2017-09-06 / Sports

Gabby’s fishing fever

Conditions right for taking crappie

This is a great time of year to get out and do some crappie fishing.

The action is good on most lakes with night fishing still the choice of most anglers myself included. But whatever your way to fish, it is a great time to get out on the lakes.

Summer is slowly winding down and a lot of boaters are off the lakes and the traffic is not near as bad. This gives the fisherman a much better chance to fish productive areas for longer times.

Crappie fishing is not that complicated as long as you know and follow a few basic things that crappie do and are known for. Crappie prefer live active bait like minnows and bugs, are more active in cooler water than hot shallow water. Crappie prefer some type of cover over open water areas most of the time some type of wood but will use whatever is available. Most of the time they will be more active in low light times of the day and at night.

Crappie will hold in schools at times of the year. They are very color selective about lures and prefer natural or brighter colors most of the time, and a crappie has its eyes on the top part of the head and will look up to feed so keep your bait slightly above feeding fish for the best results.

You do not need heavy tackle to fish for crappie. Most spinning rods in a light to medium action will work great. Line in the 6- to 8-test pound range is good.

When you make your cast, try to make it close to cover and let it sit for a while. It takes crappie some time to take a bait at times. Change your depth or lure color if action slows or stops. On some lakes the crappie like for a bait to be slowly worked up and down to give it a swimming action.

If you have not crappie fished in a while, give it a try soon.

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