2017-08-30 / News

Sheriff ’s department says woman falsified records, stole drugs from pharmacy where she was working

An investigation into allegations of theft of prescription drugs has resulted in a 30-year-old Jenkins woman being charged with six felonies and one misdemeanor.

Letcher County Deputy Sheriff Alicia Congleton said she obtained a warrant for the arrest of Lori Swindall, of 39 No. 1 Bottom, Burdine, after conducting an investigation into allegations that Swindall had been falsifying computerized pharmacy records and then using the records to cover up the theft of controlled substances from her employer, Boggs Pharmacy of Jenkins.

Congleton said the sheriff ’s office has “audio and video proof” showing that Swindall began falsifying records and stealing drugs on August 4, 2015 and continued committing the crimes until last Thursday (August 24), the day before she was arrested on the charges contained in the warrant.

Among the controlled substances Swindall is accused of taking illegally was the anti-addiction drug Subutex.

In a complaint filed as part of the arrest warrant naming Swindall, Congleton writes that, “from August 4, 2015 through August 24 (2017), Lori Swindall, of Jenkins, committed the offense of criminal falsification of a medical record where she printed off prescription labels in order to obtain a controlled substance.”

Congleton writes that Swindall “committed the offense of criminal possession of a medical record when she had the false prescription labels in her pos- in order to obtain a controlled substance.”

“Swindall committed the offense of theft of a controlled substance when she took prescription medical from Boggs Pharmacy where she was an employee without any type of prior consent from her employer,” writes Congleton.

The warrant also says Swindall committed the offense of unlawful access to a computer in the first degree when she used the computer to print out prescription labels in order to obtain a controlled substance, and committed the offense of trafficking in a controlled substance first degree, first offense where the officer has audio and video proof of the defendant doing so.

“Swindall,” writes Congleton, “committed the offense of intimidating a witness in the legal process when she made threats to Jay Graham when he terminated her employment for suspicion of stealing a controlled substance, and committed the offense of wrongfully filling prescriptions when she printed labels for medication that had already been filled prior in order to obtain a controlled substance.”

Swindall is charged with six felonies: criminal falsification of medical records (first degree), criminal possession of medical records (second degree), taking by theft or disposing of controlled substance (under $10,000), unlawful access to computer (first degree), trafficking in controlled substance (first degree, first offense), and intimidating a participant in a legal process. She is also charged with a misdemeanor, wrongfully filling prescriptions (first offense).

She was placed under house arrested with an electronic monitoring device after being released on bond from the county jail.

Congleton said the investigation is continuing, adding that the probe may result in more arrests.

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