless Congress even though they’ve rattled my chain one hell of a lot.

. There are a lot of things here in Letcher County that don’t make a whole lot of sense. All you hear is drug problem, drug problem. Now they’re going to give them the stuff to do it with. They’re going to give them the needles. Does that make sense? Talk about adding more fuel to the fire. Why don’t they just give them the drugs to shoot up, too, with the needles? Might as well.

. I was looking on Facebook the other night and saw where some fellow from Letcher County said he went to Tennessee as a man, but came back as a woman with a different name. Well I’ll just tell you, if that was mine I would run his hide back to Tennessee and I would go get me a vasectomy so that I couldn’t have any more young ones with that state of mine. This is ridiculous. In my eyes, he needed a whole lot of hind-end kicking to make a new man out of him.

. Concerning all these so called bad men growing all this dope over here on Linefork, I wouldn’t be afraid of any of them. I never did know of any of them fighting a man. I do know they like to beat their women up and rape them.

. I just wonder if anybody else besides me notices how Mitch McConnell looks like a terrapin?

. A casino in Letcher County? Horse hockey.

. The county could make money if they would make all the families moving into and building on property have deeds. How is it legal not to have a deed for the property you live on even after many generations of your family never paid property tax? Why should everyone else have to pay when these bums never have to pay anything? It sounds like the county officials are not doing their jobs. We’re sick of these bums not having to pay while we have to pay huge fees on everything in the county.


Now the secret’s out. If you draw a disability check you need to live on Kingdom Come Creek where you can get up and go to work every day and have rental property.

. Heritage Kitchen has always been my favorite place to eat, and I love going for their daily specials. I wish they would change those specials back to the way they were.

. I think it’s a shame you can’t go into a certain store in Whitesburg without seeing the employees standing there talking about customers. I was in there the other day, and this lady I go to church who works there was standing there talking to her son about these other three ladies who were standing there talking to another employee. They were standing there laughing at them and making fun of them. I don’t think that’s right. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I hear our great governor Matt Bevin is making it harder to get workers’ comp. If you were thinking about coal mining I would forget that kind of thinking and go back to school.

. How many workers does it take to pour concrete in front of the old West End Market in Whitesburg? The answer: Nine men to watch concrete pouring out of a chute and spread it. Taxpayer dollars at work.

. On August 8 I saw my tax dollars being put to work. I sure do appreciate seeing these big green Hueys out eradicating the cheese eating, dope-growing pieces of trash who are too sorry to earn a living by working. This sure made my day. I hope they catch you all right in your patches.

. This is for you children who are now grown and think that all the fighting between your mom and dad was caused by your dad. It wasn’t. The fights were over the fact that she was with other men the whole time they were married for more than 20 years. Now you kids treat him like crap and you treat her like a queen. Don’t expect anything in the will, because it doesn’t go to any of you.

. What I want to know is why all you young girls pick these sorry boys who don’t even have a job, no education, and enthusiasm. They have nothing, yet you will still lie down with them like a dog. Girls, I know you’ve had no raising, but here’s some 101 for you: Pick yourself a good man — one that has a brain and can offer you something. Don’t lie down with just anything.

. To the preachers and the teachers of the church: I never see any of you visiting others and doing what you are supposed to be doing for God. And you expect to draw people into your church? God is ashamed of you. You should be out spreading His word among sinners that don’t know and understand who He is. So it is on your shoulders. Now you better get off your behinds.

. To the woman complaining about Jenkins Peewee Football and the practice: You have to be a woman, because a dad would not complain about his son being turned into a young man. There’s nothing wrong with them practicing in the rain or in the heat. That makes them good. It will toughen them up and make good young men out of them. So stop worrying about it; they are in no danger of heat stroke or being struck by lightning. Thank you. (Are you sure it was a woman who phoned in that comment?)

Mr. President, I like what you said about North Korea, but you kind of remind me of the movie ‘True Grit,’ when the man told John Wayne, ‘I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.’ Well he showed him and we’re going to have to show them. Nobody wants to do this, but we don’t want them to destroy their neighbors or citizens of the United States. Mr. President, we are proud

of you. You are a firm-talking man. You get things done. I say God bless your family and God bless America.

. I’m responding to the comment about the Little Colley Pharmacy: You forgot to mention your marijuana plant in your backyard. Be careful not to point fingers, because there are always three pointing back at you. And don’t forget the Xanax you sell for your friend. Have a nice day.

. I want to wish Coach Junior Matthews good luck this football season at LCC. I hope he has a great season. He’s one of the reasons I transferred my child from Jenkins to LCC. I would also like to wish Coach Chandler good luck at Jenkins. He had nothing to do with my decision. It’s just that I had a younger kid as well in the Peewee program and there’s just too much conflict in that program, where there are too many wannabe coaches.

. I would like to thank my neighbor Darrel Holbrook on Bill Moore Branch for having the weeds cut down in the hollow, which our magistrate and county government haven’t done in a year. Hoss, don’t even run for re-election, because you’re going to get beat.

. How do people draw Social Security Disability and then go and run a bulldozer in the log woods all day long? Two or three people see him logging every day across Pine Mountain. I think that is fraud against the government. Thank you.

. One family will pay a garbage bill but then four or five other families put their garbage in the same place. I think every house that is hooked up to electricity ought to be charged a garbage bill. And the garbage bill ought to be tacked onto the electric bill.

. To a certain person: I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do, but I want you to know that I really did. I love you and I always will, but I want you to know one thing: If you would talk to me personally sometime I will tell you why things went the way they did. And I do have some good reasons, but none of them really concern you. It’s just a private matter with me.

. About this casino proposal on Raven Rock: It will never happen. If one ever comes anywhere close, Pikeville would get it. Another thing: The churches are not going to allow it. You talk about starving children now, just wait until that was to happen. All these people would be up there spending all of their money gambling.

. Could someone explain to how the county is saving money when they charge $25 to come and pick up items that can’t be put into a garbage bag, plus they charge you by the ton for these items. People can’t afford to have these things picked up so you mostly see it beside the road or dumped over the hill somewhere. The county used to perform this service free for people who paid their garbage bill, but now they say they can’t afford it with the cuts in coal severance tax. How is it cheaper for the county to have to go out and clean up garbage dumps instead of picking it up for free the first time? Someone who is smart should inform the Letcher County people on how this is going to work. Thank you.

. I was sitting here listening to WXKQ 103.9 about chocolate graham crackers. Some of them didn’t believe there really was such a thing and talked about patenting them. I hate to tell you fellows this, but I grew up eating chocolate graham crackers from the Dollar Store.

.To a certain person: I wish you would please keep your opinion to yourself. If I need to know what to do I will ask you, so please just keep your big fat mouth shut.

What’s on my mind is I reported last year about a certain girl in Pine Creek having HIV. Well, she has it. I know of three different guys this girl has been with. It just keeps spreading and people share things. I think I would be very cautious about hooking up with certain women or men.

. To a certain couple: You have been ordered by the courts of Letcher County, Kentucky to vacate the premises where you live on Highway 317. This house is supposed to be sold for $20,000, no more or no less. So please vacate the premises. It has been court-ordered and you need to leave the house. Thank you.

. It’s been two years since the death of my husband, Alex ‘June Bug’ Hall Jr. Nobody has been to the cemetery since. I just want you all to know that I love my husband dearly. I wish people could have been with him through all his hospital stays and treatments he had to take to know what this man went through. We were together for more than 20 years. I can’t check on his grave, because every time I come down there a certain party shoots at me. I hope someone can please check on his grave for me and put a flower on it to show that someone cares. Thank you.

. I’m a Republican, but say get rid of Hal Rogers, Mitch McConnell, and our governor of Kentucky.

. I wish I could meet up with the people who responded to my comment about the power of attorney in Haymond to see if we are talking about the same person. Thank you.

. I’m glad to see Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell at each other’s throats. It couldn’t happen to two nicer guys. They are cut from the same cloth. Both have contempt for the common people, the poor, the sick and the disabled. The Republican Party will soon implode because they have no empathy or compassion for the common people whom they are supposed to serve. Let me say these words in advance of your departure: Goodbye and good riddance.

.I wonder if it would be possible to get Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to swap jobs. Tillerson seems to be much more levelheaded and knowledgeable than our president who fails to engage his brain before he shoots off his stupid mouth.

. I would like to appeal to the 535 members of Congress to get our president behind closed doors and tell him to shut up his stupid mouth before he gets us into a war with North Korea. Kim Jong Un and the whole world know about our military might. We don’t have to threaten them with the obvious facts. It’s time to let cooler heads prevail and that cooler head does not belong to Donald Trump. The U.S. military has an arsenal to stop anything North Korea can throw at us but Kim Jong Un is sitting there in North Korea and laughing at how the tail is wagging the dog.

. To the beautiful dark haired woman driving the Jeep: Come walk with me. Same place, same day, same time. You are beautiful.

. This is the Harlan County man with a thing or two to say about these Democrats’ murder of babies, and their sanctuary cities, the abomination of same sex marriage, illegal immigration, all the murdered people of Chicago, all the lies that Obama told the American people about ObamaCare to get it passed, and Bill Clinton meeting with then-Attorney General Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona and the failure of the FBI to properly investigate Hillary Clinton: To anyone who is not is a liberal fool, Obama and his administration was as corrupt as the day is long when he was president. Finally President Trump’s man Jeff Sessions is looking into some of these matters I listed above, but all you hear from the liberal foolish Democrats is Russia and impeaching Trump. So now the Democrats get a special investigator to go after Trump with the liberal lawyer Mueller. But look on the good side, the Democrats have lost four out of four special elections since Trump took over in January and now I hear the governor of West Virginia went Republican. You can say the American people will be voting in 2018 and 2020 and we won’t forget whose side the Democrats are on. God bless President Trump and the U.S.A.

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