2017-08-23 / News

TVS says faster Internet coming

TVS Cable announced it will soon be adding new choices and faster speeds to its current lineup of Internet and broadband packages.

Offerings expected to be available in the coming months from the Hindman-based firm include:

• Broadband packages with 3 Mbps upload speeds will automatically go up to 5 Mbps upload speeds within the next few days, providing more value to those customers service.

• New speed packages will consist of the following down load speeds: 6, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 Mbps for the entire Letcher County area served by TVS Cable, and “Gig service” in the City of Whitesburg with other areas to follow.

“New rates and speed packages are in the process of restructuring, resulting in more speed and value for each package currently offered,” company spokesman Archie Everage said in a news release. “The plan should be announced very soon.”

According to Everage, TVS now offers 25 x 5 and 50x5 speed packages, with new customer rates starting at $40. He said the company was “hundreds of miles of fiber” throughout Letcher County, and is moving forward with the “Fiber to the Home” project.

“With fiber optic cable in place, we are in position to change with the times and serve Letcher County with whatever future needs arise, and we are committed to do so,” Everage said. “As changes occur we will continue to keep you informed. We realize the growing need for broadband, and some customers using the service to work from home.”

“Don’t worry,” added Everage. “Speeds are increasing and the cost of bandwidth — and therefore rates — is coming down. We will stay ahead of the game to make sure you get to take advantage of both.”

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