2017-08-23 / News

Two options for getting water to Eolia-Partridge

Two options have emerged that should boost the hopes of Cumberland River area residents for getting treated water soon.

Bell Engineering, the Lexington firm that works with the Letcher County Water and Sewer District, is talking with the Kentucky Department of Water about an Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) application to fund an “interconnect” with the City of Cumberland that would supply water to a portion of the Cumberland River area. Bell has also reached out to the planning chief at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Louisville office to continue discussions on the possible construction of a water treatment plant for the area.

Both options were discussed last Thursday night at the August meeting of the Board of Directors of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District.

In other business, the board officially took notice of U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers’s recent announcement that the water and sewer district will receive $1.075 million in federal funding for water line construction for the proposed federal prison at Roxana.

AML has also reported that funding will be available for the Red Star/Ulvah/Hallie & Turkey Creek Water Improvements Project sometime this year. The project will be amended to accommodate the available funding and AML has requested a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from the Office of Surface Mining so the project can move forward. Bell Engineering officials, board members, and staff met with AML District 12 officials and drove through the area of the project. Further plans will be based on the meeting. The project will need to be completed by July 2018 and upon receipt of the MOA, the board will advertise for bids.

A corrective action plan will be drafted with new completion dates for the Millstone Sewer Project. The plan will be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Water (DOW), and representatives of the district and Bell Engineering will meet and revise the Corrective Action Plan as needed before submitting revisions to the DOW. The Bull/Elk Creek Phase II project is complete and has been closed out.

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