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Oma Hatton will be greatly missed


Pictured is Marlowe Coal Camp with the store on the left hand and the tipple in the forefront. Pictured is Marlowe Coal Camp with the store on the left hand and the tipple in the forefront. Well, we really don’t know where to begin with this but we are going to give it a shot.

I am Jeanette Tacket Yonts. I am one of the five children of Marshel and Dorothy Tacket. Oma Hatton was my mom’s best friend. She was two months older than Oma and they had known each other since either one of them could remember.

Oma’s sister, Della Howard Pennington, was also my mom’s sister-in-law. She was married to mom’s brother, Bobby Perry Pennington. So, Oma’s family has always been very close to our family.

We are attempting to keep this column going in honor of Oma Hatton. We are also going to try to keep it in the same style she used as much as we can. But, sometimes our style of talking and writing may poke its head out (about like that).

Mom is a member of Millstone Missionary Baptist where Preacher Bill Craft is the pastor and I am a member of Letcher Independent Baptist where Pastor Bill Jones pastors. So, there will be differences in our writing when it comes to what’s going on in the churches we attend. But, Mom grew up at Marlowe Coal Camp as Oma did and so a lot of their friends were the same and we hope to continue giving information about what’s going on with them.


I have a lot of Marlowe pictures myself that I can post that belong to Mom and there are also lots of them on our Facebook page, Growing up in Marlowe Camp. If you would like to become a member of that group, just search it out on Facebook and ask to join.

If any of Oma’s family or friends have any pictures that you would like put in the column, just send them to me at headstrt_@yahoo.com or send me a message on Facebook. You could even mail them to me at 552 Stinking Branch, Thornton KY 41855. Make sure you have all the information you want included with your picture written for me too.

Not only did Mom grow up in Marlowe, she also met her husband, Marshel Tacket there. His dad, Joe Tackett, and wife Peggy Ward Tackett moved the family there from Caryville Mountain in Campbell County, Tenn., to find work. Hard to believe isn’t it? That someone moved their family to Letcher County to find work, exact opposite of what’s happening today.

We also attended church at Marlowe when we were young. We heard preachers like Bernard Banks and Vernon Noble, just to name a few, and on special occasions, Gerald Hopkins or J.D. Maggard. From time to time we were blessed to hear J.D. sing Cabin on the Hill. If you would like to hear him once again believe it or not you can find it on youtube.com. It surely does bring tears to our eyes when we listen to it.

There are also videos of preachers at Little Cowan Primitive Baptist where we attended church the Sundays there was no church at Marlowe. Thanks to Kim Robinette for posting all these memories for us.

We attended Oma’s services Tuesday, August 22. It was a joy to be with all her family and friends but it seemed as though she should have been there talking and laughing with us. Her sister Betty told me she even went to pick up her phone a time or two and call Oma. Oma never saw a stranger and it was evident by the attendance how many people loved her and enjoyed talking to her.

I loved hearing the music by all the singers but Cecil Howard’s version of Nothing But the Blood just gets me every time. Cecil, I want you to know this, if you’re alive when it comes time to celebrate my life I want you to sing that song and everyone to shout God’s praises as you’re singing it. That song just says it all for me, if it wasn’t for the blood that poured from His precious body on that cross our sins would not be forgiven us. If you can’t sing it, then The Master’s Harmony will do it for me I’m sure. Right, Charlene?

On a lighter note I will end this with the same thing Oma said every week. Make sure you attend church Sunday and I’ll add this little note: if your church has services Sunday or other nights you should be there then too.

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