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Speak Your Piece

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I read the headline about Jenkins having money problems and needing to hire teachers. Is this any wonder when they’re trying to keep a school system going with less than 500 children and having to pay salaries for a superintendent, principals, and all the administrative staff that goes with running a school system? I am not surprised.

. The word for today is irony. Here’s an example. People drive up to the top of Pine Mountain to enjoy the incredible scenery and then dump their garbage out on the side of the road. Irony. (Shouldn’t the word be ‘scumbag’ in such a case?)

. I love you, girlfriend, from the bottom of my heart. You have made me the proudest person alive. Love, your special someone.

. Why are certain people who violated probation through drug court allowed out of jail to work at night when others who get in trouble get terminated from their regular job and can’t go to work?

. I’m calling about the Letcher County Food Pantry. One gentleman who works there does a great job by being very strict with people who try to get things they don’t need. He does an excellent job.

. We need to get new people in the courthouse. There are now being more drugs dealt on Route 7 at Colson than ever before.

. What’s on my mind is someone in my family, 15 years old, was taken to a trailer with two boys, one who is on house arrest for having sex with a 15-yearold girl. His sidekick lives up in Sexton’s Branch, but I’ve not heard his name mentioned. If it goes to court his name will be mentioned, because I’m going to have him summonsed to court because she said he was there and did the same thing. I think they need to start watching these boys and their activities. From what I hear it’s like I-75 going up their driveway. Where is her family and how did his mother raise him? Something better be done about this. If not, I will get involved and I will push this to the absolute end of the earth if it breaks me. I will see that this young man has to pull time for what he has done, which is rape. You do not get a child stoned out of her head and sleep with her unless you are a sick individual.

. It’s the first of month here — check day. I went by Appalachian Wireless to pay a phone bill and couldn’t even get through the door. I guess these first of the month people will pay their

phone bill before they eat.

. Thank you for the cottage cheese and for fixing the big hole on Back Street near the bank. It’s been a long time coming. Thank you.

. I’ve been watching Peter Popoff, the so-called faith healer, on TV. He gives people hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper money — many of them pill addicts and alcoholics. Do you really think God would give people all that money and let those little children at places like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital go? I don’t think so, but if He does to hell with Him.

. To all of you good people who are about to lose your pensions: Keep on voting for the Democrats.

. I would like to know why there hasn’t been any mention of removing the Martin Luther King statue. If you remove one you should have to remove them all, I think. What do you think? Thank you.

. Liberals of this country are upset because our president, Donald Trump, cannot stop the rain.

. This is to the idiot who came out of the road leading to Letcher Manor in the red car about 11 o’clock on a recent morning: You almost caused a wreck. Where did you get your license, honey? You could have caused someone to wreck. You almost wrecked into me. Next time think before you pull out onto the road. You don’t have the sense God gave green apples. This is from the other driver.

. To a certain person: You might call yourself a lady, but you’re not. It amazes people that you drive on handicap tags and still get out and go to work every day of the week while you also draw food stamps and a check. You’re not fooling anyone in this neighborhood. Everybody knows you’re putting on a sick act.

. To the old cat killer: You take care of that woman in Virginia while you ride around in a truck that’s barely running. You pay for everything for her while you are living on nothing. She takes everything from you. She always did say she wanted what her sister’s husband had. She’s getting it now. You bought her two houses in Virginia and she won’t let you live in either of them. She only wants your money and for you to come and kill cats, just not her cat. You need to wake up and look around.

. Just wondering what everyone thinks about Mr. Donald Trump’s digging coal now. It really sounds like he’s digging it.

. I think it’s a shame you can’t go anywhere nowadays without having to put up with someone either leading or packing around an old mangy dog. The last two times I went out to eat, someone there had a dog. There has to be some kind of health ordinance against dogs in restaurants. People, leave your dogs at home. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: think that all statues that have anything to do with history in the state of Kentucky need to be taken down.

. Isom Days is the same old cowboys, the same old cowgirls, and the same old blah, blah, blah junk as usual. How much longer is the same old junk going to be on the schedule over and over? It would be all right if they had these big 18-wheelers pulling heavy machinery tractors, but they’ve always got to have the same old cowboys and cowgirls. I think it’s time for a change at Isom. People are also tired of hearing the same old bands every year. (And we’ve ‘always got’ to hear complaints about Isom Days and other fall festivals from the ‘same old’ people who do nothing whatsoever to help make said festivals better.)

. I’ve been hearing rumors that a certain woman from Pine Creek is on the market after all these years. If this is true I would very much love to have dinner with her.

. To Deputy Sheriff Mickey Stines: Do you remember at the McRoberts Reunion when you came up to me, my nephew and my daughter and you shook hands with both of them and didn’t even acknowledge me whatsoever? I said to myself right then that I wouldn’t vote for you if you ran for sheriff. Eugene Slone knew who I was and whom I’m married to, and he spoke to me. As for me, you don’t have my vote right now, because if that’s the kind of sheriff you’re going to be I don’t want you to be mine. I was going to help you, but now I’m not. Peace out, brother.

. This is an update on the Cinderella Story: I still haven’t found her, but I found a lady who managed the store where she worked. She told me she now lives up around the Mayking area. I don’t know if she’s married or not, but I do know she has three children. If she is reading this, I am her knight in shining armor and would love to see her. I would love to see her beautiful smile again and embarrass her and watch her neck turn red. I can always remember her by that.

. To the person commenting about the power company’s tips for saving money: Believe you me, it works for me, but the first thing you have to do is make your kids keep the doors shut when the air-conditioner or heat is on. You also need to make your brothers and sisters and next-door neighbors shut the door when they come in. You can’t cool Florida from here; I tried it. It costs money. So apply what they tell you and it will work.

. I don’t see how people can live with themselves after standing by and doing nothing when an obviously drugged or drunk driver gets into a vehicle to drive.

. I was just thinking about these big stout overgrown preachers who wouldn’t strike a lick at a snake. We have one such preacher over here in Cumberland. He could pull logs out of the mountain without using a skidder. It gives new meaning to the old saying I used to hear: When you see a preacher he is always zipping his pants or wiping his mouth. Please don’t get me wrong about what I’m saying, but I just don’t believe it’s right for a preacher who is able-bodied not to be working and living off the

congregation, especially if they’re taking advantage of some poor widow.

. I don’t know who is responsible for this, but if they don’t get that house torn down up on Craft’s Colly it’s going to fall and it’s going to kill somebody. It’s coming down more every day. Once it hits a car, that car’s occupants are gone. It needs to be removed right now. The people on Colly are afraid. Someone needs to get up here and do their job.

. To a certain person: You don’t realize it, but you could make me happy if I didn’t have a dime.

. Mr. President, you have a lot on your plate right now. You do what the American people voted you in office to do about the DREAM Act and things like that. As far as building back anything that illegal immigrants have here in America, it shouldn’t be ‘did’ by taxpayers’ money. They shouldn’t have been here in the first place and they sure shouldn’t have been building homes in the flood plain. Let me make a suggestion: If American citizens are going to be living in the flood plain they should have to build 10 feet off the ground. They could do that and the floods would never bother anybody. Garages could be built high so that cars could be stored out of the waters. The thing right now is cleaning out the illegals.

. Substance abuse counselors partaking in recreational drug use? Can you say conflict of interest?

. Concerning the guy in Haymond some of you are referring to about the old man’s power of attorney: Like he said, he doesn’t want his power of attorney. Why would he since he already owns everything? Check the records. You can look it up online at Letcher County Court Clerk and go to the person’s name. It will show you everything that anyone in Letcher County owns. It is all open records for the public to see.

. Will people in Jenkins ever learn that electing good old boys is not the way to success? Jenkins is about gone and it’s getting worse. Can’t you see the difference in Whitesburg and Jenkins? Jenkins is a town of nothing but druggies and old people.

. Welcome, all drug heads, to the drug store at Colson, Kentucky on Highway 7. If they don’t have it they will get it. They have pain pills, nerve pills, and Suboxone. They also have carryout service, but don’t get run over leaving.

. To a certain person: I had your little pill to give you for your 50th birthday on September 2, but you didn’t show up. I guess I’ll wait and give it to you next year when you’ll be 51.

. To a certain person: You’re just sucking up to my family, thinking they’ll say something negative about me. Wrong. It’s not going to happen, and you’re ignorant for thinking so.

. Spring has sprung, fall has fell, winter will soon be here and it will be colder than a well digger’s shovel.

. So now we’ve waited and North Korea has a really big bomb. Now whose fault is this? I think it is China’s fault and the past three presidents before you, Mr. Trump. They’ve let this rogue nation do what it wants. China has already proven it is going to do nothing. What America needs to do is cut all ties to China — isolate China from doing business with American and isolate China from doing business with any other country that get contributions from the U.S. You’ve got a big, kind heart, Mr. Trump. You talked a big talk to the American people about what you were going to do for them. The most important thing is to keep us from going up in smoke.

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