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Now Here's a Tip

• If you haven’t already, plant your spring flowering bulbs now before the first frosts!

• “I replaced my beat-up tension rod in the bath, and immediately had a thought to use it for hanging clothes in my narrow laundry room. It gives me a space to hang items coming out of the washer for air drying. When it’s not in use, it’s easy to remove and lean against the wall.” — N.L. in Pennsylvania

• Get control of your money with a financial calendar. Just as you would pencil in dates for doctor’s appointments and teeth cleaning, add reminders for pulling a credit report, adjusting your withholding, increasing your retirement contribution or reassessing your personal savings. Re-shop for insurance providers yearly to get the best deals.

•Tomaintaina1pound per week weight loss, you’ll need to burn or forgo 3,500 calories per week. If you’re not already a hard-core athlete, consider addressing poor nutrition coupled with moderate but regular workouts to make gains!

• If you’re on a homerenovation budget, don’t forget to consider the considerable power of paint. Look for pieces that can be customized to your look with a bit of sandpaper and paint at bargain and resale outlets, thrift stores and even the trash dumpster. It’s good for your wallet, and reusing existing goods makes environmental sense.

• “When I put on a pair of stockings, I use a dryer sheet to take away static cling. Use one sheet and run it over the surfaces of your legs. Your skirt will not cling, I promise.” — H.F. in Oregon

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