2017-08-16 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Don’t overlook catfishing for fun

There are many people who like to catfish, and I am one of these fishermen.

This type of angling is not for everyone, but in some ways it is its own kind of fishing. Catfish can be found in pay lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and backwater areas of larger lakes.

There are several species of catfish, but in our area the main one in the rivers and the “mud cat” and the “channel cat.” Lakes such as the TVA-owned ones in Tennessee also have flatheads and the large blue catfish. All these fish have certain areas they like to live and feed in. Some like swift currents of water, some like deeper slower water, and some prefer just swimming around looking for food. So there is a type and style of catfishing to suit any need.

Many catfish anglers have good luck at local pay lakes. These lakes are stocked with catfish weekly and offer a great chance to land several nice fish. These are safe clean areas most of the time and are very good for family trips. Most pay lakes offer money and prizes for “tagged” fish that are caught.

A lot of our streams and rivers offer some good catfish action, and this is where most of us grew up fishing for catfish. You can also fish large and small lakes and ponds for good size catfish.

As far as bait goes, the stronger the smell the better as catfish feed on smell and taste. Chicken livers, dough balls, nightcrawlers, and crawfish here are among the many types of baits for catfish.

If you have not been out catfishing in a while then try it. You will have a lot of fun.

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