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RECAPS: AUG. 21 - 25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam and Steffy argued about the situation between Thomas, Caroline and Douglas. Steffy thought it’s good for all of them. Liam thought it’s insane. Brooke confronted Sheila about the consequences staying in the Forrester Mansion could have on Eric and Quinn. Not quite believing that her former nemesis was being completely forthright, Brooke queried James about the true extent of Sheila’s injuries. Wyatt and Katie took their relationship to the next level, both of them realizing that their relationship is very real and very important to both of them. Brooke remained skeptical of Sheila and wasn’t quite sure she believes James, either. Brooke pressed James to give her the truth. Afraid of Sheila’s threats of blackmail, James went along with Sheila while Brooke’s in the room. Later, Brooke told Eric that she thinks that Sheila’s not to be trusted. Sheila confided her vision for the future to a stunned James. Bill and Justin wondered where’s Wyatt, considering he’s got work to be doing at Spencer. Later, Bill arrived at Katie’s house. Wyatt promptly hid in the closet. Sally and Shirley prepared for the fashion preview. Sally admitted how much she misses Thomas. She remained hopeful that Jarrett and Bill would give her a fair review. At the office, Bill let his staff know he would do whatever it takes to bring down Spectra, so he could build his beloved skyscraper. He instructed Jarrett on how he’s to report on Spectra’s designs. Liam surprised everyone, including his father, by announcing his plans to attend the preview to ensure Sally’s reputation is not ruined by outside forces. When they’re alone, Bill expressed his frustration to Liam. Later at Spectra, Sally told Liam and Jarrett that since Thomas is in New York, all of the designs are hers. The preview began. Sally’s moments of glory were cut short by a sudden and small electrical fire that began in an outlet. Liam jumped into action and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher. Steffy, Brooke and Ivy were curious about Spectra’s line and what the reviews were. Brooke shared with them how badly Bill wants to build his skyscraper. Brooke and Ivy questioned Steffy about why Thomas would not be here for Spectra and wonder why he decided to stay in New York. Liam let’s Bill knew in no uncertain terms that he’s tired of being his father’s conscience. Later, Bill expressed his anger to Justin, who gave Bill and idea about Spectra. Sally and Shirley hope that Liam and Jarrett’s positive review of the line would help Steffy and the rest of the Forresters realize that she’s legit. Jarrett inadvertently let Bill know about the small electrical fire that happened during the preview. Steffy was floored when Ridge told her that Sheila’s now living with Eric and Quinn. Ridge expressed his curiosity about why Thomas picked up and went to New York and wasn’t coming back for the fashion show. Steffy covered and told her father it’s a good thing that Thomas has his priorities in check regarding Caroline and Douglas. Ridge wondered what tricks Bill would be up to at the Spectra fashion show. Thomas called Sally out of the blue and wished her good luck. She asked him if there’s any possibility that he could return in time to see her designs.

THIS WEEK: As Sally was making sure that all of the details are perfect for the fashion show, Bill unleashed his plan on Spectra. He commanded Justin to dig up all of the dirt on Spectras and the building. Bill was floored when Justin came back with huge news that could change the course of Bill’s plan in his favor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole had a stunning realization. Chad proposed to Abigail. Sonny took a huge step with Paul. John demanded to know why “Marlena” kissed Roman. Joey said goodbye to his loved ones. Bonnie grew nervous when Steve paid “Adrienne” a visit. Theo was jealous when he saw Tripp and Claire shared a hug. A twist was revealed in Abe’s case. Eric struggled with his feelings for Nicole. Jennifer and Abigail were concerned when Lucas showed up drunk. Andre confronted Kate with knowledge of her kissing another man. Chad and Sonny realized they have the same idea. Brady shared a huge secret with Victor. Nicole was tempted to confide in Eric. Marlena and John realized Hattie must be working with someone. An unexpected death shook things up. Gabi was hit when she learned Chad and Abigail are getting married. Chad and Abigail, and Paul and Sonny realized they might be in direct conflict.

THIS WEEK: Lucas and Bonnie made love! Marlena fretted over John’s fate.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina pushed for justice. Jason filled Carly in. Sam confronted Sonny. Anna arrived with big news. Nathan got a welcome surprise. Sam made a decision. Alexis and Carly found common ground. Valerie had a surprising blind date. Franco asked Ava for a favor. Anna sought answers. Carly got shocking news. Rudge testified against Julian. Liz was intrigued by Franco’s painting. Ned put pressure on Alexis. Sonny and Jason explained their actions. Anna sought Finn’s help. Scott clashed with Julian. Nina was moved by Charlotte’s story. Carly lashed out at Jason. Sam worried about the future. Griffin jumped to Ava’s defense. The judge reached a verdict in Julian’s trial. Kiki and Dillon took stock of their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Ned made a deal with Michael. Nina’s plans were interrupted.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily and Jordan commiserated over the Dare campaign being put on hold and Jordan suggested that Lily come look for work with him in New York. Lily was tempted by his offer but told him that she needs to stay in Genoa City and deal with her issues. Jordan confided in Lily that he and Hilary have hit a rough patch. When Lily asked why, Jordan admitted that Hilary’s jealous of how close he is with Lily. Meanwhile, Reed and Mattie discussed their parents’ disapproval of their dating. Victoria confided in Neil that she’s worried about the fate of Brash & Sassy. When she mentioned asking Victor for a loan, Neil offered her a bridge loan from Hamilton/ Winters. Victoria graciously accepted and thanked Neil for his assistance. Nikki was surprised when she visited the Tack House and learned that Nick has moved out and Abby has moved in. Meanwhile, Nick told Chelsea that he’s worried that she’s not on board with them living together. Chelsea admitted that she was hesitant, but her doubts have been erased. Nikki arrived and scolded Nick for not telling her about his move. Jack gloated to Phyllis that he doubts Victoria would be able to get a loan thanks to Hilary’s footage. Billy entered and surprised Jack by giving a check for Brash & Sassy’s rent increase. Jack was shocked when Billy announced that Victoria received a bridge loan from Neil. Devon was surprised that Neil gave Victoria a loan but quickly realized that Neil did it so Lily could get her job back at Brash & Sassy. Billy informed Lily and Jordan about getting their jobs back at Brash & Sassy. They went to the Roof Deck to celebrate. Hilary arrived and spied on them acting like a couple. Abby was confused when Zack turned down an interview to discuss the dating app. Zack covered and told Abby that he’s hesitant to publicize the app too much before they’re sure it would be a success. Abby disagreed but agreed to trust him. Victor arrived home to find Nikki coming down the stairs with a suitcase. Victor and Nikki argued over Victor’s attacks on Nick. While at the Police Station, Sharon noticed two hookers who have been arrested being brought in by a cop. Later, she observed a tough guy arrive and announce that he’s posting bail for the hookers. Sharon took his picture and sent it to Scott who confirmed this is the same guy who was in the hotel room when he went undercover. Sharon waited outside and saw the guy leave with the two hookers but wasn’t able to get a photo of the license plate.

THIS WEEK: Victor made a call to Faith’s camp, telling them that he needs to see his granddaughter before she returns home. Victor told Nikki that he’s concerned that Nick would keep Faith from him, but Nikki denied that Nick would do that.

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